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Bacteria & Sediment Filter System

Usually ships in 24 hours.

The Bacteria Sediment Chemicals Ceramic Filter removes up to 99.99% of all sediment, bacteria, fungus, algae, heavy metals, chemicals and improves taste.

The Bacteria Filter System consists of a sturdy housing and an easily-installed ceramic, bacteria removal, filter [called CM-01 Ceramic]. When you get the system you'll need to remove the filter inside the housing to install it properly. It's shipped this way to prevent breakage during shipping.  

Patented, Dual-Ceramic, 100% Natural, Washable, Long-Life Filters

The patented dual-ceramic in all PureEasy Filter Systems is made of environmental-friendly 100% natural ceramic and compared to other ceramic filters will filter sediment, suspended particles and biological matter even better than commercial ceramic filters.

The ceramic casing of the filter is washable [with the provided pad] and can last up to 2,000 gallons!

All PureEasy Filter Systems are Long Lasting!

The Bacteria Sediment Chemicals Ceramic filter media is designed to last an average family over a year! The CM-01 ceramic is designed to last even longer! You can clean the ceramic to renew it if at any time the filter's flow-rate slows down.


Installation Notes:

  • The Bacteria Sediment Chemicals Ceramic filter is shipped inside of the housing, but is factory wrapped. So, the wrapping will need to be removed and then filter installed correctly before use.
  • Before hooking up or using a new filter as a "pre-filter", to a water ionizer make sure to flush it. Otherwise carbon from the PureEasy filter could enter the inlet valve of the water ionizer and clog it. Flush the filter by allowing water to flow into the drain until it runs clear. Do this when you first get the system and every time you replace the filter.

  • The sticker on the front of the housing is easily removable, making it a neutral color to go with any décor.

Instructions for Converting the PureEasy Counter-Top Filter System to an Under-Sink System or Prefilter

Watch this video for the full explanation of how to convert this ceramic filter system.

1) Remove the product from the box.
2) Carefully remove the pieces from the base: spout, housings and the wrapped filters from inside the housings and set all in a safe place.
3) Leave the hose intact and just disconnect it from the faucet diverter or cut the hose as I demonstrated in the video. Save the diverter.
4) Unscrew the spout fitting from the base and set it aside.
5) Using plumber’s tape, wrap the tape around the threads of one of the fittings about 6 times around. Smooth out any rough edges. Screw the fitting into the base [where the spout fitting was removed].
6) Push the loose hosing into the quick-connect fitting that you just screw into the base.
7) You are now ready to hook the two ends of hosing into the filter faucet and Tee (angle stop valve) which you will need to purchase separately [locally].