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Ionia Super-S12 Water Ionizer Downpayment (Payplan)

Usually ships in 24 hours.

The Ionia Super-S12 Water Ionizer is the most unique water ionizer ever made, and it's also the newest water ionizer. It is not only efficient and powerful, but it has 2 water cells, which work synergistically to be able to produce either ionized water for drinking or superoxide water (Electrochemically Activated water, with or without hypochlorous acid) automatically, with the push of a button.

See the main Ionia Super-S12 Water Ionizer product page for more information about this great water ionizer.

The Super-S12 water ionizer payplan consists of a down-payment. Then your card used at checkout will be charged the agreed-upon payments monthly for the remaining balance.

Payplans are subject to approval, and to initiate a payplan we will be sending you your invoice, through RightSignature to e-sign. We do not charge interest or fees for payplans.

Once we get your e-signed invoice we will activate your order and get your water ionizer sent out to you. It's that simple!

Note: We are happy to discuss customizing your payplan with you via phone or email. Also, please specify the payments you agree to in the comment box of the order form.