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Alkaline Water Plus highly values customer-created water ionizer machine reviews. We have received excellent reviews for the many of our water ionizers and our most popular "other products". Please use the pull-down menu to select the water ionizer brand to see those wonderful customer-written water ionizers reviews. 

Customer Reviews for Our Most Popular Water Ionizers

Welcome to the Alkaline Water Plus Water Ionizer Reviews Page!

At Alkaline Water Plus, we pride ourselves with integrity and thoroughness in our alkaline water ionizers reviews. Because we're in the water ionizer business we get a sense of which water ionizers are most popular and have the best customer satisfaction rates. This page is our way of letting customers both see our own water ionizer machine reviews, but also tell other customers about their alkaline water machine purchase and experience. If you have a particular alkaline machine in mind, then just select it [using the down-arrow selections, above] and scroll to the bottom of the page [where if that water ionizer has any posted reviews ...you will see them there]. We have posted our own alkaline water ionizer reviews further down this page.

Alkaline water ionizers reviews

Beware of Fake Water Ionizer Review Sites!

Water ionizer machine review sites are often misleading and confusing. Here's an example: One may not even be looking for reviews in particular, but stumble upon a bad review of the product being researched, such as a water ionizer. Watch out, this may be a ficticious review. How does one know whether to believe the review on that water ionizer or not?  First of all, realize that if the website seems like it has no other agenda in life than to review water ionizers "independently", and for no compensation, then they are most likely fake. I read review sites regularly and have never seen a truthful, independent, critical, water ionizer review [of a particular alkaline water machine] on a site like this. These are not consumers giving honest, water ionizer reviews. We unfortunately live in a time when you will most assuredly find lots of sly, underhanded retailers who are covertly pushing their products while putting down the competition using fake review sites. The water ionizer industry, as I'm sure many industries today, has been hit with scammy review sites. Just because a tech-savy entrepeneur knows how to create a fake review site and get it right up in the #1 spot of your search doesn't mean it is a legitimate review.

Another gimmick used to steer customers their way is to brag about having received a "Water Ionizer of the Year Award". I have never seen a real award such as this. Companies will often have several such websites that they own or control. For better or for worse, it's just a gimmick, and they are basically giving themselves this award.    

Bona fide water ionizer reviews are out there, and people need to be able to weed out the trash review sites quickly if they are ever going to find the golden water ionizer reviews. I like to learn from others and appreciate reading honest reviews before I buy expensive items. But in this day and age it is getting tough to sift through all the hype to get to the actual facts. The water ionizer reviews on my website are bona fide and from real customers of mine. You can see all reviews for any particular water ionizer by going to that product page and if you scroll down to the bottom you can see the reviews there. 

It's good to research your products ahead of time, and it doesn't have to be confusing. I advise you to follow an easy 2-step process, below, to help you recognize fake water ionizer review sites in 20 seconds or less! This will work for any product reviews, and once you're clued-in, fake review sites become easy to spot. If they look independent, and you are not readily able to differentiate whether what they are saying is fact or fake, especially if they are saying something bad about the product you like, do these steps. You will be amazed at how fast you can expose the fraudulent sites and get on with your happy review-reading.  

1. If you just happen upon a "concerning" review about a water ionizer you are considering, look to see WHO is writing the review. Click on the "About us" page and if they don't tell you who they actually are: name, address, phone, company, affiliation... but instead they tell you all kinds of hype, such as "we are here to help you...."; "we are the only nonbiased review site..."; etc. then they are a phony site.

2. If you have determined that they don't really reveal who they are, go to either their comparison page or reviews and scan through their "reviews". If it looks like they are pushing one product, you can be pretty sure that they are really the seller of that product and have constructed this identity-protected, site in order to hide that fact.

What Makes My Water Ionizer Reviews Different?

I personally have used water ionizers for too long, love so many water ionizers and have tested and compared them all too much to be taken in by fake, phoney, water ionizer machine reviews websites. After 20 years of life-changing experience with drinking ionized water I can tell you that there is definitely not just one good water ionizer company. It isn't honest or true to say there is only one, so I just refuse to get involved in that.

