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What’s Wrong With Enagic? What’s Right With Enagic?

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The Enagic Company grew out of a specialty trade company (branch of Sony) and began making water ionizers in 1988. They used to go by the name Ange water ionizers [the Ange is the first water ionizer I ever bought] I would say the Enagic company's longevity is definitely a plus point. The company further developed its water ionizer to have seven plates, instead of 5, and have 235 watts of power instead of 110. The company now uses the name “Enagic” its US trade, i.e., the Enagic LeveLuk SD501, since Sept. of 2004 and is now strictly a multi-level network marketing company. The Enagic Leveluk SD501 water ionizer is actually a fine water ionizer. I’ve tested it many times. It has its problems, but for the most part I would rate it as an above-average water ionizer.

So, what’s wrong with Enagic?

Enagic is an MLM company, and as such is subject to the curse of most MLM’s: many representatives going around spouting unfounded claims [unsubstantiated statements they heard from their “upline”]. I’ve heard so many false statements, it’s ridiculous, but such is the way of an MLM.  Enagic reps tend to take credit for all the good that water ionizers have ever done for people over these past 40+ years. Enagic MLM-ers are encouraged by their up-line to follow in their footsteps [which frequently includes repeating certain “buzz statements” which engage them in no better than sharing rumors. There is a lot of “mud-slinging”. They will often criticize their biggest competitors. [dirty selling technique] No other water ionizer company is like this. I think it’s amazing they haven’t been sued by now!

The Biggest Enagic Lie…Enagic reps state that Enagic is the only water ionizer manufacturer certified to make and sell their water ionizers as medical devices. The truth is that many other water ionizer manufacturers have authorization and certification from their respective countries to manufacture and sell medical devices. The main standard that has been set for a water ionizer to qualify as a medical device used in the home is the ability to get greater than -300 ORP [which all of the water ionizers I sell can do]. By the way, the US AMA has not recognized water ionizers yet as a medical device. The lie in all this is that Enagic claims to be the only water ionizer that has this certification and recognition. This is totally false. You can see the certificates for each company below. I’ve included all the certificates held by every water ionizer company I represent to show that Enagic is simply average in this area. Just from my own observation I can tell you that most water ionizer companies have better business practices than Enagic.

Buyer Beware:

The Enagic company does not have a Satisfaction Guarantee. If you try their water ionizer and decide it isn’t the water ionizer you want, that’s too bad. If you return it after using it even once you’ll have to pay an $800.00 restocking fee.

True Facts About Certificates

Certificates Related to Manufacturing Practices Showing Conformity to Standards Set for the Manufacture of Medical Devices & Other Health Related Certificates [Note: The devices are certified by the country they are mainly manufactured in]:

  • KFDA: Korea Food & Drug Administration [GMP standards & authorization to manufacture and sell medical devises]: Jupiter, Nexus
  • Japanese Ministry of Health Authorization to manufacture & sell medical devises: Enagic
  • Additional Testing and Validation of Filter Quality: KTR [Korea Testing & Research Institute] filters tested for results: Jupiter
  • ISO [International Organization for Standardization] 14001: Jupiter, Nexus, Enagic
  • ISO [International Organization for Standardization] 9001: Jupiter, Chanson, Nexus, Enagic
  • CE [European Conformity]: Jupiter, Chanson
Electrical Safety Certificates
  • UL-USA [Underwriters Laboratory]: Jupiter
  • UL-Canada [Underwriters Laboratory]: Jupiter
  • Additional Testing and Validation of Filter Quality: NSF [National Sanitation Foundation International certified the calcium used in filters as in compliance with standards]:Jupiter, Nexus

Other Lies by Enagic Representatives

I’ve heard a lot of mud-slinging about the “unsafe” way of their competitor’s electrode-making processes. If the competitor has their plates made in Japan or Korea this would be impossible, as the making of water ionizers and electrodes are highly regulated in those countries. Tricky tactics! It’s the oldest trick in the book!

Another lie I’ve heard is that no other water ionizer gives the health benefits and magical healing powers that the Enagic gives. This is totally false. Even 40 years ago with the crudest of water ionizers, there were fantastic benefits being had by people drinking ionized water. The guy who started the Jupiter manufacturing and also the guy who started Enagic both got their start in water ionizers with a no-name water ionizer that gave them miraculous healing benefits…which got them interested…and then the rest was history.

