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Water Ionizer Research


Ionized water has two main benefits that have been thoroughly researched and are uniquely suited to helping to heal the body or keep it healthy. The first of those is its ability to help us alkalize our bodies. This helps to keep the colon and other organs (down to the cellular level) free of toxins and able to function without disease. The other main benefit is the free-hydrogen in ionized water, which helps our bodies to fight free-radicals. This page is devoted to sharing some of this important research about these two topics with you.

At Alkaline Water Plus, we constantly look for authenticated water ionizer research (both animal and human) into the effects of using alkaline ionized water. Videos, articles and the other information we have collected on this page are there to help you understand the many benefits of ionized water. We also have a page devoted to each of these: benefits of ionized water, success stories, doctor's testimonies, molecular hydrogen, uses of ionized water, water ionizer comparisons, weight loss, studies (links). Explore this page and then and as many more topics as you want, to learn how and why water ionizers help so many systems in the body.

Ionized Water and Cancer


Alkaline ionized water has been proven to help alkalize the body, which is essential in cancer prevention. It helps us to maintain the proper pH balance within cells and organs and so is protective of our cells and a preventative measure against cancer.

Just as an example, the following video is a summary of how colorectal cancer and other cancers can be prevented by alkalizing the body.  Drinking ionized water is a very important part of these protocols.

This short, 2-minute video, summarizes what researchers have worked years to learn about keeping a healthy, disease-free colon, as well as other organs and cells.  Colorectal cancer is one of the most dangerous, common and horrible-to-live-with cancers. Don't wait to be diagnosed with colorectal cancer. It's very common in the US to get this disease, and it can be prevented.  

Read more about ionized water benefits to cancer and disease.

Ionized Water and Heart Disease


Ionized Water: Cholesterol and High Blood Pressure

Back around the turn of the century, Prof. Kuninaka Hironage, a leading heart surgeon (and head of Kuninaka Hospital in Japan) used ionized water with all heart patients in his hospital. He found ionized water to be instrumental in helping his thousands of patients overcome their blood pressure issues and control the health of their heart and blood vessels, naturally, without medications. Here are some of his quotes:

    • "The effectiveness of the increase in the calcium in high blood pressure is most significant. Too many fats in the diets, which lead to the deposition of cholesterol on the blood vessels, which in turn constrict the blood flow, cause most illnesses such as high blood pressure."
    • "By drinking ionized water for a period of 2 to 3 months, the blood pressure should slowly drop, because the ionized water is a good solvent, which dissolves the cholesterol in the blood vessels."

Fighting Free-Radicals and Heart Disease

Free radicals are also effectively neutralized with ionized water. This is important. Fighting free-radicals while battling (or preventing) cancer, heart disease or 170 other diseases is a huge benefit that alkaline ionized water offers. In this video Dr. Ohta, of Japan is being interviewed by the CEO of the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation. They talk about the latest research into Molecular Hydrogen, which is the main antioxidant in ionized water. 

Here is another video where Tyler LeBaron of the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation explains this research in more detail, using charts and peer reviewed reports to clarify his statements.

As you can see, in the above 2 videos there have been very exciting breakthroughs in molecular hydrogen research in the past 10 or so years! Prior to Dr. Ohta's breakthrough journal articles, the focus of water ionizer research was on the pH, negative ORP (oxidation reduction potential) and microclustering of ionized water. But in recent years, more focus has gravitated toward the importance of molecular hydrogen (a main ingredient and powerful antioxidant in ionized water).

Ionized Water and Diabetes

Diabetes and Ionized Water Benefits

The following video presentation is by Mr. Darnell of the "Diabetes Support Services" organization. In this video you can get a history of water ionizer research and how using ionized water has helped his group members. The history of water ionizers all started by people noticing there were pockets of "healing waters" around the world, and then scientists tested those waters and developed equipment (water ionizers) to simulate the healing waters. Mr. Darnell learned about these waters and this equipment, water ionizers, in a roundabout way, and then after fully studying the subject and equipment, he made recommendations to his group to use ionized water with the group's diabetic members. He reports that ionized water has been very effective in helping the hundreds of diabetic patients in his organization live better lives, free of many of the complications associated with diabetes. This next section (after the video) is all about the interesting history of these machines.


50 Years of Research Showing the Healing Power of Ionized Water

The Japanese use of water ionizers in their research is an interesting story. Statistically, the Japanese have the longest life spans and lowest infant mortality rate in the world, but this was far from the case historically, especially the first ten years after WW-II. How did they rise from such levels of devastation, malnutrition, poverty, sickness and terrible health-care to hold this esteemed position of health-leaders of the world? Find out how a young scientist and diabetes researcher delved into the history of Japanese healthcare system, as he sheds light on the "mysterious healing waters" around the world and explains how the study and duplication of these healing waters helped Japan to recover from being the world's worst nation to the world's best (for health) in only 2 decades. His particular interest is in how these healing waters have helped his diabetic patients, but he also explains how the same principles apply to any disease, or to just keeping the body healthy and disease-free. After watching the video, learn more by reading this article: Ionized Water, Molecular Hydrogen & the History of Japanese Healthcare