After all of the water ionizer testing I've done, I can safely say that there are not even clear-cut things, like plate size, that you can tell people to rely upon to help them determine the quality of a water ionizer. Hundreds or even thousands of tests have shown me that some ionizers just have a better overall design than others. Bigger is definitely not always better when it comes to electronics [and that includes the size or even number of the electrode plates]. More or bigger plates do often [not always] enable a faster flow-rate of water coming out of the water ionizer, however this may also mean a poorer-quality filtration. So, you see there are many factors to consider.

I really make it a point to focus on results when it comes to water ionizer comparisons and reviews. I show you all of the details about each water ionizer on my Water Ionizer Comparison page, and encourage you to learn about them so you can decide for yourself what's really best for you. It's kind of similar to buying a car. There is not just one "right", "best" brand. There are many and I help you to see the important features among the different brands so you can make the right decision for you. Here are a few of the things I encourage you to look at when making your decision.
  • Manufacturer: Location, certification and reputation of manufacturer [this can make the world of difference] For instance China is not a good country for things like electronics, yet Korea and Japan are. Also, in Korea and Japan water ionizers are treated as medical equipment and this makes a huge difference in the quality standards that manufacturers must live up to.
  • Testing: Overall results, in particular "quality of ionized water" tested: i.e., range of pH and ORP [antioxidants].
  • Filtration: Quality of filtration [as tested by independent laboratories preferrably]
  • Other: There are a few other important things to consider, such as quality of construction [how sturdy it is made] and warranty.

My Alkaline Water Ionizers Reviews 

I have actively tried to seek out and test the most popular water ionizers in order to present the most accurate, non-biased, scientific water ionizer machine reviews possible. My water ionizer reviews, below, are in alphabetical order for easy reference.

AirWaterLife's Aqua Ionizer Deluxe Water Ionizer

I recently tested the new Aqua Ionizer Deluxe [also called Alive water ionizer by the RealSpirit company] and it worked pretty well. But compared to the similarly-priced Nexus X-Blue water ionizer is was clearly inferior. The appearance and size of it is nice though. I only really had two problems with the AirWaterLife Aqua Ionizer Deluxe water ionizer.

  1. The Aqua Ionizer Deluxe is Chinese-made, which is probably why some of the parts appear and feel cheaper than Korean-made ionizers. For example, plastic is used rather than stainless in the flex-hose & tee-connector. I'm concerned about the durability of the electronics in a Chinese-made ionizer too.
  2. The AirWaterLife ionizer requires a 15-second wait every single time you start pouring ionized water. This is a waste of both time and water.

The filter in the AirWaterLife Aqua Ionizer Deluxe water ionizer was a very small carbon filter. I don't particularly like that either, because for me I would want better filtration.

Chanson Water Ionizers

Chanson Water Ionizers are compact, programmable, water ionizers and they have 10 Year Warranties. The best of the Chanson water ionizers is the new Miracle-Max water ionizer, which has a flow-control knob and extra-large mineral port. Chanson Water Ionizer Company in Taiwan [a 30 year-old water/health product manufacturing company] has been making water filters for 30 years and water ionizers for over 10 years. Dr. Robert Young, author of pH Miracle, endorses Chanson water ionizers.  

Chanson Miracle Water Ionizer

I have been selling the Chanson Miracle water ionizer for about 5 years. During that time I have not had complaints about the product from my customers. The Chanson Miracle is a small, compact water ionizer and works well to give a good range of pH and ORP. The warranty, of 10-years, is nice to have, but I predict this water ionizer will probably last 15 or so years without difficulty as long as you take good care of it. The Chanson company recommends that you do a citric acid wash every 3 months to keep the water ionizer in good working order. The small filter of the Chanson Miracle ionizer is sufficient for people who already have excellent water quality, however if you have some of the following: sediment, iron, heavy metals, Chloramines, Fluoride, Chromium 6, pharmaceuticals, etc. in your water, then a C-3 prefiltration system is recommended by the Chanson company. The Chanson company does not sanction doing a "vinegar wash" to clean the plates. They have their own citric-acid wash that they do recommend. They say it may damage the fine fiber material separating the plates to do a vinegar wash.  By comparison most water ionizers I sell do not have a problem with a vinegar wash.

