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Free Pay-Plans

Alkaline Water PlusFree Pay-Plans

To assist you in purchasing your new water ionizer…Here is what Alkaline Water Plus offers you:

Free Pay Plans!

Alkaline Water Plus offers instant, no-interest, no-fee, free payment plans [instant financing] on our terrific water ionizers! When you go to order a water ionizer, use the “Purchase Options” [pull-down menus] for the water ionizer of your choice, and select that “down-payment”. You will be charged for only the down-payment upon checking out, and your monthly payments will start on the same day of the following month, unless you specify otherwise in the comment section of the order form.

We’ve made it easy for you to customize your plan at the checkout. Please state clearly how many months you want to split the balance into and what the amount of each payment will be [i.e., $150/mo x 10 months]. If your request is within reason, we’ll honor it.

You will never be charged interest or fees when you choose a Payment Plan from Alkaline Water Plus.

Shortly after submitting your order, we’ll send you a copy of your invoice, via “RightSignature”, to sign/date with your mouse. It’s very simple, and once that’s done we can process your order and send you your water ionizer.

Note: Payments will be automatically deducted each month with no notice, so we ask that you keep track of this. Checks or PayPal cannot be used for making payments, but are perfectly okay for the down-payment or for full price sales. If you pay your down-payment with PayPal, then you will need to contact us by phone to give us your credit card info for the payments. Do not send secure information via email.

*Please note: payment plans are limited and subject to approval. Pay plans are not available on international orders.

Frequently Asked Questions about our Pay Plans

Q: How do I go about setting up the instant financing, and how instant is it?

A: Just order your water ionizer as you normally would. Then, in the ordering bar, choose the “pay-plan” option. Your order will automatically and instantly be processed [there is no application to fill out, wait-time or approval process] and your card will automatically be charged for the down-payment just as it would any other online transaction. Unless you specify different terms in your order form, you will automatically default to “10 monthly payments” for the remainder of your balance which will start one month after your purchase date. These will be charged to the same card you used at checkout [unless you request otherwise].

Q: Are there any fees involved?

A: No. There is not one penny more than the price of your water ionizer charged to you when you choose a pay-plan.

Q: Is my information secure?

A: I’ll capitalize this…YES. We are triple-quadruple secure and protected with all of your information. Our host, provides us with Security SSL service for every transaction. We take the security problems of our day and age seriously, and do everything in our power to ensure we only use the best when it comes to customer security.

Q: Can I stretch the payments out to 12 months or reduce them to 5 months?

A: In other words, can I customize my pay-plan? Yes. Just tell us what you want and in most cases we can accommodate your wishes.

Q: What happens if we can’t make a payment?

A: If you can’t make a payment for some reason, you will need to contact us. We will try to work with you and your needs. There have been times where a customer needed to reduce the payment or even skip a month and other times where the payment just needed to be changed to a different day. We have the desire to help you, so we are willing to customize for your needs…just let us know.

Q: Can I pay off early?

A: Absolutely YES. Just let me know [email or call] and I will take care of it for you. There are no fees ever with this pay-plan, and certainly not for paying off early [I do periodically get questions about this].

Q: How does the pay-plan work?

A: What happens is when you place your order, there are two transactions set up with the credit card company. First, the down-payment goes in as an immediate sale transaction. The card company [Gateway] shoots you an email letting you know it went through. Second, using Regions Bank’s “Virtual Merchant” credit card server, we set up what’s called “Periodic Billing”. The data is entered as if it’s a sale, but instead it’s set up with delayed “periodic” billing. The monthly amount and starting date are selected [usually the following month on that day]. Then the number of payments is entered in. It’s all automated…so no human error! What happens is that each month on that date the monthly payment is automatically processed as a credit card transaction…until the pre-set number of payments is finished. There is no charge for this service.

Q: Can I use Instant Financing on International Orders?

A: Unfortunately, no, we don’t offer financing through Alkaline Water Plus outside of the main 50 states of the USA.

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