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Melody Water Ionizer Review & Demo

Posted by Alkaline Water Plus on

The Jupiter Melody water ionizer is one of my better water ionizers and some people even think it’s the best. Why is is so great?

Jupiter Melody Water Ionizer Review

1) The Melody water ionizer is a workhorse. It’s very sturdy and reliable.

2) The Jupiter Melody has an advanced, continuous-cleaning system which keeps the plates perfectly clean for the life of the water ionizer.

3) The Jupiter Melody gives great results of pH and ORP.

4) The Melody can be moved easily. It’s compact size and sturdy construction makes it one of the least problematic water ionizers ever made.

5) The filtration is outstanding with the Jupiter water ionizers in general.

6) The Jupiter Melody water ionizer has a mineral port. This is great for hard water, because you can put a scale guard insert in there to help keep the water lines and spout free of scaling. It’s also great for soft water, because you can then opt to put a calcium insert in there to boost ionization.

7) The filter-changing is a breeze with the Melody ionizer.

The Melody water ionizer is a well-made, mid-priced, water ionizer with 5 solid platinum coated titanium plates. It’s best flow-rate for ionization from between 1.2 liters per minute and 1.8 liters per minute. This is slower than some water ionizers, but personally I like the slower flow-rate water ionizers, because when the water flows through the filter slower the toxins have a better chance of being removed.

Here is the Demo of the Melody Water Ionizer in Action

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Today I compared two middle-priced water ionizers, the KYK water ionizer vs Jupiter Melody water ionizer. The KYK  water ionizer is programmable, so I set it to the highest possible settings. Even so, the KYK water ionizer still did not compare as well as the Jupiter Melody water ionizer, but they were close. You can see the videos, [...]

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Melody, Chanson & Enagic Water Ionizer Comparisons by Ronnie Ruiz

Here are some interesting water ionizer comparisons that were all done about a year or so ago by Ronnie Ruiz. I’m re-posting this article, because it needed updating and in addition to that it contains important information for anyone considering to purchase a water ionizer. Ronnie states in his introduction to the video series that all of [...]

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Chanson Water Ionizers vs the Melody Water Ionizer

I spent the morning at the Chanson water ionizer company testing the Chanson Miracle and Chanson VS 70 water ionizers against the Jupiter Melody water ionizer. Here are the videos:     Water Ionizer   PH   ORP   Comment   Melody Level 3   9.2   –440   Best @ Level 3 [Drinking]   Melody Level 4   9.2   -411   Miracle Level 3   9.4   -338   Miracle Level 4   10.1   -468   Miracle Low Acid   3.0   N/A   VS70 Level 3   9.3   -405   VS70 Level 4   10.4   -610   Best @ Level 4 [Strong Alkaline]   VS70 Low Acid   2.9   Best [...]

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"The very best thing I have ever purchased is a WATER IONIZER!" Cathleen LoGrasso, Owner/CEO Alkaline Water Plus

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