Chanson Miracle Max Water Ionizer

The Chanson Miracle Max is very similar to the Chanson Miracle water ionizer. It has a few upgrades that make it better though. The large mineral port has an advantage of being sanctioned for use with Himalayan rock salt. The use of rock salt will boost ionization to such a degree that you can get a low acidic pH of about 2.0 and a high alkalinity of about 12. This is advantageous for cleaning purposes only [not drinking] and is limited in that the more you use salt with your water ionizer the greater risk you are taking of corroding the plates. Within reasonable limits, though, having this mineral port is a perk. The other advantage of the Max water ionizer is that it has a flow-control knob [which the Chanson Miracle doesn't]. With a flow-control knob you can safely direct-plumb your water ionizer rather than use a diverter attached to your faucet.

Chinese Water Ionizers

Watch out for tricks used by Chinese importers, such as focusing on their "superior" plastics [falsely acting as if the higher quality water ionizer companies don't use superior plastics]. The main issues with Chinese imports are that their electronics and plate-quality are simply not trustworthy. Do not buy Chinese water ionizers at this time. There is not sufficient quality control in China mainland. Taiwan, though, is a little better. One problem with water ionizers is that they require platinum, the most expensive element on the planet [more rare and expensive than gold]. Without platinum, or when using a platinum alloy, the ionized water will be far less efficiently ionized. Health concerns may result from the use of alloys rather than pure platinum as well. It may have sufficiently high pH, but will lack the high levels of anti-oxidants [antioxidants provide at least half the benefits of ionized water]. I would not sell something like a water ionizer from a country that could not be trusted for their manufacturing integrity or who had a bad track-history with electronics. I highly recommend you buy your water ionizer only from countries who at this time have governmental controls [such as the Korean FDA or the Japanese Ministry of Health] on the proper manufacturing of their countries' water ionizers. The water ionizers I sell on this site are all fully checked out and certified [i.e., they are efficient and safe].

Enagic Kangen Water SD501 Water Ionizer

The Enagic SD501 Water Ionizer is a strong ionizer. It has a constant 235 watts of power going to very large plates. It has been around for about 6 or so years with no upgrades. The perks of the high wattage are you can get a pretty fast flow-rate with the Enagic alkaline water machine as well as a pretty good range of high/low pH. The down-side of the constant high wattage is that the plates get continuous wear and tear. The plates also are subject to abuse if you use the "strong acidic" setting too frequently and/or don't flush the ionizer properly after pouring strong acidic or strong alkaline water. Another downside to the high watts is that for people like me who like a slower flow-rate, such as 1.5 liters per minute [for better filtration], the Enagic ionizer is not good for that. A voice will come on and say you need to increase the water flow. The ionizer will not ionize, i.e., the power will not go to the plates, when the flow-rate is too low. This is a protective mechanism to ensure the plates don't overheat, melt the platinum off, etc., so the voice prompt cannot be ignored. The Enagic Kangen Water ionizer will probably last about 20 or so years and work just fine as long as you get the plates reconditioned periodically by sending the machine into the Enagic company for special cleaning. The Enagic company also recommends using their cleaning cartridge every 3 months to keep the plates in good working condition. The warranty is 5 years.

Jupiter Water Ionizers:

[Melody, Venus, Athena, and Ultra-Delphi] are very well-built, easy water ionizers to use and they have Lifetime Warranties! The superior engineering and design makes them very efficient in their ability to produce a wide range of ionized water [very high in ORP at all levels of pH]. Jupiter Company has been around the longest of all the water ionizer companies. The Jupiter company continually upgrades their water ionizers to maximize their performance. All Jupiter Water Ionizers have efficient plate-cleaning, but the Jupiter Melody, Athena and Ultra-Delphi water ionizers have superior, trouble-free, continuous self-cleaning of their electrode plates! Jupiter also has the best water filters of any other water ionizer company. Jupiter water ionizers come highly endorsed by scientists working in the field of ionized water. You can read more about the Jupiter Water Ionizer company and the similarities and differences among the four Jupiter ionizers by clicking this link: Jupiter Water Ionizers

