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Body-Shaper Exercise Ropes Set

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The Body-Shaper Exercise Ropes Set is a fantastic product! It can help you get the most complete, whole-body exercise you have ever had, right in the comfort of your own floor mat (or bed).

These exercise ropes work on two pulleys, allowing you to work out multiple muscle groups at once. They are excellent core-strengthening exercises, but are also aerobic. It's quite a combination workout you get with these ropes. Average workout times: 5-minutes


With the Body-Shaper Exercise Ropes Set, here are just some of the benefits to be had:

  • Increase strength & agility of all muscle groups
  • Specifically strengthening the core muscles (abs and back)
  • Increase breathing rate and circulation
  • Helps to alkalize your body [rejuvenates it]
  • Increase energy-levels
  • Shapes your body to be as perfectly-shaped as it can get. It shapes your body better than any other exercise, and that's one of it's claims to fame.

The Body-Shaper Exercise Ropes Set has been around for decades. It's tried-and-true. And, it does work better than any other exercise equipment I've ever used. I used this product 40 years ago when I had my first child. It helped me quickly get my body back into shape with each of my 5 children. I lost track of that first set, when work began to dominate my days and nights, however after turning 60 I realized I needed to get more exercise. The Body-Shaper Exercise Ropes Set is the first product I thought of to help me do that. So, now I'm happily back to using the Body-Shaper Exercise Ropes Set as part of my daily routine. I'm bringing this great product to you, so you too can experience this great product first hand.

Find our more about the importance of exercise for anyone looking for "the fountain of youth". Exercise is necessary, and the Body-Shaper Exercise Ropes Set helps to make exercise easier and with faster improvements.

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The Glory of the Ropes

The glory of the ropes is that with them you can take any muscle group and work it into an aerobic-plus-strengthening routine. With the ropes, one set of muscles supports the working out of the other. For instance, the arms support the legs and stomach strengthening. This makes what might normally be drudgery into something quite doable and even fun to do. We all need to strengthen our core, but we also need to have some way to do aerobic exercises sometimes. That's why I say the ropes help you get the perfect workout, especially for people who are getting up in years and can't do all the outdoor things they used to do. 


The Body-Shaper Exercise Ropes Set can assist you in removing belly-fat as part of shaping your body. 

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The standard set-up is to insert the anchor (cylinder-shaped end of the ropes) into the other side of a door (at a comfortable height for you). Then place a mat on the floor and you're ready to go.

I have developed an alternate set-up, because I like to exercise on my bed, for greater comfort. See video demo of how that looks. What I did is screwed in an eyelet screw and rigged up the ropes to a cord (as the pictures show).


How to Use the Body Shaper Ropes:

This video shows some of the basic exercises you can do with the Body Shaper Ropes set.

Simple, Basic Ropes Exercises

1. Alternate "walking" exercise (good for arms, legs, stomach, and core muscles). This one is almost all I ever do (for maybe 5 min. at a time, 10 min. total, per day).

2. Up and down with one leg then the other. Same as above, only a bit easier to do.

3. Up and down with both legs together. Same as above, only a bit harder to do and more intense on the stomach muscles.

4. Lie on side and raise/lower the upper leg (good for side and outer thigh).

5. Create any new exercise to work on the muscles you want. You'll soon get a sense of how to work a muscle-group, and you'll be able to figure out what movement will work for that.