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The Power of H2 Antioxidants

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H2 antioxidants help reverse diseases, where no other antioxidant can. Why?

The research on H2 hydrogen gas (called molecular hydrogen by scientists) shows it is a powerful antioxidant. Its unique ability to prevent or reverse diseases is exciting, important, and should not be overlooked! 

Did you know the Japanese used to be the worst rated country for health just after WWII and now are the healthiest nation on earth? Part of the reason is their research on hydrogen gas and their implementation of it into healthcare. 

Why something so simple as H2 antioxidant is pushed in Japan, but is not pushed by Big Pharma in the US? If you guessed money, you were right. After WWII the Japanese made it illegal to push ineffective medical solutions in the interest of profit. They completely revamped their ministry of health and made mandates to research and find effective medical solutions, because they were literally a dying nation and needed to focus on survival as a race for their top-priority. 

Since then doctors started researching, using, and prescribing Hantioxidants in their hospitals & clinics. The Japanese medical statistics have boomed, actually transformed! In just a few decades they went from being among the most unhealthy, to now being the most-healthy people in the world.

In the following video, research analyst, Nate Darnell, tells how he sits on the board for Diabetes Support Services. He delivers a compelling presentation on the phenomena of hydrogen gas (causing spontaneous remissions) in diseases, such as diabetes & cancer. It's surprising data! Just under the video you can see a transcript of it and some key definitions. Below that, I’ve summarized the research in my own words. 

VideoTranscript (Also, see excerpts of the transcript, at the end)

Information & Definitions:

  • Hydrogen Gas: Hydrogen gas is a paired Hydrogen molecule, H2, which has a negative charge on it. (H2-) It can be created directly, as a gas, and breathed in through a nebulizer. But, because a 4% or higher concentration of Hydrogen in the air creates an explosion, this method isn't practical for daily use. Also, who wants to walk around breathing through a nebulizer? 
  • The only effective and practical way of creating Hydrogen gas is to dissolve the hydrogen gas in water using a water ionizer. 
  • Electrolyzed reduced water (ERW): This is the name the Japanese have given to electrolyzed water. In the U.S. we call it alkaline ionized water and some people call it Kangen Water. It is hydrogen-rich water and contains a significant amount of extra electrons, the effect of hydrogen gas - dissolved, which of course has a negative charge. Infusing a solution with electrons, makes it a powerful antioxidant (explained below).
  • Free-Radical: A free-radical is an atom or molecule that is missing an electron in its outer ring, and now has a positive charge. Oxygen free radicals are usually found in the body as active-oxygen, O2+ or OH+ (called the hydroxyl radical). Free radicals are highly reactive with cell membranes and DNA, and, if gone unchecked, can cause damage which leads to serious diseases.
  • Antioxidant: A molecule that has extra electrons that can be donated to free-radicals and neutralize them. 
  • Hydrogen gas antioxidants are tiny enough to enter cells where they can donate their electrons to damaged cell membranes and DNA, helping to repair the body after free-radicals have damaged it. Hydrogen gas, molecular Hydrogen is also excellent as a preventative.
  • Oxidation: Oxidation occurs when the oxygen free-radical, O2+ or OH+,  steals electrons. Oxidation involves a loss of electrons and a gain of postitive charge. It is called oxidation when active oxygen comes in contact with other molecules, cell membranes or DNA, and damages them by stealing electrons.
  • Reduction: It goes counter to our logic that the gain of electrons (which is what "reducing" means in scientific terms) by a molecule or cell, would be called reduction. However what reduces is the oxidation state of a molecule or cell. The electrical charge reduces from positively-charged to neutral. Our bodies and cells are slightly negatively-charged in a healthy state.
  • Electrolysis of Water: Putting a current of electricity through water. In the U.S, called ionized water. (See Benefits of Ionized Water.)

Introduction: Ionized Water and Power Over Diabetes

Mr. Darnell’s interests are in improving the long-term solutions and control for diabetes. His conclusion after much research, was that electrolyzed reduced water (in the US known as ionized water) has the potential of playing a major role in helping diabetic patients, both type-I and type-II, and a vast number of other diseases. Why? Water ionizers produce hydrogen gas, H2, a powerful, natural, and very unique antioxidant.

