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A Summary of My Latest Water Ionizer Comparisons [Jupiter, KYK, Tyent, Enagic & Chanson]

Posted by Alkaline Water Plus on

About a month ago I did a series of water ionizer comparison testing, between the Jupiter Athena water ionizer, Jupiter Melody water ionizer, Tyent Turbo water ionizer, Enagic Kangen Water [SD 501] and the Chanson Miracle water ionizer. I’m summarizing those results and also expanding my comparisons of these water ionizers, so you can see and compare every aspect of these water ionizers all in one spot.

One of the number one things I hear from customers is how confused they are when it comes to figuring out which water ionizer to buy.

This article will hopefully shed some light of truth on the subject of water ionizer comparisons. While it is just one more series of water ionizer comparison testing, it is pretty comprehensive in that every level of each water ionizer was tested…not just the strongest level.

I have constructed a master chart to help demonstrate the ORP results for each water ionizer in ordered pH intervals. I was hoping that looking at it this way, a pattern might emerge.

Why is ORP so important?

ORP is the antioxidant value of the ionized water. This is where your ionized water provides you with large quantities of free-radical scavengers to bond with free radicals in your blood and cells and theoretically prevent all kinds of damage to your cells. Note: It is only in the first few hours after pouring ionized water that you get these highest levels of ORP. I have literally seen spider veins disappear from my legs when I drank ionized water with the highest levels of ORP. Since I can only comfortably drink up to about a  10.5 pH, I, personally, want the level of pH I drink at to have the most ORP it can.

Note: Here, in St. Louis, my source water’s pH is high to begin with. Based on other water ionizer comparison tests done in many areas around the country, I predict that the ORP where you live will probably reach similar results to St. Louis, and that your pH will not be as high as it is here, in St. Louis.


Water Ionizers Compared: ORP Results vs. PH Levels


Jupiter Athena

Jupiter Melody

Genesis Platinum


Tyent Turbo

Enagic SD501

Chanson Miracle






































I can honestly say that these water ionizers are all very close! If there is an overall winner to see…

I’d say it might be the Jupiter Melody!

I am surprised at the strength of the Jupiter Melody water ionizer! The Melody is a 5-plate water ionizer competing head on amongst 7-plate &/or more expensive water ionizers and it might even have emerged as an overall winner!

Note:  All of the water ionizer comparisons, videos and test results [for the water ionizer “Face-Off” comparisons]  are cited at the bottom of this post for easy reference.

The reason I’m surprised by the strong results for the Jupiter Melody water ionizer testing is that usually the Jupiter Athena’s results are better than the Melody. Also usually the Tyent Turbo and the Enagic are better than the Jupiter Melody as well. But in this series of tests, it’s not clear who the winner is, and it sure is clear that the Melody looks pretty darn good. It’s right up there, close to equal in some levels – better in others. And that’s against the traditional winners [the Athena, Tyent and Enagic]. You can’t take one set of tests as proof, but it does fit in somewhere as part of an overall picture.

These are clearly all good water ionizers, and that is probably all that these results prove.

There are other things to consider when purchasing a water ionizer, and sometimes [just like in buying a car] those extra features may be what makes or breaks the deal for you. For the features I think are the most important, I’ve listed the ionizers in order of best to worst [left to right], below. I’ve also put the features in order of how important I think they are. Keep in mind, just like in buying a car, the opinions of “best” and “most important” will naturally vary.

Warranty: Tyent , Jupiter , Chanson , KYK , Enagic
Filtration:  Jupiter, KYK, Tyent, Chanson, Enagic
Internal Plate Cleaning: Jupiter, KYK, Chanson, Tyent, Enagic
Certifications & Known Knowledge about the Ionizer:Jupiter, Enagic, KYK, Chanson, Tyent
Cost: Melody, KYK, Chanson, Tyent, Enagic
Ease of Use: Jupiter, Enagic, Tyent, Chanson, KYK
Ability to Install Undersink?  Only Jupiter
Has a Mineral Port? Jupiter, Enagic, Chanson
Lowest Acid Water: Enagic, Tyent, Chanson, Jupiter, KYK

Read more about my water ionizer comparisons.

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Cathleen Lograsso

Cathleen LoGrasso

Cathleen was a teacher/principal for 24 years and has been drinking ionized water for about 25 years. She created Alkaline Water Plus to educate people about the benefits of ionized water.

"The very best thing I have ever purchased is a WATER IONIZER!" Cathleen LoGrasso, Owner/CEO Alkaline Water Plus

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