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Comparing Types of Molecular Hydrogen Machines

Posted by Alkaline Water Plus on

Which Molecular Hydrogen Water Generators Work Best?

To produce hydrogen water one needs to either ionize it, filter it with ionizing minerals, or pump hydrogen directly into it. Why would one want to pump molecular hydrogen into water? Hundreds of research studies show that a wide range of diseases caused by free radical damage can be reversed or eradicated with the consumption of molecular hydrogen antioxidants. Pumping molecular hydrogen into the water works to transform ordinary water into Hydrogen Water

Molecular hydrogen is measured in ppm (parts per million). If you can get .5 ppm, you're doing great. [Note: This is the level most commonly used in medical trials] I am personally happy getting a range of .5 - 1.5 ppm of molecular hydrogen in my ionized water. 

One thing to point out, though, is that results depend upon the type of tester you use as much as the particular machine being tested. Here are some typical results I have gotten from a variety of machines:

Athena Classic Water Ionizer

(1.5 liters/min. @ Level 3)

$1995.00 (Lifetime Warranty Parts / 5-Yrs. Labor)

Raises pH (4 levels).

5 Drops

(.5 ppm)

1.2 ppm -600
High-Rich Machine*

7 Minutes

$239.95 (90-Day Warranty)

Doesn't raise pH.

5 Drops

(.5 ppm)

1.35 ppm -680
IonPia (hydrogen water on-demand)

Instant @ 1 liter/min

$1995.00 (3-Year Warranty)

Doesn't raise pH.

7 Drops

(.7 ppm)

1.35 ppm -575
Hydrogen Gas Machine (pumping into tap water) A hydrogen gas generator can be used to pump extra molecular hydrogen into water (or any liquid). 

5 Minutes:

7 Minutes:

9 Minutes:

20 Minutes:

$1649.50 (1-Year Warranty)

Doesn't raise pH.

5 Drops

7 Drops

9 Drops

12 Drops

1.35 ppm

1.40 ppm

1.44 ppm

1.46 ppm





Alkaline Ionizer Purifier Energizer
Raises pH one level.
3 Drops 1 ppm -550

Note: The Lourdes Machine is very similar to the High-Rich, but it's much bigger and it plugs in. It takes 10 minutes to bring one liter of water up to about 1.35 ppm of molecular hydrogen. You can set it to pump for 20 or 30 minutes, but I never do that. Too heavily hydrogenated water doesn't feel right to my body.  I use pre-filtered water with this machine, because it only pumps hydrogen in and doesn't remove contaminants.

Some molecular hydrogen machines or even water ionizers can pump more molecular hydrogen into the water than the above chart shows. I've seen water ionizers go up as high as 1.5 ppm, but this is rare. I don't personally like to pump more than 1.35 ppm of hydrogen into the water. The body needs balance, and after a while of drinking the water, I have the sense of what my body needs. 

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Cathleen LoGrasso

Cathleen was a teacher/principal for 24 years and has been drinking ionized water for about 25 years. She created Alkaline Water Plus to educate people about the benefits of ionized water.

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