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Water Ionizers Should be in any Family’s Healthy Home.

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Water Ionizers have a Bona Fide and Rightful, Life-Long Place in any Family’s Healthy Home.

As a long-time educator [I was a teacher/principal for over 24 years], I am very interested in educating people [and giving people the straight scoop] about water ionizers. I will not allow myself to sell a product that could do harm or isn’t tested thoroughly enough for safety. I also personally, have been drinking ionized water for over 16 years, along with my family and extended family. I can safely say that I am healthier today, at age 59, than when I started drinking it at age 43! The reason I am selling water ionizers today is because a water ionizer is the one, single, best, health product I have ever purchased. So after retiring from teaching I decided to pursue this passion.

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How do vitamins fit in with water ionizers?

Another benefit: Since I’ve been drinking ionized water, my intake of vitamins and minerals have lowered. I take a normal amount of vitamins today, but took a greater than normal amount 20 years ago…because I wasn’t as healthy then as I am today. Last year my husband and I had our blood fully analyzed and, just as we knew it would, every level of dozens of things the test covered was perfect.

Medical Uses for Water Ionizers:

There is one particular water ionizer that claims to be the only one suitable for medical uses [such as if a person has cancer or some other condition they are worried about]. This is bogus and absolutely, completely, 100% untrue. The actual fact of the matter is that it is a sales pitch and it is in my opinion bordering on fraud.

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Water ionizers, in general, have been approved for manufacturing in 1965 by the Japanese Ministry of Health and Welfare as medical equipment to produce medical substances.

In Japan, Korea, and Taiwan, water ionizers are considered as medical devices, but also as water treatment devices. In the U.S., water ionizers are not considered medical devices, and it could be risky for a company to market them as such. Enagic gets away with their marketing, because mostly these claims are being made person to person or in closed group settings. However it is a risky thing to do, and could put the company out of business or at least cause some damage in the way of fines. Several years ago, when I started hearing the claims by Enagic dealers, I decided to find out for myself. I was perfectly willing to switch companies if the Enagic was better. I just wanted to know. I cannot tell you how many times I have tested and retested [and retested and retested] their water ionizer against the other two top water ionizers, the Athena and Tyent water ionizers, as well as other water ionizers, and other than an occasional higher pH [for cleaning water…too high to drink] and a higher flow-rate [which in my opinion is not a good thing…because the filtration suffers when the flow-rate is too fast] the Athena is better. The Tyent is probably tied…but the warranty is better with the Tyent and so is the price.

For long-term use, when is it best to consume ionized water?

It is best to consume ionized water away from mealtimes if your meal contains meat. Some also suggest to not drink it while taking medications [vitamins are fine though]. A good rule of thumb is for 20 min. before and 20 min. after meals or taking medications, drink little or no alkaline water. If you like to drink water with meals containing meat, then I suggest you squeeze a slice of lemon into your ionized water and you’ll change the pH of it to acidic or just drink filtered water. The reason for this is that during the initial phases of digestion your stomach needs to maintain a more acidic environment [in particular if your meal contains meat].

How do You Know You’re Getting the Best Quality of Water Ionizer?

One way is to compare the water ionizer’s ORP per Unit of PH: Not all ionizers will give a good ORP at lower pH levels, such as at pH settings of 8 or 8.5. That’s why I’ve done extensive testing of both the pH and ORP of all of the leading water ionizers. I have also tested ionizers in a variety of different locations, so I could get an idea of how source water affects the ORP at the various pH levels.

Why Would People Need the Lower PH Settings of 8 or 8.5?

People whose diets are mostly fruits and vegetables are probably more naturally alkaline and may need to set their ionizers to give them pH levels of about 8 or 8.5. Also, depending on the pH level of your incoming water, some water comes in at already a 8 – 9 pH. In this case, the ionizing of water is still very beneficial, because ORP [oxidation reduction potential, or antioxidant value of the water] delivers over 50% of the health benefits from water ionization.

People whose diets are fairly typical of US, with several trips to a fast food restaurant per week and/or more than 40% of food intake [visually] is from meat and grains will probably be more acidic and need higher pH settings for their ionized water, such as a pH of 9 or 10.

Which are the Best Water Ionizers?

It probably depends a little on your source water [where you live], but I’ll give you a very brief summary of what I’ve found to be the best water ionizers.

Medium-Hardness Water Areas: The best ionizer I’ve found for giving high ORP per unit of pH in medium-hardness water areas is the Athena water Ionizer [and also its under-sink equivalent, the Delphi]. The Tyent is also good, as well as the Enagic, Miracle Max or VS70, in that order, although these perform better at the higher [too high to drink] pH settings and do not get as good ORP per unit of pH in the lower pH settings. The Enagic is not good at getting lower PH levels when the source water is too alkaline to begin with. You can do it, by increasing the flow-rate and reducing the power-setting, but then the ORP is not good.

