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Why YOU are the Best Person to Filter Water to Drink

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When You Filter Water to Drink Yourself, You Can Control the Quality!

To know you're getting healthy-water you should filter the water yourself. In the US tap water is regulated, treated and partially filtered before it gets to your tap. Our water quality controls are not bad. Yes, the water does have some contaminants in it, but those can be filtered out pretty easily right before you drink it. Visit this page to learn more about filtering your water and specific water-filters: https://alkalinewaterplus.com/water-filtration-basics

Why Should You Filter Water Right Before Drinking?

The whole point to treating water is to be able to bring your water to you in an un-contaminated state. The chemicals used to treat the water keep it free of bacteria and fungus till it gets to you. Once you filter the chlorine out of the water …that is the time to drink it. If you filter water prematurely, you take the chlorine out, then store it for days, weeks, months [as in bottled water] it then has the risk of leaching chemicals from the storage container and growing bacteria and fungus. If you filter your water right before drinking it [or within a day or two] you don’t have these risks.

Bottled Water Dirtier than Tap Water?

The bottled water companies aren’t regulated like your local water company is. All kinds of language is used to make you think you are getting clean, natural water, such as “spring water”, “pure water”, etc., but the tests done by the EWG showed that bottled water was of unacceptable quality in a great many cases. If it is really natural spring water, there's a chance that there are growing parasites or  bacteria in it. Or if it is treated with reverse-osmosis, or other extreme measures, then all of the good, heathy-minerals are taken out of the water. There just isn't a way for bottling companies to give you the same high-quality healthy-water that you can get if you filter it, fresh, yourself.

The EWG, Environmental Working Group, did a study of bottled water and found that on average the bottled-water was an inferior drinking-water to local tap water. Note that the EWG recommends filtering your local tap water, but even without filtering it the EWG found that in many cases the bottled water had more contaminants, pharmaceuticals, bacteria, fecal waste products, etc. than local tap water.

For a full account of bottled water, visit this great page. Analyzing & Comparing Bottled Water

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Cathleen Lograsso

Cathleen LoGrasso

Cathleen was a teacher/principal for 24 years and has been drinking ionized water for about 25 years. She created Alkaline Water Plus to educate people about the benefits of ionized water.

"The very best thing I have ever purchased is a WATER IONIZER!" Cathleen LoGrasso, Owner/CEO Alkaline Water Plus

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