Ionized water is Hydrogen-rich, and is THE most powerful antioxidant there is. Actually, the most significant ingredient in ionized water is H2, hydrogen gas. It has been found that hydrogen gas (specifically created from a water ionizer) improves the prognosis of diabetes patients, and a multitude of other diseases. It's theorized that it can even prevent them too. 

Comparing H2 With Other Types of Antioxidants

Terminally-ill patients (many of whom were diabetics) went into remission, when they breathed in and drank the hydrogen rich water and air of the cave in Nordenau. Then, in a follow-up study of four hundred diabetic patients' bio-markers showed remarkable improvement when they drank electrolyzed reduced (ionized) water. (See more details about these two studies below.) Why did the hydrogen gas cause their remissions when the other antioxidants they were administered did not? 

The most powerful feature of hydrogen gas, as an antioxidant, is that the molecules are so tiny that they can enter every single cell in your body. Other antioxidants are larger molecules and usually stick around longer, but can't easily pass through membranes. So other antioxidants are restricted to the blood or bodily fluids, where they do their work. 

In other words, H2's power to enter cells, makes it able to prevent DNA damage and other damage to cells. Doing this can prevent horrible diseases. The one down-side to the tiny size of H2 is that it doesn't stick around all day, so you have to continue consuming it on a regular basis in order to continue to benefit from the antioxidants. Ionized water is the answer to how anyone can have access to the antioxidant benefits of hydrogen gas. Ionized water is: 1) rich in hydrogen gas, and 2) is something that is fairly easy to sip on all day long. 

Any other means of obtaining hydrogen gas would be impossible to do routinely. For instance, if people tried to use hydrogen gas ventilators, they would potentially cause explosions. Hydrogen gas, dissolved in water, is the safest, least expensive, most convenient, most practical, and very best way to deliver hydrogen gas effectively. 

Hydrogen Gas is a Powerful Antioxidant, and is Produced by Water Ionizers

Within the body we have the problem of free-radicals causing such damage that if gone unchecked leads to all kinds of diseases. The science behind H2-, hydrogen gas, as an antioxidant, is: when H2- mixes with free-radicals, O2+, the result is complete neutralization of the free-radical, and the byproduct is harmless, simple, plain-old water. Using a water ionizer, the production of hydrogen gas on demand, 24/7, and for only pennies on the gallon becomes possible.

You can produce hydrogen gas in many ways, but the safest, easiest and most convenient way is through electrolysis. Water, H2O, when electrolyzed, produces hydrogen gas at the cathode. A cathode is a positively-charged electrode which gives off negatively-charged electrons in the form of hydrogen gas. The hydrogen gas goes into solution of the electrolyzed water (meaning it becomes dissolved) and stays at maximum levels in solution for about 4 hours. Then it tapers off after that. Finally after 48 hours it has dissipated from the water, which is now just ordinary water once more. The point is that with electrolyzed ionized water one should drink it when it's fairly fresh, within about 4 hours. There are other methods of consuming hydrogen gas, such as breathing it in, however those solutions often involve risks of explosion.

The Current Scene with Diabetes

According to the latest diabetes statistics from the American Diabetes Association, almost 30 million people in the US have diabetes and 1.7 million are diagnosed with diabetes every year. One in every ten people in the US have diabetes. Why are these numbers so high? Why are we 49 percentile (exactly average) of all industrial nations for longevity and in 1st place for infant mortality rate, while at the same time spending over ten-times more than other countries do for health care?

H2 is Helping Diabetes

Right now Diabetes Support Services is doing something to improve the current scene with diabetes. They are working with hydrogen gas with their diabetic patients. Hydrogen gas is also known as di-hydrogen, di-atomic-hydrogen, or molecular hydrogen, and is a very unique antioxidant. It is so tiny it can pass through cellular membranes, including the blood-brain barrier. Therefore it can have far-reaching positive health effects on every cell in the body. It can fight even the most devastating free-radicals there are, and offers no harmful effects to the body or the environment. Free-radical damage and chronic inflammation are THE two reasons diabetics have such overall health-difficulties later on in life.

