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The Alkaline Plus Nutritional Weight Loss Program 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee


The Alkaline Water Plus Nutritional Weight Loss Program! 100% Guaranteed for Life!

Effectively manage your weight – once and for all with the Alkaline Water Plus Nutritional Weight Loss Program. It's an easy-to-read e-book, written in plain English.

This e-book is absolutely incredible! The amount of work, time and money that's gone into creating it is enormous. This is a gold-mine!

  • The book gives you the exact information, steps and tools you need to lose weight properly, permanently and in a healthy way.
  • You not only learn how to lose all the pounds you want, but you also learn the exact steps to shape your body as you go. I teach you how to tell your body exactly where you want to lose the weight. Even belly-fat and thigh-fat will surrender to this program.
  • This simple, yet potentially life-changing, information is invaluable to any person at any age. Even a teenager who wants to look a little more attractive will benefit. Or, an old lady who wants to feel better. Or, a middle-aged man who's getting a pot-belly.
  • Don't worry if every single diet you've ever tried has failed. This one won't.
  • Starting in just the next few minutes, you can download your copy and begin changing your nutrition and figure for the better, once and for all.
  • The automatic receipt that will be sent to you by email will contain your download link for the e-book. This link will never expire. 
  • Purchasing this e-book is only necessary one time. If you lose the link, we'll send it to you again. If I revise the book, I'll do a blog-post announcing it and your link allows you access to all revisiions. To stay up-to-date, there will never be another thing you need to pay.

Balancing the Body’s Nutrition for Success in Weight-Management

In all my life I was in and out of a condition of obesity, even though the weight-loss programs I used seemed to work on others just fine. My body was (or at least seemed to be) unusually stubborn to lose weight. I never really fully understood how to lose all the weight I wanted without hitting a plateau. So, I just settled for an okay, not too fat, body.

It was not until I discovered some very key secrets that no one else seemed to put together, that I was fully able to lose weight and keep on losing it until I reached my weight-loss goal. The principles discussed in the book are simple, and even obvious, once you learn them.

It may seem almost too simple. but don’t underestimate it. It works. You don't need other diet plans. They will probably hurt your progress. This book gives you enough information in and of itself to successfully lose weight and keep on losing weight, busting through the typical plateaus that stop people.

My Most Recent Edition of the Book is Unbelievable!

In this, my most recent edition, I tell you how to specifically re-shape your body. So, if you want a smaller waist and thighs, but you don't want to lose too much off your bust, you can do that.

I also teach you how to boost your metabolism while you're losing weight. This is almost unheard of.

How do you do it? Read the book and find out.

Which is Better? An Hourglass Shape, Log or Beachball?

I personally prefer the hourglass shape. But the last times I ever dieted my body started looking more and more like a skinny log.

Why? That never used to be a problem for me. So though I had a few more pound to lose, I stopped losing weight until I could figure the problem out.

I've always been interested in learning for myself the laws of nutrition, health and happiness. I love to be able to control the various things in my domain, including the body. So I was happy to study this issue some more. Always the possibility that my DNA or age were the cause of it.

Months Later I Had a Breakthrough Discovery About Body Shape

Through my studies and trials I happened upon a revelation to improve my body shape. I've been applying the principles with astonishing results. And my waist measurements are shrinking while my bust measurements have stayed steady. Voila!

I'm getting closer and closer to what the body looked like at 19.

Waist circumference has a lot to do with belly fat. Belly fat has untold health risks. Both males and females suffer from belly fat issues as they age. But applying my new revelations about all this is the answer.

I'm so excited about it I want to share this vital information with the world! So I revised my Nutritional Weight Loss Book to include my exciting new revelations.

I guarantee you will be more than satisfied or will happily refund every penny - no questions asked. This is a lifetime guarantee too.

Begin Changing Your Nutrition and Figure for the Better Today - Satisfaction Guaranteed Forever!

If the Alkaline Plus Nutritional Weight Loss Program doesn't meet your 100% satisfaction, any time and for whatever reason, you will be refunded. Simply let us know any time (even if it's 50 years later) and we will give you a full and prompt refund of your entire purchase price. And we will never cancel your link or keep you from getting the updates. No questions will ever be asked.

Low Price & No Risk

I am not trying to make money on this book. And the risk to you is zero. All that can stop you is yourself.

This book is really a gift to humanity in and of itself.

Plus, 111% of all proceeds from the e-book go to help the homeless, food for the poor, and programs to help people who desperately need help.  

Why Everyone Should Get this Book

This book is the most amazingly simple, yet complete program you will find anywhere at any price, and I'm confident you will be helped by the pearls of information I give you in the book.

This is a book that even I re-read periodically. It motivates me to apply the healthy principles to my daily living. It's such an easy-read, yet so powerful in that the data in it is complete, concise, and anyone can do this.  

This is for any person, any age, even children. A parent wondering about the healthy nutrition of their child will benefit from reading and following the principles in this book.

38-Second Promo for the Book

About Me

l have a background in biology, physiology, nutrition and weight-loss. I use this program regularly to keep myself in shape and at the weight I want to be. I have raised 5 children who are all grown now. I have a masters degree in education and was a teacher/principal for 24 years. I have been researching nutrition and weight loss for all of my adult life.    


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100% Satisfaction Guarantee for Life