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Hydrogen Gas Generators


Hydrogen gas generators are great to use at any time when you are relaxing. They are scientifically designed to pump high levels of anti-oxidants into a thin, plastic tube (called a cannula), which you would usually just breathe in while sitting or reclining. 

Hydrogen gas machines pump out a controlled amount of H2-antioxidant-gas into the hose-line you attach to the machine. Here are some of the uses:

  • Use it breathe in H2 antioxidants while sitting or reclining.
  • Make any water hydrogen-antioxidant-rich.
  • Make other solutions, such as foot-soak or body-wash solutions, into antioxidant rich solutions.
  • Use it while doing earwax irrigation.

You can do many things with a hydrogen gas machine that you can't do with any of the other types of molecular hydrogen generators, because the output hose can be placed into such a variety of locations. For instance, you will ruin a water ionizer if you use anything but water in the machine, but with the hydrogen being pumped out into a hose in its purest, most breathable form...it opens up all kinds of possibilities. 

Hydrogen gas (molecular hydrogen) generators are very versatile. A hydrogen gas generator is able to give you the the greatest amount of molecular hydrogen antioxidants of any other machine, however these generators are not for everyone, and here's why:

  • While hydrogen gas generators are emitting a controlled amount of hydrogen gas into the cannula tube, and they are quite safe when used as directed, one needs to use care to not operate it around open flames because it could cause sparks, especially if there wasn't good enough ventilation.
  • One must use strict safety protocols around any equipment that generates gas, and don't leave it running too long. The suggested time-period for breathing at any one time is a half hour. It's also suggested to leave a half hour of rest in between uses too.
  • Hydrogen gas machines should be monitored by a responsible adult who has no mental impairments.

I am happy to be able to use and offer to others this type of molecular hydrogen machine. It is a different way to consume hydrogen antioxidants. I expect it will reach a slightly different set of body organs than drinking ionized water allows, such as: the eyes, ears, nose, facial skin, bronchi and lungs pretty intensely.

Here are some videos of testing I've done with this equipment. I put this comparison video on both of the product pages. Basically the SPE270 is a little stronger. The two machines are both very high quality and they both use DuPont's SPE-PEM hydrogen pump membranes.