Soft Water Areas: The ionizer needs to work harder in soft water areas to bring the pH level up. Some water ionizers are more suited to this. The best ionizer I’ve found for giving high pH and ORP in extreme soft water areas [such as BC, Canada, or Washington state] is the Chanson Miracle Max or VS 70 water ionizers. The Athena or Delphi water ionizers are good if you set the pH-Boosting setting up to the highest level, and add a mineral filter to one of the filter ports. In this case you will get fantastic ORP per unit of pH in soft water areas, better than the Miracle Max, however you may not be able to get much higher than an alkaline value of 9.5 or 10 pH or much lower than an acidic potential of 4 or 5 pH [for cleaning purposes]. The Tyent and Enagic water ionizers are great too, probably equal to the Athena for drinking pH-levels, if you add a Remineralizer. In all cases, if you have extremely soft water [either because you have reverse osmosis or if you live in an extreme soft-water area, I recommend using a Remineralizer for the best results. With the addition of a Remineralizer or two, you can boost your incoming hardness to any desired amount.

Very Hard Water Areas: In very hard water areas, such as Arizona or Vegas, or in the case of very hard well-water, it is difficult to use any water ionizer to its full potential unless you do something to fix your source water first. For instance, you may be able to get decent drinking water, but may not be able to get any acid water lower than a pH of 5 or 6. The best results would come from reducing your source water to medium-hardness levels before ionizing it. I have had very good reports from people who have used the Reverse-Osmosis-Remineralizer-System to treat their water prior to ionization. The only down-side to this is the amount of water you are likely to be able to use at any given moment is about 1 ½ gallons. After that, you will need to wait about a half hour before you can pour more. The second-best fix for water that is extremely hard is the Spartan Ionizer Shield. I have several very good reports from happy customers about this product. The Spartan Ionizer Shield pre-filtration system doesn’t reduce your water flow or quantity, and it cuts the hardness in about half. If you use a whole-house softener [which uses sodium or potassium] the Spartan Ionizer Shield wouldn’t be the right product, though. The only effective filtration for sodium or potasium is reverse osmosis.

Are there any long-term concerns about drinking ionized water?

In Japan and Korea, about 15% or so of the population has been drinking ionized water for over 30 years…some even longer. Many hospitals in both Japan and Korea use water ionizers for both its alkalizing/anti-oxidizing properties for drinking and for its acid properties in healing skin sores.

Innumerable tests have been done on mice, rats, chickens, etc., and in almost every instance there were good results noted and no negative results have ever been able to be replicated. There have been no substantiated incidents of negative long-term effects of people drinking ionized water.

I have personally known people who are cancer-free today primarily because of ionized water. My family and extended family are so much healthier because of ionized water! Over the years I have had hundreds of customers who either have written to me or spoken with me on the phone and told me their stories of how water ionizers have help them and their families so much.

Are there negative reports about ionized water?

There are going to be people who will, no matter what it is that you are advocating, will advocate against it. In every case, when I’ve come across a report I have given it my full attention. One chemist was warning people that ionized water could upset the balance in your colon [no proof, of course, just theory]. It seemed like a silly warning, especially in light of all the colonoscopy work that Dr. Shinya has done to show the great things ionized water does for all of his thousands of patients’ colons [Dr. Shinya is the inventor of the colonoscopy]. But even though the claim seemed silly, I still wanted to do all the due-diligence I could. So, just a few months ago my husband and I had comprehensive stool analyses [which showed a perfect supply of good bacteria, zero bad bacteria, zero parasites, and good results in every other way.]

Not only do we feel healthier than ever, but the blood, stool and urine tests my husband and I have done [after drinking ionized water for over 16 years] are showing this as well!

Another health-reporter was worrying people about long-term use [he said short-term use for detoxing was good but not long term…however didn’t specify his reasons]. He hinted at the stomach/colon, and possibly “leaky-gut”, but was elusive [I think he just wanted to sell his newly imported water filters]. So,  in the interest of due-diligence, just last month I had a urinalysis [along with test for leaky-gut] and the comprehensive report showed that all levels for everything tested were perfect. In addition my heart rate and blood pressure were so good the nurse made a comment about how envious she was.

It’s interesting that none of the “authorities” that I’ve run across who have advocated against water ionization have ever actually tried it.

Their reports are obviously flawed in such a way as to show they haven’t much knowledge about water ionizers either. Many health authorities or scientists who HAVE fully checked out water ionizers have concurred with what I know from experience, that the health benefits possible are quite bona fide and even amazing. Here’s a question/answer report of an interview with Ray Kurzweil [inventor/scientist known for his due-diligence] who did in fact check out water ionizers top to bottom and highly advocates them. Doctors & Experts

Cathleen Lograsso

Cathleen LoGrasso

My background is in physiology, teaching, nutrition and weight loss. I have raised 5 children who are all grown now. I have a masters degree in education and was a teacher/principal for 24 years. I created Alkaline Water Plus in 2009 to educate people about the benefits of ionized water.

The very best thing I have ever purchased is a WATER IONIZER, and I've been in perfect health ever since I started drinking ionized water 25 years ago! Understanding and knowing how to control and manage my own body's pH and antioxidant levels at the cellular level has made all the difference in the world in my life, my family's lives and in a countless number of my friends and associates over the years.

Cathie LoGrasso Owner, Alkaline Water Plus

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