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How Long Ionized Water Will Stay Ionized

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I have done many tests to find out how long ionized water will stay ionized. In this post I’ll summarize all of my findings, but first I should mention that there are a few variables, such as type of container you use, so read the entire post to get the whole picture.

Type of Water Ionizer

Does the type of water ionizer effect how long ionized water will  last [i.e., how well the ionized water will hold the pH and ORP changes made by ionization]? In this article I compared the Enagic SD501 water ionizer with the Jupiter Melody water ionizer at 4 different pH levels to learn about how long alkaline ionized water will stay ionized.  The results showed a few things.

1. The model of water ionizer used didn’t make a significant difference in storing ionized water. They both stored ionized water about the same.

2. The level [setting] used did make a difference. The water poured at Level 3 [or Kangen Water 9.5] seemed to store effectively for a longer time with both water ionizers.

Filtered Ionized Water vs. Electric Water Ionizer

This tips to storing ionized water article shows that using the ionized water from the ionizing filter, AlkaStream, now called the Alkaline Ionizer Purifier Energizer, didn’t hold its pH or ORP any better than the ionized water from either of the electric water ionizers (the Jupiter Athena water ionizer or the Enagic Kangen water machine). Contrary to some claims that are out there that the ionizing filter devices, that add minerals to the water to make ionized water, supposedly make more “permanent” ionization, it isn’t true. After 9 days of storing the alkaline ionized water in mason jars with no air bubble, all samples reduced in ionization levels to about 50% of what they were when originally poured.

Results: No difference in how long ionized water will stay ionized between these types of water ionizers.

There are definitely differences between the electric water ionizers and water ionizer filters, but not in the area of ionized water storage.

Does the Type of Bottle Used Influence How Long Ionized Water Will Stay Ionized?

Yes. Yes, and more yes! The type of bottle used has the biggest single influence on how long ionized water will stay ionized. I have written are the many articles that show this to be true. The results of these many, many tests are

#1 The very best storage of ionized water is using a vacuum stainless bottle that has the type of lid that pushes all air out of the bottle and is double-insulated. There is no other bottle that even comes close to these results.

#2 The next best container effective for ionized water storage is a glass mason jar. Make sure it is the kind that has a two-part lid [a flat piece and then a screw-on piece].

#3 A poor container is a plastic bottle, even one that is fairly thick-walled.

#4 The worst container is a plastic thin-walled bottle, such as the kind that bottled water comes in. The antioxidants in ionized water can escape through the porous walls of these bottles very easily.

#5 An equally-bad water bottle, only more expensive, for ionized water storage is one with a flip-top lid. All gas can easily escape through the gaps in the flip-top.

How Long Does Ionized Water Last?

Ionized water will easily last an hour or two, but if you want to store it I suggest you use the vacuum stainless bottles, mentioned above, which will store it perfectly.

Here’s a chart to show you how long ionized water will stay ionized.

Type of Storage Container After 3 Hours After 8 Hours After 24 Hours After 3 Days
Vacuum Stainless Bottles – Special Lids No Loss of PH/ ORP 5% Loss of PH/ORP 5% Loss of PH/ORP 5% Loss of PH/ORP
Vacuum Stainless Bottle with Slight Air-Gap at Lid 10% Loss of pH/ORP 20% Loss of pH/ORP 30% Loss of pH/ORP 40% Loss of pH/ORP
Hard Plastic Bottle with Flip-Top Lid 10% Loss of pH/ORP 30% Loss of pH/ORP 40% Loss of pH/ORP 50% Loss of pH/ORP
Soft Plastic Bottle with Regular Lid 12% Loss of pH/ORP 40% Loss of pH/ORP 50% Loss of pH/ORP 65% Loss of pH/ORP
Hard Plastic 2 ½ – 5 Gallon Container 10% Loss of pH/ORP 30% Loss of pH/ORP 40% Loss of pH/ORP 50% Loss of pH/ORP
Glass Mason Jar 10% Loss of pH/ORP 10% Loss of pH/ORP 15% Loss of pH/ORP 20% Loss of pH/ORP

Is it Better to Just Drink Tap Water vs Ionized Water that is Several Days Old?

Drinking ionized water that is days old, even if stored in an inferior container, is still better than tap water, for sure. It’s filtered, plus the pH and ORP are still better than tap for sure. Here are some pictures I took during a recent trip of the pH/ORP of the hotel tap water vs improperly stored ionized water vs freshly ionized water.

Ionized water stored 3 days in a hard plastic 5-gallon jug. [PH 9.3 and ORP +134]
Ionized water stored 3 days in a hard plastic 5-gallon jug.
Tap water in Hilton Head Island, SC [PH 7.0 and ORP +345]
Tap water in Hilton Head Island, SC
Freshly Ionized Water [Not Stored] PH 1.0 and ORP -545
Freshly Ionized Water

It is of course always preferable to drink freshly ionized water if you can.

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Cathleen Lograsso

Cathleen LoGrasso

Cathleen was a teacher/principal for 24 years and has been drinking ionized water for about 25 years. She created Alkaline Water Plus to educate people about the benefits of ionized water.

"The very best thing I have ever purchased is a WATER IONIZER!" Cathleen LoGrasso, Owner/CEO Alkaline Water Plus

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