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Will Water Ionizers Overheat after 10 Continuous Minutes of Producing Ionized Water?

Posted by Alkaline Water Plus on

Will the Melody and Tyent 7070 Water Ionizers Overheat after 10 Continuous Minutes of Producing Ionized Water?

I heard yesterday that some Enagic dealers were claiming that the Enagic LeveLuk SD 501 water ionizer was the only water ionizer that could pour ionized water continuously for over 10 minutes, non-stop. So this morning I tested this theory on the Melody and Tyent 7070 water ionizers [which I happened to have both right now hooked up to my sink [for other testing].

I had the two water ionizers flowing water for about 2 minutes prior to starting the video [while I was regulating their flow rates. Then I poured some samples of ionized water from each water ionizer to test…all before starting the video. So just add two minutes to the time of how long these water ionizers were continuously pouring water. Where I had to split the videos [in order to comply with You Tube’s maximum video length guidelines] I overlapped the videos, so you can re-watch part of the video before the split on the part 2 video [so you see it was continuous.] The point is I’m trying to show some proof…so you don’t have to rely on trust entirely.

Here are the videos:

The results are:

  • The Melody and Tyent 7070 water ionizers were neck & neck in the pH/ORP/rH testing of the ionized water produced throughout the 12+ minutes of pouring;
  • The Tyent 7070 water ionizer slightly beat the Melody in rH for all testing done throughout. This means the Tyent’s pH was slightly less than the Melody while at the same time the Tyent’s ORP was slightly more negative than the Melody…producing a better rH. However the results were slightly different…and so I’d say they were almost the same [in the healthiness of the water].
  • The Melody continued to flow ionized water non-stop until I turned the water flow off. There was no slow-down, stop, drop in pH/ORP, overheating, or any indication of any problems at all.
  • The Tyent stopped itself and had a flashing light on the screen, however in the Tyent manual they did not state that this was for anything but to prevent accidental leaving your water ionizer on [let’s say you leave it pouring and forget all about it] the water ionizer will turn itself off after about 10 min. of use. I could see no signs of overheating…it just stopped itself. When a min. later I turned it back on…it continued to give predictable ionized water at the levels it was producing earlier.

The bottom line is: this is another Enagic “story” [or I should say “lie”] that has been debunked. I don’t encourage you to all go pouring ionized water on and on, non-stop, for minutes and minutes. Why would you? But, the experiment showed it was possible to do none-the-less Hope this helps!

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