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  • Hx-300 and Hx-600

Hx-300 & Hx-600 SPE 99.999% Pure Hydrogen


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The Hx-300 and Hx-600 Hydrogen Gas Machines are both user-friendly and strong portable hydrogen gas generators. With a nice handle and sleek style, they are suitable for any room in your home, clinic or hospital.

DuPont SPE/PEM Membrane

The only really safe method of producing hydrogen gas is using the DuPont SPE/PEM Membrane. The HX-600 uses DuPont's SPE/PEM Membrane. This membrane removes toxic elements, such as chlorine and ozone, while at the same time produces completely pure hydrogen for either inhaling or producing hydrogen water.

Choose Hx-300 or Hx-600

  • The Hx-300 is perfect for one person to use at a time. It produces pure hydrogen at at a standard clinical flow-rate. (Comes in grey only.)
  • The Hx-600 has double the strength of the Hx-300. It can be used with either one or two people breathing at a time.
  • Two people can breathe with the standard clinical strength of H2 flow or you can see the next section for instructions on how to double-up on the H2 concentration for a single breather.
  • Another option is for one person to breathe and use the other port to produce hydrogen water at the same time. It produces pure hydrogen at the rate of one quart fully concentrated with H2 in about 5 minutes. 

How to Double-Up and Get the Strongest H2 Concentration of the Hx-600

Here are instructions to double the concentration of H2 and have all the H2 come out of one port for a single user:
  1. The Hx-600 comes with 2 ports, each flowing at 360 lpm.
  2. Hook a 1/3 inch rubber or vinyl hose to each port (one comes with the machine which could be cut...or more hosing can be purchased locally). 
  3. Use the 3-way connector piece to combine the two hoses. The third prong should be used for the cannula hose.
  4. Doing this will concentrate the H2 flow and allow it all to goi to a single user.


  1. Please read carefully before using this instrument.
  2. Only use deionized or double-distilled water in the machine.  
  3. Fill to between the 1600 ml and 2000 ml lines. In the future, if the water level falls below 1600 ml add more deionized or re-distilled water to the machine.
  4. After about 3 months of regular daily use you will need to change the water in the tank. There is nothing else you should need to change.
  5. Do not operate any hydrogen gas machine near an open flame; it could set off sparks and harm the machine.
  6. If you are not going to use the machine for months, still leave water in the tank to keep the DuPont membrane moist.


  1. Put a hose-line (cannula hose or other hosing) on the H2 output port(s) on the front of the machine. If there are 2 ports (as in the Hx-600), then two people can breathe at a time or one can breathe while using the other port to pump hydrogen into a bottle of water for drinking...or any such combination.
  2. Three or more cannula hoses come with the HX-300 and HX-600 Hydrogen machines. Don't run these machines without hooking up the hoses and either breathing or immersing them in water.
  3. The HX-600 and HX-300 SPE Series Pure Water Hydrogen Generators are powerful. It is advised to breathe for only 20 minutes to one half hour at a time. How many times you breathe is up to you. We know of no bad side-effects from breathing H2 gas, period, however we wouldn't recommend you use it all the time. Just periodic uses throughout the day.
  4. The flow rate is pre-set to clinical levels for breathing. All you need to do is hook up the hoses, turn on the machine and start breathing. Hydrogen starts flowing right away.
  5. Push the power button to start the hydrogen flow. When finished, push the power button again to turn the machine off.
  6. You don't have to wait for the machine to "warm up". Hydrogen starts flowing immediately.
  7. For your safety, the hydrogen gas produced is run through a filter/drying-tube, which reduces it to 99.9999% pure hydrogen produced.




CE certified 

DuPont SPE/PEM membrane made in USA / Rest of machine made in China.

Cannula provided

Comes with 2 year warranty.

Shipping is included.

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