Jupiter Athena Water Ionizer

The Jupiter Athena water ionizer has been around for over 5 years and has been upgraded several times since it first appeared on the market. The plates are made in a special, patented way so as to have mesh applied to the solid plate surface, which increases the surface area about 3 or so times more than its physical size. The advantage to this design is that with a smaller size and number of plates but each plate having a greater surface area you get an efficient use and distribution of electricity. The mesh design is combined with the DARC, double-automatic-reverse-cleaning, which is continuous, excellent cleaning of the Athena's plates to keep calcium from getting embeded into the grooves of the mesh. The Athena water ionizer performs best at about a flow-rate of 1.5 to 2 liters/min. With that flow rate you will also get the best filtration as well [of any water ionizer]. The Athena, because of its very efficient water ionization, will get excellent ORP [antioxidants], per unit of pH. I expect the Athena will last at least 20 years or so as long as you don't drop it or otherwise abuse it. The Athena can be converted to an under-sink water ionizer with the purchase of an under-sink kit. The warranty is 5-years labor and lifetime parts.

Jupiter Melody/Isis Water Ionizer

The Jupiter Melody has had its name changed to the Isis and then back to the Melody, and so it's known as both names. This is a great, sturdy water ionizer, and I expect it will have a long, 20-year lifespan [maybe more] provided that it isn't abused in any way. In scoping videos all over the net, I've seen the Melody used in many hospitals and clinics. It's obviously sturdy. The Melody uses the first form of automatic, continuous-cleaning that was ever invented and it is a simple manual switching of polarity with every use. This is an effective system for keeping the plates from forming any kind of calcium build-up. The Melody ionizer has always compared favorably with other water ionizers [even ones that are three times its price]. It gets a good range of pH and ORP consistently [even after years and years of use]. The warranty is 5-years labor and lifetime parts.

KYK Water Ionizers

Dr. Kim Young Kwi [Director of the Water Science Research Center in Korea and author of the Book, Water for Life] originally designed the KYK water ionizer with the dream of creating a machine that would produce perfect water for drinking, and he has won awards for his water ionizer research and his design. Since then there have been improvements to this water ionizer, along with a reduction in the price. 

KYK 30000 [Generation I] Water Ionizer

The original, red, KYK Genesis water ionizer is a good model water ionizer. It is programmable, but for the most part I suggest to program everything to the highest levels for best results. It has effective filtration, cleaning and good ranges for pH and ORP. The KYK is a popular water ionizer and if you like red, then this water ionizer is perfect! I would say by the build of the KYK it will probably last 10 or so years provided you care for it well. The warranty is 5 years.

KYK Generation II Water Ionizer

The Generation II water ionizer did have a few upgrades, but for the most part the biggest difference between the Generation II and the KYK 30000 is the color. The warranty is 5 years.

LifeTM Water Ionizers

Why I Don't Trust Life Ionizer® Company: There are more reasons than just my own story to distrust the LifeTM Ionizer Company. To read more about why I don't sell Life Ionizers® go to this page: Life Ionizer® Company

Nexus Water Ionizers

The Nexus is an economical, but really high quality, brand of water ionizer. Nexus Water Ionizers are very well-built water ionizers and they are certified as medical devices and used by hospitals in both Korea and Japan! The superior engineering and design makes them very efficient in their ability to produce a wide range of ionized water [great ORP at all levels of pH]. The Nexus Company has been working with Japanese and Korean hospitals for 11 years. The warranties are for a full 10 years parts and labor.

Nexus X-Blue Water Ionizer

The Nexus X-Blue is an excellent choice! This excellent brand of water ionizers are VERY well made! The Nexus X-Blue is popular world-wide, and is a very efficient water ionizer. It gets a good range of pH and ORP. The customer satisfaction rate for the Nexus water ionizer is excellent. I expect from it's sturdy construction that the Nexus X-Blue water ionizer will last about 15-20 years or so as long as you take good care of it. The warranty is for a full 10 years parts and labor. 