Molecular Hydrogen, or Hydrogen Antioxidant molecules (H2-), has unique properties to be able to enter cells and fight free-radicals where no other antioxidant can. This is particularly beneficial for diabetics, because they have so many complications related to free-radical damage caused by their diabetes. The facts are that ionized water, rich in Hydrogen gas, has been used with great success by diabetics. Does it offer a cure? Not in the sense that it will repair islet cells, but it offers prevention to many conditions caused by free-radicals which are threatening and plaguing diabetics.

The History of the Japanese & Water Ionizers

The Japanese biomedical engineers and researchers have been working with electrolysis since 1965, in hospitals, and used alkaline ionized water (which they call electrolyzed reduced water) to relieve conditions related to the stomach, intestines and bowels. The acidic water was also used by the hospitals for antiseptic and topical antibiotic purposes. They didn’t understand all of the potentials of electrolyzed water (ionized water) quite yet, but were making strides. 

The Utilization of Water Ionization With Diabetes & Other Diseases

When the Japanese researchers were called in by the doctors of a small German town to do a quantitative analysis on the phenomena found in a local cave they found indeed that terminal patients (with diabetes, cancer, etc.) were going into spontaneous remission. It was then that the Japanese researchers realized that the electrolyzed reduced water (ionized water) had healing potentials for many more diseases than they had previously conceived. They even found it had the potential to reverse the devastating free-radical damage caused by radiation to victims of Chernobyl. 

The physicians, encountering this, did a follow-up study on 411 diabetic patients. What they discovered during the study was that, after 6 days of consuming this water, bio-markers started changing measurably. LDL cholesterol was dropping by about 15%. HDL cholesterol was elevated by 7-8%. They encountered significant increases in insulin sensitivity. Some cases had complete reversal of metabolic syndrome diabetes type II. That was consuming about one to two liters per day, which is the equivalent of between 4 and 8 glasses in American terms. 

Relief for the Complications of Diabetes

Part of the problem with diabetes, in particular in the US, is the never-ending list of potential complications. Ranging from heart disease, kidney failure, necrosis of the liver, neuropathy, amputations, retinopathy… and really you name it…the quality of life in later years for diabetic patients is thought to be bleak. Why? All of these issues have one thing in common: free-radical-damage. 

With all our power and money, why are we accepting such a bleak fate, especially when something as simple as a water ionizer can give anyone the availability to have natural hydrogen gas, the simplest and most powerful antioxidant there is? Why wouldn’t our medical community be ecstatic about this? Because our medical system is business-based and not focused enough on practical, affordable, every-day solutions like the Japanese. Our medical community is educated in a large degree by big-pharma. Big pharma is not going to want to give up all of their profits and power…I’m guessing. So, most of the medical community just doesn’t know about the alternative research of practical, natural, common-sense, environmentally-friendly, and effective things being used successfully in the medical communities of other countries, like water ionizers in Japan and Korea. 

Almost every disease there is has an underlying condition of chronic inflammation and free radical damage, and can benefit from the antioxidants in hydrogen gas. The availability of every household having its own water ionizer, and thus having access to hydrogen gas, in all its power, as an antioxidant, is very much within our reach. 

Our medical system could learn a lot from the Japanese. We could become geared toward genuine disease prevention and treat their cases with every positive thrust possible, to help them survive. 

Of course people, themselves, have access to the research and can take the everyday, preventative, practical matters, such as eating a healthy diet and drinking ionized water, into their own hands.



Excerpts from the Transcript

Research analyst determines that ionized water (electrically reduced water which contains H2 - hydrogen gas) has the ability to significantly improve the state and prognosis of diabetics or even prevent diabetes. Here are some excerpts from the transcript.

[0:31] ...hydroxyl radicals, which are the most cytotoxic free-radicals of all in your body. And, H2 combining with that suppresses it and converts it into water …

[2:36] ... a large number of individuals with terminal illnesses that were there for their last hoorah. Coincidentally many of them had spontaneous remissions from their diseases while they were there....

[3:29] ...Japanese physicists ... quantitative analysis on the area, including the cave and the water...The people going to the resort were not only respirating hydrogen gas, they were also drinking what they called therapeutic water. That was coined “The Nordenau Phenomina”...

[4:35] ...a follow-up study on 411 diabetic patients. What they discovered during the study was that, after 6 days of consuming this water, bio-markers started changing measurably. LDL cholesterol was dropping by about 15%. HDL cholesterol was elevated by 7-8%. They encountered significant increases in insulin sensitivity. Some cases they had complete reversal...

