Alkaline Plus Water Ionizer Pitcher by WellBlue
Alkaline Plus Water Ionizer Pitcher by WellBlue
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Buy the Alkaline Plus Water Ionizer Filter Pitcher by WellBlue! It is by far the best portable ionizing pitcher AlkalineWaterPlus has ever tested. It lasts the longest and produces the best pH and ORP!

How do portable water ionizer pitchers work?

Portable water ionizers use a technology developed over a 10-year period by Dr. Hayashi and others working in the water ionizer industry. The technology uses magnesium and magnetized ceramics in such a combination that excites the water to ionize spontaneously without electricity. There are several products that have sprung up using this technology, and I have tested just about all of them. Some don't work at all [or very poorly], but some of these portable water ionizers will lightly ionize and give you a slight raise in pH and about -100 ORP [which is a fair amount of antioxidants for a portable device, but not anything close to what an electric water ionizer can do]. The Alkaline Plus Water Filter Pitcher by WellBlue is the best portable water ionizer pitcher that I've ever tested. It will bring the water [even reverse osmosis water] up to 9.5 pH and the antioxidant levels to an exceptional -100 to -400, depending on how much water you ionize at one time, whether or not you give the filter a break between filtrations and how close to filter expiration you are getting.
  1. Filters up to 1/2 gallon [2 quarts/liters] at a time
  2. Raises pH and lightly ionizes the water
  3. Produces Negative ORP [as strong as -300 and I've seen it up to -400 ORP at times], transforming regular water into antioxidant water.
  4. Active carbon filters the water nicely: removes chlorine, organic impurities, odor and many other chemicals.
  5. BPA free! Made with safe, AS & ABS food-grade plastics.
  6. Softens the tap water: Ion exchange resin remove hardness [Ca+,Mg+].
  7. Reduces heavy metals: The filter permanently absorbs metals, such as lead, copper and aluminum, so your drinking water will be cleaner.
  8. Improves taste of water.
  9. Contains alkalinizing minerals which will help you alkalize your body.
  10. The filter will last about 150-200 liters [up to 70 gallons].
  11. Timer: This is more of a decorative piece rather than a serious timer. I think it's more effective to just use a calendar, because that's all this little counter does. It calculates the number of days, based on the number of users you select. See the picture, below, for instructions. [We do not guarantee these timer pieces and only consider them as decoration.] 

Instructions for the Alkaline Plus Portable Water Ionizer Pitcher by WellBlue:

Because the Alkaline Plus Water Ionizer Filter Pitcher by WellBlue requires the ability to add alkalizing minerals to the water in order to work, it needs a break between filtrations. It also may work differently according to what your source water is. For instance if your source is reverse osmosis, then the minerals in the filter will surely deplete faster than if you use regular tap water. After lots of experimentation, here is what I've found:
  • If it's going to be a long time in between uses [over 3 hours], store the WellBlue filter in such a way as to keep the filter from drying out.
  • If you're goiing to be not using it for a while [i.e., days, weeks...] then go ahead and let it dry out.
  • To dry the WellBlue filter out [for storage]set it, unsealed, in the refrigerator for a few days. Then it will be dry, and you can store it in the pitcher till you're ready to use it again.
  • When you are newly using the filter or you're ready to use the WellBlue Pitcher again, after storing it, activate the magnesium time-release balls inside the filter by pouring a cup of water [always cold water...never hot] into the pitcher. Then wait about an hour and it will be ready to go.
  • If you filter a quart at a time, the WellBlue ionizing pitcher will ionize better than if you fill it to its capacity.
  • If you want to supply ionized water to several people we suggest you use two filters alternately, or buy a couple of WellBlue pitchers.
What causes the variables in the pitcher's ability to ionize? 1) The source water causes variables. 2) Also, the filter ionizes by way of adding magnesium in the presence of magnetized ceramics. The magnesium balls are time-release and only the outer coating softens up to allow magnesium to be released a little at a time. If the filter is used moderately [1 liter per hour or two] then it performs the best. If it's used a lot, then the ionization drops off, because there isn't enough free [softened] magnesium. If it dries out, then the first pouring will be less ionization. However in an hour or two it will be back to peak performance.
Demo of the WellBlue Portable Water Ionizer Pitcher on a Cruise Ship Ionizing its Very Acidic Water

Customer Reviews

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workable alternative to expensive ionizersThe pitcher works. I use city water with a pH of @ 7 and lots of chlorine. Afer putting it through the pitcher, I pH tested the water at @ 8.5 and no chlorine. It's great for traveling too. Written by Bill on Tue 15 Jul 2014 4:04:00 PM GMT
Already my health is so much better from this water!!!One week and already my health is so much better from this water!!! Written by Julie Leite on Tue 15 Jul 2014 12:44:52 AM GMT
WellBlue Portable Water Ionizer Pitcher Is a Lifesaver!August 2014 will make three months since I've been using the WellBlue Portable Water Ionizer Pitcher. My NYC tap water is acidic at pH 5 and once processed through this pitcher the pH becomes 10. The water tastes fantastic! If you follow the directions to remove the filter and keep it in a plastic baggie when not in use, the filter lasts significantly longer. I've turned several friends onto it and they've purchased WellBlue and LOVE it. I use it for my water-based smoothies and cook everything using it, including boiled eggs just in case the eggs crack while boiling. I even use the alkaline water for my ice cube tray! Obsessed much? Why, yes I am, and happily so! I will continue to recommend the WellBlue Portable to others and plan to buy one to keep in the office so I can stop traveling with the two 24-ounce thermos bottles I also purchased with the pitcher. This is one of the best purchases for my health I've ever made. Written by Monica Hope on Thu 22 May 2014 6:15:37 PM GMT
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