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Jupiter Ultra-Delphi Water Ionizer's Outstanding Features

Posted by Alkaline Water Plus on

I have been spending some time with the Jupiter Delphi water ionizer this week and doing several tests and demos. Because I'm so impressed with the features of the Jupiter Ultra-Delphi water ionizer I decided to do a blog-post about them.

Advancements in the Installation & Design of the Jupiter Delphi

The first thing that struck me as different in the Jupiter Ultra-Delphi [versus the earlier Jupiter Delphi model] is that there are two extra hoses (red & grey) going into the faucet. This is not a trivial change, but is a great advancement in the overall design of this under-sink water ionizer model. 

The red line is where the water (connected to either the plumbing or filtration system) goes first. The incoming water doesn't go directly into the water ionizer, but instead goes up into the faucet. It then turns and exits the faucet, downward, through the grey hose and goes into the Ultra-Delphi water ionizer. What this does is creates a siphoning effect for the water supply. This siphoning of the incoming water allows for a more consistent supply of incoming water, with greater water-pressure. This extra boost to the water pressure is very helpful to the performance and life of the water ionizer. Here's a video showing this and other features of the Jupiter-Delphi.

The On-Off Flow-Control Knob is Another Advanced Feature of the Ultra-Delphi

In the video I demonstrate the advanced way the Ultra-Delphi turns on and off, using the flow-control knob on the side of the faucet. When you turn the water-flow on, the water ionizer automatically turns on and produces ionized water instantly. Note: It also remembers the last setting you had it on. If you always use the same setting, there is no need to push any button on the faucet (just turn on the water-flow). Many under-sink water ionizers have an on-off button instead. The new flow-control on-off design is an advancement because:  the water will never burst out of the spout; it reduces the risk of any malfunction in the ability to turn on or off the water ionizer; it reduces your use of buttons altogether; it makes getting ionized water so quick and easy that any child can do it; and you can adjust the flow-rate at any time to your preferences. I really like the ability to easily adjust the flow-rate, because for me the slower flow-rate through the filters gives me better filtration. I like that. But my husband likes the faster flow-rate. With the flow-control knob we can both get what we want.

Other Advanced Features of the Jupiter Ultra-Delphi Water Ionizer

The Ultra-Delphi has the same water-cell and most other features as the Jupiter Athena Water Ionizer. It has the most advanced plate-cleaning and filtration features possible in any water ionizer.

Another great feature of the Jupiter Ultra-Delphi is the ability to convert into a counter-top water ionizer. Just by un-clicking two water-lines and unplugging it from under the sink, you can bring it with you on vacations and such. Note: There is a little "Mode" button on the far right that has to be pushed to toggle back and forth from counter-top to under-sink controls.

Read more about the Jupiter Ultra-Delphi water ionizer.

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