Nexus SMart Water Ionizer

The Nexus SMart water ionizer is LG's top-of-the-line water ionizer. It has sophisticated continuous-cleaning and power-boosting functions. It is a very efficient water ionizer which gets a good range of pH and ORP. The customer satisfaction rate for the Nexus SMart water ionizer is excellent. I expect from it's sturdy construction that the Nexus SMart water ionizer will last about 15-20 years or so as long as you take good care of it. 

Nexus U-Blue Water Ionizer

The Nexus U-Blue is an excellent choice! LG Electronic's brand of water ionizers are VERY well made! The Nexus U-Blue has a beautiful faucet, and is a very efficient water ionizer. It gets a good range of pH and ORP. I expect from it's sturdy construction that the Nexus U-Blue water ionizer will last about 15-20 years or so as long as you take good care of it. The warranty is for a full 10 years parts and labor. 

Samsung Vesta GL Water Ionizer

The Samsung engineers, working with Emco Tech [probably the best water ionizer manufacturer in Korea] have come out with a great, state-of-the-art water ionizer, the Samsung Vesta GL-988. It comes with all the highest certifications and ratings possible, including medical device certification, and is made at the same high quality Korean facility as the Jupiter water ionizers. My testing of the Samsung Water Ionizer shows it to be very, very good, the best at a fast flow-rate that I've ever tested, so I am excited about it. The self-cleaning inside the water cell is at least as good, if not better, than the Jupiter water ionizers. The Samsung filter options are quite good. 

The Samsung engineers have basically built in a computer inside this very efficient and powerful water ionizer. The Vesta GL water ionizer is built well, gets continuous cleaning, gets a fast flow-rate [but can be programmed for less power if you want a slower flow-rate]. I expect from the sturdy construction that the Samsung ionizer will last 15 or 20 years or so as long as you take good care of it. The warranty is 5-years labor and lifetime parts.

Tyent Water Ionizers

Tyent USA Water Ionizers: Tyent water ionizers are conveniently programmable to your source water with varying amperage. The TAEYOUNG E&T Co. of Korea has been making water ionizers for over 10 years. With more watts, the Tyent water ionizers get a wide range of pH and ORP. Please note: the pH and ORP results you can expect will vary with your source water.

Tyent 7070 Turbo Water Ionizer

The Tyent 7070 Turbo is can get a good range of pH and ORP, however this does depend somewhat on your source water. The Tyent Turbo is programmable, so you can increase/decrease overall power to the plates to suit your water source and your needs. I expect the Tyent 7070 Turbo will last around 15-20 years.  

Tyent 9090 Turbo Extreme Water Ionizer

The 9090 Turbo Extreme is pretty much the same as the 7070 Turbo except it has two extra plates and some more wattage. The extra plates enable you to get a bit better pH range and a bit faster flow-rate. 

Tyent UCE 9000 9-Plate Under-Sink Water Ionizer

The UCE 9000 Under-Sink Tyent ionizer is basically the same as the 9090 Turbo except it has a faucet with intuitive button selections that resemble an I-Phone. The faucet only appears to be made of metal, but is plastic.

Tyent MMP-11 Water Ionizer

This 11-plate Tyent water ionizer is a disappointment. I would expect to get better results with more plates and watts, however the "bigger is better" theory just doesn't pan out. The MMP-11 is pretty much the same as the 7070 Turbo except it has four extra plates and more wattage. The extra plates enable you to get a bit better pH range and a bit faster flow-rate, but frankly I'm disappointed with the results. It's a fine water ionizer, but not really better than the 9-plate model.  

Ultra-Delphi Under-Sink Water Ionizer

The Ultra-Delphi Water Ionizer has just been upgraded with more powerful power-booster functions and convertability [i.e., it can be an undersink or countertop model as desired]. It also has a new, more functional faucet. The Ultra-Delphi is basically the under-sink version of the Athena. All of the important features between the Athena and Ultra-Delphi are the same other than the faucet. For a limited time the Delphi comes with two extra filters as an introductory special: the new UltraWater filter and the Fluoride/Arsenic Shield Ultra Sediment filter. The Delphi has a 5-year labor and lifetime parts warranty.

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