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Comparing Molecular Hydrogen Generators and Water Ionizer Machines and Filters

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What is So Good about Hydrogen Machines and Water Ionizers?

Water ionizers, hydrogen water generators, and alkaline water filters are popular now because they have proven themselves to be of great benefit to health and longevity. Water ionizers and hydrogen machines aren't just water filtration devices. They are, but they also pump molecular hydrogen (H 2 Hydrogen Antioxidants) into your drinking water. I am amazed at what hospital research has shown for the benefits of Molecular Hydrogen and ionized water. This research has been going on for over 30 years, and so the science behind ionized water is not a completely new science any more. The fact that in trial after trial people have been shown to have benefits from molecular hydrogen and ionized water in general is exciting to me. As a member of the baby-boomer generation (older than 60) I haven't experienced the various declines in my health that many of my peers have. I simply don't get sick or diseased.

In the rest of this article I'm going to describe the three different types of water ionizers (hydrogen machines) that are in existence today. I have use for all three kinds of molecular hydrogen machines, because each is very unique and can do things the others can't do. All that is explained, below.

Water Ionizers

Electric, continuous-flow,  water ionizers are by far my favorite, for going on 25 years now. They hook up to your sink or can be installed directly to your water line. You can pour gallon after gallon of filtered and ionized water all day long, instantly, and provide water for your entire family very efficiently. They split ordinary tap water into two streams (acidic and alkaline water). By splitting the water clusters they remove acidic minerals, such as Fluoride, which go into the acidic stream. The water ionizers I sell also filter impurities (chemicals, heavy metals, dissinfectants, pharmaceuticals, fertilizers, pesticides, etc.) quite well before even entering the ionizing chamber. This is all more pictorially explained on my Benefits of Ionized Water page.

Alkaline ionized water contains varying amounts of antioxidants (H2 molecular hydrogen or OH- antioxidants) depending on the machine itself, the source water, the flow-rate and the setting one selects to ionize water with. 

Kangen Water® is one brand of water ionizer machine, but not the best one. On my water ionizer comparison page I show how the water ionizers I sell are each one better than the Kangen (Enagic) machine. Over the years I have purchased, tested, and compared dozens of the most popular brands of water ionizers. I haven’t found a water ionizer that I thought was particularly bad, but I have definitely discovered that some water ionizers are more efficient than others; some give more antioxidants (molecular hydrogen) than others: some water ionizers filter better than others; and some self-clean better. My Water Ionizer Comparisons page is devoted to giving the raw facts (without hype) which one would need to do a thorough comparison of electric water ionizers. 

I do many comparison tests of water ionizers before I evaluate them. Here's a recent video of me testing two of the most powerful electric water ionizers (i.e., they pump lots of molecular hydrogen into the water).

Video Results in Order Shown:

Electric water ionizers are great, the best, for getting healthy, alkaline ionized water. Plus the particular alkaline water ionizer machnes I sell are very durable and well-made. They are so well made that one can expect to have them for as long as one would own a car or a refrigerator (maybe even longer). The warranties are quite good.

Water ionizers that produce a continuous flow of ionized water at varying levels are  a very convenient-to-use piece of kitchen equipment. Economically, even a large family can have unlimited amounts of ionized alkaline water, acidic water for beauty and plants, and also very well filtered water (water for all occasions) for just pennies a day.

Molecular Hydrogen Generators

Molecular hydrogen machines are very varied in quality and price. Some are more cheaply made than others for sure. The two I like the best so far are 1) the IonPia, which is a continuous-flow molecular hydrogen generator which hooks up to your faucet and/or water line and has very good filtration (it’s also definitely not cheaply-made); and 2) the High-Rich Machine, which is small, portable and less expensive than the other one. A particular benefit of the High-Rich Machine is that it will work to pump in a tremendous amount of hydrogen-gas (molecular hydrogen antioxidants) into whatever water you put into it. You can use acidic, neutral, distilled or alkaline source water and the machine will pump hydrogen antioxidants into it. It also has a special membrane which pumps out chlorine, nitrogen and oxygen. Here's a recent video about the High-Rich Machine - Hydrogen Water Generator.

I make sure to take my hydrogen machine with me whenever I travel. It not only makes any water taste better, but it keeps me healthy while traveling with all the molecular hydrogen it makes available for my body. It's an easy machine to use, but if you are trying to share the water with too many people you may want to buy a few hydrogen machines, because it only makes 8 oz. of ionized water at a time and takes 5-7 minutes to run its cycle.

Non-Electric Alkaline Ionizing Filters

The non-electronic filtering devices, in particular the Alkaline Plus Pitcher or the continuous-flow machines, such as the Alkaline Ionizer Purifier Energizer water system will filter the water and ionize it for a lot less initial money spent than an electric water ionizer or hydrogen machine. Non-electric water ionizers work to ionize water by adding magnesium to water that has had some of the hardness removed by a special resin. Magnesium is capable of splitting water clusters and creating molecular hydrogen (antioxidants) in the process. The Alkaline Plus pitcher and other non-electric water ionization and filtration processors ionizes weakly as compared to hydrogen machines and electric water ionizers, but they do ionize and many, many, many people have raved about the benefits of drinking this water (plus the taste is very good too). Note: The AquaLiv water filtration system is not an ionizing filter. It is strictly a filter system. It does not produce antioxidants whatsoever. 

Testing and Comparing Molecular Hydrogen Generators and Water Ionizer Machines and Filters

Here I'm doing a demonstration of several different types of these non-electric methods of ionizing water and pumping molecular hydrogen into the water with no electronics involved.

Just as stated in the article, above, you can see the differences in capabilities of the various water ionizers and hydrogen machines to ionize water and pump molecular hydrogen into the water.

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Cathleen Lograsso

Cathleen LoGrasso

Cathleen was a teacher/principal for 24 years and has been drinking ionized water for about 25 years. She created Alkaline Water Plus to educate people about the benefits of ionized water.

"The very best thing I have ever purchased is a WATER IONIZER!" Cathleen LoGrasso, Owner/CEO Alkaline Water Plus

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