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Comparing the Water Ionizer Comparison & Review Sites

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In my mind a water ionizer comparison website should be done by someone who isn’t biased, or who is as little biased as possible. Someone who has the capability and does sell a variety of brands is a good candidate. And, someone who knows what they’re talking about when it comes to all facets of water ionizers.

Why? Because they don’t stand to profit by steering you away from any of the water ionizers they are comparing or reviewing.

People are used to real review websites, such as Kelly Blue Book, when buying a car. However there are millions of cars sold each year. Water ionizers are different and they are relatively new. One might think that an independent blog or review site that claimed or appeared to have nothing to gain from them sharing their “expert” opinions with you would be reliable. However, what I’ve found [and this is true] that no one does a completely non-biased job of it. I come the closest to having no bias, because I am open to selling all of the water ionizers that I think are good. Because of this I am not pushing just one brand. Also, I know a lot about all of the brands, because I test them against each other constantly.

Most websites have an agenda. I have an agenda to sell you a great water ionizer suited to your needs and wants. Some websites [almost all of the supposed independent water ionizer review websites] have a hidden agenda. It’s better for you if you know what the website’s real agenda is. Actually the person I trust the least is the one who pretends they’re bringing you all the most up-to-date, non-biased, important information and water ionizer comparisons and reviews out of the great goodness of their heart. The hours of work it takes each and every day to do that tell me that it wouldn’t and couldn’t happen for free.

Well what about website reviews…where the customer writes in how great they love their new ____ water ionizer? I’ve seen hundreds of honest, wonderful customer reviews, however one should realize that these could be staged. I don’t completely trust reviews, but that being said I’d just advise you to use your judgement as to the authenticity of these. If they are placed on a website that is clearly biased, then I’d discount the reviews on that site.

Biased water ionizer review websites are in abundance. I’ve gone through many water ionizer comparison and review sites, and have not found any that are truly non-biased. There is no Kelly-Blue-Book of the water ionizer world. Therefore, my advice is to learn all you can about the facts of each water ionizer you are interested in and look closely at any website offering water ionizer comparisons or reviews. If they don’t tell you who they are [name, address, phone number] then don’t trust them.

Cathleen Lograsso

Cathleen LoGrasso

My background is in physiology, teaching, nutrition and weight loss. I have raised 5 children who are all grown now. I have a masters degree in education and was a teacher/principal for 24 years. I created Alkaline Water Plus in 2009 to educate people about the benefits of ionized water.

The very best thing I have ever purchased is a WATER IONIZER, and I've been in perfect health ever since I started drinking ionized water 25 years ago! Understanding and knowing how to control and manage my own body's pH and antioxidant levels at the cellular level has made all the difference in the world in my life, my family's lives and in a countless number of my friends and associates over the years.

Cathie LoGrasso Owner, Alkaline Water Plus

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