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The Smart 7P Water Ionizer is Better than the Enagic SD501 in Every Way

Posted by Alkaline Water Plus on

Alkaline Water Plus has just gotten in a brand new Nexus water ionizer, the new  Smart 7P Water Ionizer, from Entech. The makers of Nexus brand water ionizers have been building quality water ionizers for over 15 years. This morning's testing shows that the Smart 7P water ionizer, brand new in 2015, is better than the Enagic SD501 Kangen Water machine in every way. Here's the video. Then, below the video, read more about today's water ionizer comparisons between the Nexus Smart 7P and the Enagic SD501.

Why is the Nexus Smart7P water ionizer better than the kangen water brand's SD501 water ionizer by Enagic?

The answer is in the expert design. But, first I want to show a sneak-peek of the results from today's video.

Nexus Smart 7P Water Ionizer  vs the Enagic SD501 Kangen Water Machine

The Enagic water ionizer's "Kangen Water 9.5" level of ionized water came out at 10 pH, using St. Louis tap water as its source. Many people think that because the machine says "Kangen Water 9.5" that it means the water has been tested by an instrument inside the machine that gives an accurate pH-level of the ionized water. This isn't the case, as all of my testing over the years has demonstrated. 

The Nexus Smart 7P water ionizer's level-3 setting is the theoretical equivalent of the Kangen Water machine's 9.5 pH setting. The pH output of the Nexus Smart 7P was 9.8, which is closer to the expected 9.5 pH for level-3 than Kangen's output. [Note: The source water does make a difference in the results you will get when you test any water ionizer, and the ST. Louis tap water is a higher pH than usual.]

The biggest difference with the performance of both water ionizers was the efficiency of ionization. You can judge the efficiency of a water ionizer by its ability to get a good ORP [antioxidant-levels] per unit of pH. A more scientific term for this is "relative Hydrogen". If one machine gives a higher ORP, relative to the pH-level, than the other in any water ionizer comparison, then it is seen to be a more efficient water ionizer [and frankly a better water ionizer] than the other one, provided it's being tested with the same exact source water. In today's testing, the Nexus Smart 7P water ionizer was giving alkaline water at 9.8 pH and -275 ORP. This is far more efficient, and better, than the results of the Enagic Kangen Water machine at 10 pH and -239 ORP.

Reasons Why the Smart 7P Water Ionizer is Better than the Enagic SD501 in Every Way

How is this possible? The three primary features of the Smart 7P water ionizer, that I think explain the reason why the Smart 7P is better than the Enagic SD501 in performance, are:

  1. Both water ionizers use the same 235 watts of power, but comparing water ionizers, the enagic-plates are solid/flat and the Smart 7P has patented solid-mesh plates, designed to get the most results out of each watt of power. Therefore the highest performance. Why? The mesh allows for a greater surface area for the water to touch as it goes through the water cell, without increasing the mass of the plate. When you increase the mass, it requires more watts of electricity to simply get the same output. Keeping the mass of the plates as small as possible while at the same time increasing the surface area is the main reason that the Smart 7P water ionizer does so well. 
  2. The Smart 7P water ionizer also has continuous-cleaning. This feature is important to its outstanding performance. Platinum catalyzes electrolysis, and if the surface of the plate can't touch the molecules of water directly you will get less ionization than you otherwise could. Continuous-cleaning ensures that there is never a layer of calcium allowed to stick to the plates...not even for a minute. Its cleaning cycle won't allow it. 
  3. The patented spraying process, used in covering the Nexus Smart plates, ensures that no air-bubble is caught within the platinum coating, which with other water ionizer plating processes often get missed. See this plate comparison. Improperly coated water ionizer plates can cause less efficiency in ionization of water. 

Other Reasons the Smart 7P Water Ionizer is Better than the Enagic

Price: The Nexus brand water ionizers are priced extremely well, compared with the Enagic's multi-level brand's high-prices. For instance the awesome, new Smart 7P water ionizer retails for about half the price.

Flow-Control Knob: The Smart 7P water ionizer's flow-control knob makes it easy to hook your water ionizer directly up to your plumbing [bypassing the faucet] if you want to. The machine could be turned on/off simply by turning that little knob. This is a great feature for use with children or handicapped adults. The Smart 7P always gives alkaline water at your remembered setting, and you never experience an interruption in flow due to acid-wash cleaning cycles, so there's literally nothing you need to do other than turn that little knob.

No Sodium: The Nexus-Smart-Ionizer does not rely on adding sodium in order to get great ionization. The sodium used in Enagic machines are potentially harmful to the machine and to people drinking it.

Spring-Loaded Filters:  Easy to pop in/out filters adds to the ease of use that Nexus Water Ionizers are known for. Whereas, the Enagic-sd501 filter is more complicated to insert and there is no filter-counter.

Better ORP Over Time: While the two water ionizers give a similar ORP (antioxidants), over time the Smart 7P will maintain its performance while the Enagic will not. This is because the Smart 7P has coninuous-cleaning vs. the inferior periodic acid-washes.

Nexus-water-ionizer-comparisons have always been very favorable, but now with this new Nexus-Smart-water-ionizer they're even proving to be better than enagic-kangen-water. Read more about my water-ionizer-reviews.

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Cathleen LoGrasso

Cathleen was a teacher/principal for 24 years and has been drinking ionized water for about 25 years. She created Alkaline Water Plus to educate people about the benefits of ionized water.

"The very best thing I have ever purchased is a WATER IONIZER!" Cathleen LoGrasso, Owner/CEO Alkaline Water Plus

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