Enagic claims that because it has the largest plate size it is the best water ionizer. This sounds like it should be true — they probably do have to use more Platinum…which could account for some of that extra charge, but the testing and comparing of all of the water ionizers does not show the Enagic to be making better water…so something must be wrong with the design. Electrolysis requires electricity to go through the plates, perhaps if they’re too large it defeats the purpose and actually gives worse electrolysis. Enagic reps tend to stay away from water ionizer technical questions and comparison testing, however I’m lucky enough to have an honest friend who doesn’t mind if Enagic doesn’t come out the best…this is hard to do, because Enagic just doesn’t come out the best. The better water ionizer will get more negative of an ORP per unit of pH for the healthiest water. Enagic doesn’t get that in all the tests I’ve seen and done.

In probably a desperate effort to maintain face while being confronted with reports of the same or even inferior -ORP at drinking levels to the Jupiter Athena, Enagic claims that it has more dissolved Hydrogen [making it healthier water] in their ionized water and they “prove” this by showing you tiny bubbles in their water that make the water look cloudy. I’ve seen some water ionizers that have produced this cloudy-bubbly-looking water and they haven’t all been Enagics. Actually the calcium sulfite in the water ionizer filter could be partially the reason for the bubbles being more visible. I’ve also seen Enagic ionizers sometimes not producing this cloudy-bubbly-looking water. This is not unique to Enagic, first of all. Secondly, the Hydrogen in the water …what they’re talking about is OH- [hydroxyl ions], and these are healthy for you, but it’s not necessarily going to be seen as cloudy water or tiny bubbles. You cannot measure OH- with your eyes. You can measure ORP with a meter and compare it in a ratio to the pH value of the water to find out proportionally how healthy the water is. This is called “finding the relative Hydrogen [rH] of the water”. I’ve done this with every water ionizer comparison I’ve done, and have not seen Enagic to be consistently better in its relative Hydrogen. Usually the best water ionizer for its relative Hydrogen is the Jupiter Athena water ionizer. See my Water Ionizer Comparisons page for more about this.

Enagic focuses these lies against other water ionizer companies as part of their publicity campaign. There are many more lies, but I hope you get the point. Smear tactics are not good business practice, especially if you’re stating lies [which there are so many of]. I would caution Enagic reps [most of whom are simply trying to sell, but ignorant of the real facts] to question everything told to them verbally on the weekly conference calls. Reps should ask for the statements to be put in writing [and see what happens]. Every statement about another water ionizer company should be accompanied with plenty of proof and should be written. Sometimes the “proof” is a lie, so if it’s written and a lie there is a greater chance of being sued. That’s why I say it should be written.

But here’s the main thing I want to say bad about Enagic and then I’ll get off my soapbox.

Enagic Reps Don’t Need to Focus on the BAD like that. There is so much good to be found about all the water ionizers I sell! I am amazed that Enagic higher-ups would even spend a second on these kinds of mud-slinging tactics. It took me a year of hearing these vicious, cutthroat, rumors to finally start fighting back. At first I thought it was a fluke. Then I’d hear the same story over and over, and so I’d know it was being promulgated somewhere. And, the sad thing is these lies are said with such authority and sincerity that many, many good people can’t help but believe them. So that’s of course what they say to their prospects, not knowing any better.

What’s the Good about Enagic?

The good about Enagic is the exact same thing that is the FANTASTIC GOOD about all the water ionizers I sell. Here’s some of it. Most water ionizer companies:

…have multitudes of certificates and awards
 …have their water ionizers in hospitals and clinics and their water ionizers are used as medical devices in the home as well
 …are certified to manufacture & sell quality medical equipment
 …use safe practices in manufacturing the plates, filters, water ionizers
 …make good water ionizers.
…have claim to lots of testimonials

Read more about my water ionizer comparisons and water ionizer reviews.

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Cathleen Lograsso

Cathleen LoGrasso

Cathleen was a teacher/principal for 24 years and has been drinking ionized water for about 25 years. She created Alkaline Water Plus to educate people about the benefits of ionized water.

"The very best thing I have ever purchased is a WATER IONIZER!" Cathleen LoGrasso, Owner/CEO Alkaline Water Plus

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