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Is Baking Soda an Alternative to Alkaline Ionized Water?

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Baking soda [sodium bi-carbonate] is alkaline. Should people consume baking soda as an alternative to alkaline ionized water to buffer the pH balance in their cells? In one word “NO”, baking soda is NOT even remotely acceptable for human consumption, let alone using it as an alternative to alkaline ionized water. It is true, it is alkaline, but it is not the right kind of alkaline water. Alkalinity made with sodium is not a healthy form of alkaline for our cells.

Experiencing the Difference

As part of understanding water ionizers it's important to show how merely alkalizing the water, without ionizing it, is a mistake. It makes a poor-quality substitute for ionized water at best. Ionizing your water turns it into antioxidant water. The presence of antioxidants in the alkaline water makes the alkaline minerals bio-available and therefore beneficial to your body and cells. Read more about the benefits of drinking ionized water.

I have personally tried drinking water that had baking soda added to it. Not only was it awful-tasting, but it also caused me to get visible spider veins on my legs. When I ceased consuming the baking-soda-water these spider veins simmered down. When I drank alkaline ionized water, though, the spider veins went away. This demonstrated, to me, that the antioxidants in alkaline ionized water really did have an effect on making the damaged cell membranes better and keeping the cells from getting other forms of free-radical damage. It’s possible that the sodium-levels in the baking soda also contributed to this, but nevertheless, I discontinued drinking that mixture immediately.

Why is Alkaline Water so Important to Your Health?

Our bodies give off acidic wastes. Actually every cell of your body gives off acidic wastes every second of the day. In order to keep your cells young and healthy you need to remove those acidic wastes. To do this the water which surrounds your cells needs to be clean and alkaline.

Alkaline water is the healthiest water for you to drink, but not all alkaline water is alike. Some alkaline water is too salty to drink, such as the water I created in this video using baking soda.

Creating a Healthy Alkaline PH

The above video shows a demonstration and comparison of adding baking soda to water vs. using a water ionizer to create alkaline water. Not only does ionized alkaline water taste a whole lot better, it also is cleaner and more alkaline than the baking soda mixture.

Creating an Abundance of Antioxidants

Baking soda is oxidizing, just as is tap water. A certain amount of oxidation is fine, but our bodies tend to be off-balanced [with too many free radicals]. Free radical damage contributes to DNA damage, cell mutations, and cell wall degradation. Antioxidants can assist your body to have balanced oxidation levels. Alkaline ionized water is high in antioxidants.

In the video, above, I demonstrate that pouring ionized water from a good water ionizer will instantly and on demand produce a great, alkaline pH as well as super high antioxidant levels. On the contrary, adding baking soda to water does nothing to change the oxidation levels of the water.

What Does Ionized Water Do?

People sometimes get confused about what a water ionizer is supposed to do. It is not intended to neutralize your stomach acid! Some people claim that it does this. Ionized water helps to buffer the pH imbalance within your cells. No one sells water ionizers to neutralize stomach acid. The calcium found naturally in water, when given a negative charge using a water ionizer, is in the most perfect form for easy absorption right into your bloodstream and becoming almost instantly available for your cells to use as a buffer against the acidic wastes they want to give off.

Don’t drink ionized water 20 minutes before or after a meal that requires a low stomach acid, such as with meat or dairy. Other than that, since water doesn’t itself trigger digestion, it absorbs within just a few minutes of drinking it.

A water ionizer is supposed to do three things:

1. Help to bring your cells the water they need.

2. Alkalize the body by providing an ongoing supply of buffers to neutralize the toxins that are the wastes your cells give off. The alkaline minerals that are naturally found in the water, such as healthy calcium, are concentrated into the alkaline side of the water ionizer and become negatively charged for an extra bonus of having an abundant supply of antioxidants in addition to the alkaline buffers. As people age they lose their natural buffers and so the body compensates by robbing the joints and bones. However, still the acids get trapped in cells unless there is an ongoing supply of buffers to allow those acids to pass into the bloodstream and be eliminated.

3. Help to fight off free-radical damage to the cells by providing an ongoing supply of antioxidants.

What Will Baking Soda Do?

1. It is highly oxidizing, and so will tend to increase free-radical damage.

2. It probably will neutralize stomach acid [but will be far less healthy than a calcium-based antacid, such as Tums], and it will most likely also interfere with the natural balance of the digestive system and inter-cellular balance because it is too concentrated with sodium. The other ingredient, carbon, is an acidic waste and so the body will need to eliminate this as well.

3. As far as bringing water to the cells, it may do that, but with so much extra sodium it may trigger water-retention within the cells rather than removal of wastes.

My Experience Trying Baking Soda

From my own personal experience, there is a huge benefit from ionized water and a dangerous effect from what a regular use of sodium bicarbonate [baking soda]. I have been drinking alkaline ionized water, over a gallon per day, for 20 years…[my family as well]. A few years ago I came across this theory of baking soda being touted to be “as good as ionized water”. I decided to try it for two weeks…just to see. I couldn’t even last 2 days! It was awful…I mean awful!!! I started to see blue veins pop up all over my legs and was feeling a strong pulse in several locations of my body. I was not taking more or less than what was suggested by several websites at the time. Out of necessity I had to stop after two days. Later, when I tested the pH/ORP of water with baking soda added, I could see that, though the water was alkaline it was also highly oxidizing [high positive ORP], and this is I’m sure why it made me feel so awful.

Don’t worry if you hear/see a variety of sites touting that water ionizers are bad. Look closely and you will probably see that they are selling a competing product [such as RO system or other filtration system].

Here’s something I’ve observed over and over and I think it’s true: with every single thing there is that’s good…there will be people who say it’s bad.

Be assured that clinics and hospitals in Korea and Japan have been using water ionizers for 30 some-odd years now; I’ve been using ionized water for 20 years; and we all have reported many wonderful uses and results.

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Cathleen Lograsso

Cathleen LoGrasso

Cathleen was a teacher/principal for 24 years and has been drinking ionized water for about 25 years. She created Alkaline Water Plus to educate people about the benefits of ionized water.

"The very best thing I have ever purchased is a WATER IONIZER!" Cathleen LoGrasso, Owner/CEO Alkaline Water Plus

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