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Hydrogen Gas Generators

Hydrogen gas (molecular hydrogen) generators are becoming popular. A hydrogen gas generator is able to give you the purest form of molecular hydrogen antioxidants, however these are not for everyone, and here's why:

  1. Hydrogen gas generators are a more expensive way to absorb molecular hydrogen than any other method, and the warranty period is much less. It very well may last just as long as an electric water ionizer, but I'm not sure about this quite yet.
  2. One must use strict safety protocols around any equipment that generates gas. In other words one cannot allow anyone to be near the equipment while smoking.
  3. Hydrogen gas machines must be monitored by a responsible adult who has no mental impairments.

All that being said, I still am happy to be able to use and offer to others this type of molecular hydrogen machine. It is a different way to consume hydrogen antioxidants. I expect it will reach a slightly different set of body organs than drinking ionized water allows. I expect it to benefit the eyes, ears, nose, facial skin, bronchials and lungs pretty intensely. I really can't wait to do more testing of this equipment.