    • Electrolyzed reduced water (ERW): This is the name the Japanese have given to electrolyzed water. In the U.S. we call it alkaline ionized water and some people call it Kangen Water. Let me be very clear that Kangen Water is a registered trademark of one brand of water ionizer, and the water made is not necessarily better or worse than what is made by other water ionizers. After testing many water ionizers over the years (in thousands of tests) I have summarized the differences among the main brands of water ionizers on my water ionizer comparison page. Electrolyzed, ionized, hydrogen-rich water contains a significant amount of extra electrons, which of course have a negative charge. Infusing a solution with electrons, makes it a powerful antioxidant (explained below).
    • Free-Radical: A free-radical is an atom or molecule that is missing an electron in its outer ring, and now has a positive charge. The most common and deadly free radical is the oxygen radical, O2+, also called active oxygen. The plus sign symbolizes its positive charge, due to the missing electron. Oxygen free radicals are also often in the form of OH+ as well (called this the hydroxyl radical). Free radicals are highly reactive with cell membranes and DNA, and, if gone unchecked, can cause damage which leads to serious diseases.
    • Antioxidant: A molecule that can bond with free-radicals and neutralize them by donating electrons to complete their outer rings. Hydrogen gas antioxidants are tiny and soluble enough to enter cells where they can donate their electrons to damaged cell membranes and DNA, helping to repair the body after free-radicals have damaged it. Or, as a prevention, antioxidants can donate their electrons to free-radicals to neutralize them before any oxidative damage has been done. 
    • Oxidation: Oxidation occurs when the oxygen free-radical, O2+ or OH+,  steals electrons. Oxidation involves a loss of electrons and a gain of postitive charge. It is called oxidation when active oxygen comes in contact with other molecules, cell membranes, and damages them by stealing electrons.
    • Reduction: It goes counter to our logic that the gain of electrons (which is what "reducing" means in scientific terms) by a molecule or cell, would be called reduction. However what reduces is the oxidation state of a molecule or cell. The electrical charge reduces from positively-charged to neutral. Our bodies and cells are slightly negatively-charged in a healthy state.
    • Electrolysis of Water: Putting a current of electricity through water, splitting it into alkaline & acidic streams, and as a consequence adding negatively-charged hydrogen ions to the alkaline water, is called electrolysis. In the U.S this water is called ionized water. (See Benefits of Ionized Water.) 

Ionized Water Used to Cure Diabetic Necrosis

Because of Diabetic Necrosis this hospital patient was almost about to have his leg cut off. He was cured of this condition using ionized water.

This report shows benefits of both alkaline and acidic ionized water.

Video Transcript

There are other researchers who have found ionized water to benefit diabetes significantly. You can find several of these research articles on our 100 Scientific Articles page.

Ionized Water Used to Cure Atopic Dermatitis: Hospital Rept.

In another Japanese study, an Atopic Dermatitis patient became cured using ionized water. Atopic dermatitis is an illness accompanied by intense itching. Its cause is unknown. It has been found that this almost-incurable-illness can be cured using ionized water.

This report is from Akashi Hospital in Tokyo, Japan. It shows how Dr. Shinkai has cured thousands of patients with atopic dermatitis using both alkaline and acidic ionized water.

Video Transcript

Ionized Water Used to Cure Athletes Foot, Bed Sores & More

This report shows several more serious medical problems being cured with alkaline and acidic ionized water.

Video Transcript

Ionized Water & Pregnancy

Ionized water has been studied extensively with gestating women, and according to Dr. Wantanabe (the top geinecologist in Japan), both the mother and the baby benefit by drinking ionized water during pregancy. 


Quote from Top Geinecologist in Japan, Prof. Watanabe Ifao, Watanabe Hospital

"Ionized alklaine antioxidant water improves body constituents and ensures effective healing to many illnesses. The uses of antioxidant water in gynecological patients have proved to be very effective. The main reason for its effectiveness is that this water can neutralize toxins. When given antioxidant water to pre-eclamptic toxemia cases, the results are most significant. During my long years of servicing the pre-eclamptic toxemia cases, I found that the women with pre-eclamptic toxemia who consumed antioxidant water tend to deliver healthier babies with stronger muscles. A survey report carried out on babies in this group showed intelligence above average."

Controlled Experiments: Ionized Water With Animals

In the early days the only researchers of ionized water were the Japanese. Their novel discoveries quickly spread to So. Korea and then China. These are the only researchers that I know of who frequently recorded their research in video-format and laymen's terms. Why did they do this? They HAD to in order to convince their Japanese populace to obtain better health care and to spread the word of "successful research" quickly to their ordinary citizens. After all the Japanese population was almost non-existent after WW-II with no hope in sight until they broke through the profit & pomposity barriers that existed before the BIG CHANGES the Japanese Government made in their medical laws (above video explains this).

Because they FOUND GREAT SUCCESS in ionized water's research and health benefits, the Japanese quickly became leaders in the research of electrolysis and the theraputic uses of alkaline ionized water.

These experiments with mice and rats are pretty impressive. The tests, shown in this video, were done in laboratory-controlled conditions and show without a doubt that alkaline ionized water has made significant improvements in multiple health-related conditions, i.e. diabetes, cholesterol, cancer, and more.

The ionized water used in these experiments utilized two kinds of ionized water: electrolyzed water and filtered ionized water (magnesium in the presence of magnetized ceramics which causes the water to spontaneously ionize). This page is mostly about electrolyzed ionized water, but to see more about filtered ionized water go to our natural, non-electric, water ionizers page. It's a weaker ionization than electrolysis, but still effective.

Mice Experiments:

These experiments with mice show the positive effects found by water ionizer research in Japan and Korea. The video shows impressive results using ionized water with diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure and obesity in mice and rats.

Video Transcript

Chicken Experiments:

These experiments with chickens are pretty impressive too. The tests, shown in this video, were done in controlled, scientific conditions and show without a doubt that alkaline ionized water has made significant improvements in the overall health and immune systems of chickens.

Video Transcript

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