[5:38] ... to a large extent synthetic, pharmaceutical medications. The problem with this approach in the long term...

[6:36] "...with diabetics and synthetic, pharmaceutical medications, they are a much higher risk of developing cardiovascular disease and cancer as a result of chronic inflammation and free-radical damage. ...

[7:30] ...My job ... figure out how can we best serve our patients. ...

[7:58] ...started looking at the Japanese system, which was very unique. It’s also important to know that the Japanese have the highest life-expectancies ...

[8:26] ...After WWII they were dealing with a devastated medical system, shortages of pharmaceutical supplies, large loss of life, and those that were still alive were dealing with radiation, starvation, malnutrition...

[10:02] ...as far back as 1965 they began using electrolyzed reduced water (in the US known as ionized water), which is rich in hydrogen gas although...

[11:03] ...discovered that hydrogen gas, alone, just routine consumption, could significantly change bio-markers for the better in the diabetic population.

[11:27] We can produce hydrogen gas in one of two ways. We can either do it through hydrolysis or we can drop magnesium in water and that off-gas, hydrogen. But that’s really difficult to control…there’s no way to really shut it off or modulate it except just removing the magnesium from the water. 

[12:20] ...if you run weak electrolysis, you can actually stabilize, for a period of time, the gas in solution...

13:07] ...Not only do we have to worry about the long-term negative ramifications of routine consumption of synthetic pharmaceutical medications for our physiology, but we have to worry about the environmental impact as well...

[13:22] ... all kinds of prescription medications in our water-sheds and in our water supplies...

[14:02] There’s currently no scientific way to understand how all 2,000-plus of these chemicals, residues, are going to interact and cause an effect on our long-term health and the health of wild-life, our children, etc. and the environment itself. This is becoming a real problem and the same thing with antibiotic resistance. Right now, as of last month … the chief medical officer in Great Brittan indicated that antibiotic resistance in Great Brittan has become such an issue it’s now an issue of national security. 

[15:55] ...So, hydrogen gas significantly suppresses free-radical damage and therefore preserves significant amounts of other tissue…and retards the progression of the disease...

[16:29] (Answering another question) …in the double-blind study, that was done over a period of 90-days, and the benefits were only had as long as the water was being consumed. It’s one of those things where you have to keep doing it. But, the good thing is that it’s not just for diabetics. Across the board, when you look at the epidemics that are occurring in the United States and around right now, almost all of them have an underlying condition of chronic inflammation and free-radical damage. 

[17:36] (Answering another question) …Hydrogen moves through the body very quickly …water within 15 minutes has already made its way through the body and it’s utilized within 3-4 hours completely. So, you have to keep consuming it. 

[18:00] ...Hydrogen gas is different from other antioxidants… big molecules. Most of those molecules, because they’re big, they can’t fit through membranes. Hydrogen can, because it’s so small....

[18:50] You can respirate it too, but that’s significantly more challenging, because now you’ve got hydrogen floating around in the air and at 4% concentration …there’s an explosion hazard. So, the safest and most effective way of taking it in is simply enriching water with a certified electric water generator (known in the US as a water ionizer).

[19:11] ...The Japanese have a medical system that’s geared toward genuine disease prevention and they do that because they were genuinely concerned about ethnic preservation. That’s different from the way the western medical system works. …

[19:34] ...In 1999 Japanese researchers started figuring out some of the mechanisms of action with regard to hydrogen rich water on tumor cells. ... electrically reduced water (ionized water), which is rich in hydrogen gas, suppresses T-lemurs and tumor cells...

[20:28] ...Also, it’s important to recognize that radiation exposure causes hydroxyl radicals, which are the most cytotoxic free-radicals on the earth. ... routine consumption of electrolyzed reduced water as a counter-measure against radiation exposure...

[21:30] ...For cisplatinum induced toxicity…cisplatinum, a very powerful chemotherapy drug, often causes kidney-failure, kidney-damage, and hydrogen gas significantly suppresses the damage.

Read more.

On the Information About Water Ionizer Research page you can see videos and links to the research that Mr. Darnell referenced throughout the video - and other research as well.

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