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High-Rich-II Hydrogen Water Machine


Product Description

The original High-Rich Hydrogen Water Machine (the best Mini-Water Ionizer / Hydrogen generator that I've tested) just got better! With better electronics and the ability to hook it up directly to a water bottle, the High-Rich II is truly the best little Hydrogen Machine ever. See the videos, below, for a complete demonstration of this great new product! With the High-Rich-II you can use regular tap water in the cup that comes with the machine or you can transform any bottled water into high Hydrogen levels, antioxidant-rich water. 

You can use this product page to buy the machine itself or any of the listed parts for the High Rich machines. If you want more than one of the multiple choices, then please back-arrow into this product page again once you've added each item to the cart.

Why Add an Extra Cup (Plastic)?

The High-Rich machine body is double-walled glass, but for an additional $25 you can get an extra, plastic, body to interchange with the glass when you're planning to use it in an "active" setting. An additional benefit with the plastic cup is that it will hold almost twice the amount of water as the glass cup, because it's not double-walled.

Why is High-Rich So Special?

The High-Rich machine has a special membrane which pumps pure hydrogen into the water and at the same time pumps out chlorine, oxygen and nitrogen. This is significant in improving the health-qualities of your water in a multitude of ways. 


Hydrogen Water Generator Specs

  • Filtration: Most portable Hydrogen Machines are unable to do much filtration, but because the High Rich pumps out the Chlorine and Nitrates, you get this level of filtration as an extra important benefit.
  • The antioxidants in the High-Rich Hydrogen Water Machine are the highest quality (medical grade) of molecular hydrogen. For more information about the benefits of molecular hydrogen read these articles:
  • The taste of the High-Rich water is improved over regular tap water, because of the chlorine and nitrogen removal.

Note: The High-Rich water machine does not change the pH of the water. For drinking water, use water with a neutral or above pH. For beauty-water (on the skin) use water with an acidic pH.  Also note that the High-Rich machine receives factory testing to ensure quality. For this reason there is often a small amount of water in the machine when it arrives to you. This is normal and it means your machine underwent high-quality testing at the factory.

Using the High-Rich machine as an inhaler

If you want to use the High-Rich machine as an inhaler, please order here. High-Rich Extra [Note: while the High-Rich is pumping hydrogen into your water, you can enjoy the benefits of inhaling the excess molecular hydrogen produced with this machine! The High-Rich Extra is exactly the same as this High-Rich machine in every way, except it has more accessories, including the accessories necessary to use it also as an inhaler.]

Here's a 44-Second Demo of this Hydrogen Machine (Mini Water Ionizer) in Action



  • Plate Materials: Pure Platinum Coated over Pure Titanium.
  • Rechargeable battery, lasts for 10-20 uses between charging.
  • Holds about one cup (glass cup) or two cups (plastic cup).

Instructions for Care:

  1. Before using, wash the glass enclosure and the lid. Use warm water to clean with. Rinse thoroughly. Do not immerse the machine in water. Repeat this procedure whenever the machine appears dirty.
  2. Charge the machine for 4 hours before the first use and then after every 10-20 uses. The red light flashes when charging and stops flashing when charging is complete.  I suggest that at the end of each day to plug it in overnight (similar to a cell phone).
  3. Avoid direct sunlight.
  4. Avoid freezing. 
  5. Do not pour boiling water into the cup.


Instructions for Use:

  1. Press the power button. The indicator light turns blue. It will work for 5 minutes making hydrogen water and when the light goes out it is ready.
  2. For a longer, 7-minute, cycle to produce even stronger hydrogen water, press the button twice (till it turns green).
  3. You can drink right out of the bottle or pour the water into another bottle or glass.
  4. It's best to drink it within an hour of making it, to make sure the hydrogen-levels are still strong.
  5. If during making hydrogen water the device indicator light starts to flash, it means the battery is low and will need to be recharged soon. 

Keeping the Membrane Moist:

  • It's best to use the High Rich Machine frequently throughout the day rather than just once or twice a day. If you don't use it frequently then it's suggested that you keep a small amount of distilled water in the bottom of the cup between uses to keep the membrane from drying out.
  • If the membrane dries out you won't see bubbles (which means it isn't pumping Molecular Hydrogen) until you moisten it back up again.
  • How to moisten the membrane back up: Fill the cup with warm water and press the button to show the blue light. Let it run for about a minute and then turn it off. Let it sit overnight. In the morning you should see bubbles, to show it's working again.  
  • Removing the waste-water from the lower bin. There is a tiny bin at the bottom of the High-Rich Machine. It will need to be periodically emptied. Simply unscrew the bottom piece under the base and pour out the little bit of water that's in there.

Periodic Anti-Scaling:

You may have to do periodic anti-scaling of your High-Rich Machine. How often will probably depend on your source water. Here's how to do it.

  1. Put a mixture (about half & half) of vinegar and water into the cup.
  2. Turn the machine on for 10 seconds.
  3. Turn the machine off and let it sit for 2 hours.
  4. Empty the solution from the cup, rince and you are ready to go.

Warranty Period: 1 Year [Note: Evidence of water having gotten into the "electronics", inside the machine, damage from dropping or intentional tampering with the machine will void the warranty. Use care not to splash water into electronic port or let the water dribble down the side of the cup and into the port. Shipping to and fro for repair is the responsibility of the customer.]

Certification: CE, EMC, FDA,LVD

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