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Comparing the Athena and Melody Water Ionizers

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Both the Athena Water Ionizer and the Melody Water Ionizer are two of my favorite water ionizers for many reasons.  But in this post I’m going to focus only on testing and comparing these two great water ionizers. I have compared them both in the past, but it’s been a while since I’ve done any water ionizer comparison testing. In the meantime my testing skills have gotten better as well as my overall knowledge, so when I had the opportunity to test these two great water ionizers up against each other today I took it.

The Athena and Melody Water Ionizer Thoroughly Tested in Every Way

To thoroughly compare the Melody water ionizer with the Athena water ionizer, I’ve done two complete sets of testing at every level: lowest acid level, plus levels 1, 2, 3, and 4. To see all of the testing, watch the following three water ionizer comparison videos, below, then read the charts and analysis that follows.


How to Compare Water Ionizer Testing Results:

There are two ways you can look at water ionizer comparisons. You can either just look at the numbers, and reason out which is the better water or you can apply a scientific formula to it to actually compare the two ionizers more scientifically. First I’m going to show you just how to look at the numbers and compare them. I’ll coach you through this:

Look at Level 3 for Test 1, below. See how the pH is 11 for both ionizers? Also notice that the ORP is hugely more negative for the Athena. That means that per level of pH the Athena is producing more ORP.

If you do further investigation you’ll see that the Athena is the better water ionizer for Levels 3 and 4 [the levels people usually drink at], while the Melody is better for Level 1. Level 2 is a draw.

Water Ionizer Comparison Test 1

Level Melody Athena
1 9.4/-383A little better 10.2/-422
2 10.7/-460 10.4/-464

A little better

3 11/-497 11/-670

Far better

4 11.1/-463 11.1/-733

Far better

Acid 2.9

A little better


Water Ionizer Comparison Test 2

Level Melody Athena
1 7.8/-263


2 10.5/-478


3 10.9/-610 10.9/-631


4 11.1/-649 11.1/-706


Acid 2.9

A little better


Scientifically Comparing Water Ionizers:

To scientifically compare water ionizers you need to understand the term, rH [relative Hydrogen], and how important it is to comparing water ionizers. So many people would look at numbers, like the Test 1, Level 1 results, above, and say that 10.2/-422 was better. When in fact, the 9.4/-383 is really a little better. You just can’t look at those particular numbers and figure it out easily. Therefore it’s helpful to have a formula to help you do that. RH is simply a measure of negatively charged Hydrogen per unit of pH in your water.  The smaller the number [closer to zero], the better [healthier & more anti-oxidizing] the water is.

The formula for rH is: rH = (ORP + 200) / 30 + 2 * pH

On a scale from 0 to 42, above 28 is oxidizing (higher potential to damage the closer it gets to 40) and below 28 is reducing (anti-oxidizing)…the lower [closer to zero] the better. RH is the best measure of the healthiness of that ionized water.

Both water ionizers give you healthy water and perform well. They are both very hydrating and anti-oxidizing. The Athena is better at levels 3 and 4, which are the levels people mostly drink at, so the Athena is worth the extra money [in my opinion].

Normal tap water is the reverse, it’s oxidizing [up around an rH of 32]. Any water below an rH of 28 is good water to drink, healthy, hydrating, and anti-oxidizing.  You can read more about the history of rH at this link:  http://h-minus-ion.vpinf.com/rH-score-1.html

I have calculated the rH of all test results, above, and show them in the following chart. The smaller the number [closer to zero] the better.  Anything below an rH of 10 is a fantastic result. Actually anything under an rH of 20 is very good. Take a look at what happens with the Athena results right around Level 3. The rH makes a significant leap in value [almost double]. That’s why I like to drink my ionized water from the Athena at Level 3. At first I just intuitively liked the water best at that level, but after scientifically analyzing it I can see the rH score is so much better too.

Level Melody Athena
1:  1st Test

2nd Test





2:  1st Test

2nd Test





3:  1st Test

2nd Test





4:  1st Test

2nd Test





Both ionizers perform well though. They are both very hydrating and anti-oxidizing. Normal tap water is oxidizing [up around an rH of 32]. Any water below an rH of 28 is good water to drink, healthy, hydrating, and anti-oxidizing [including mountain spring water].

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