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Hydrogen Gas Generators


Hydrogen gas (pure molecular hydrogen) has been studied extensively for over ten years as a novel therapeutic agent with unlimited benefits to health. Our hydrogen gas machines (also known as hydrogen gas generators and h2 gas machines) are tried-and-true. We only offer the best hydrogen gas machines at the best prices. H2 gas machines can be used to create hydrogen water too. This is all very healthy for the body.

I encourage you to read more about H2 gas and the healing ability of molecular hydrogen. There have been thousands of studies on H2 gas, and we share over 100 of these scientific studies. Here is a fairly short video which does a good job summarizing the many benefits of hydrogen gas.


Hydrogen gas machines pump out a controlled amount of H2-antioxidant-gas into the hose-line you attach to the machine. You can breathe H2 gas for up to a half-hour at a time. It's very therapeutic.

Hydrogen gas machines offer many ways to consume hydrogen antioxidants

  • Use it breathe in H2 gas (antioxidants) while sitting or reclining.
  • Make any water hydrogen-rich.
  • Make other liquids, such as foot-soaks; body-wash solutions, juices or even soups into hydrogen-rich solutions.

Benefits of H2 Gas Generators 

  • I expect that inhaling/breathing hydrogen gas will benefit the eyes, ears, nose, facial skin, bronchi and lungs quite well, among many other organs.
  • One can also use the hydrogen gas generator to make molecular hydrogen enriched water by placing the hosing into a container of water for several minutes. The hydrogen water produced by h2 gas machines this way actually rivals just about any water ionizer or hydrogen water machine in the hydrogen concentration and stability of the hydrogen to stay in the solution long enough to consume.

I am happy to be able to use and offer h2 gas machines. Hydrogen gas generators are great to use at any time when you are relaxing or sitting still. They are scientifically designed to pump high levels of H2 anti-oxidants into a thin, plastic tube (called a cannula), which you would usually just breathe in while sitting or reclining. 

When you're looking for a therapeutic hydrogen gas generator, look for these quality points:

  • The h2 gas machine should produce 150 or so liters per minute of hydrogen gas to be considered practical to use as a regular inhaler. Less than that is fine too, and will give therapeutic benefits. The faster the flow-rate, though, the less time it would take to get the same H2 breathing benefits of the longer time. (Example: If I am using a hydrogen gas machine with a 200 lpm flow-rate I would inhale for 30-minute periods, but if I was using a 300 liters per minute flow-rate hydrogen gas generator I would only inhale for 20 minutes to get the same benefit.
  • Keep in mind there is no reason to overdo hydrogen gas breathing. The body needs balance and while hydrogen gas inhaling is obviously wonderfully therapeutic, breathing it excessively isn't necessary. Exactly how much and how strong of a flow for H2 breathing is something each person needs to determine for themselves. Just observe what your body likes.
  • Look for a hydrogen gas generator which has a final stage drying filter that the gas goes through. This kind is my personal preference, because it feels better.
  • A feature I look for in the best hydrogen gas generators is a timing mechanism, which turns the machine off automatically after the selected time. If the machine doesn't have this feature, I would suggest to use an external timer.  

Hydrogen Water Maker (Features of Hydrogen Gas Machines)

With hydrogen gas machines pretty much any liquid can be converted into a high-antioxidant drink. The possibilities are almost endless. Juices, hot drinks, and even soup can be transformed this way. No other equipment can do this.

Hydrogen gas generators are very versatile. A H2 gas generator is able to give you the the greatest amount of molecular hydrogen antioxidants of any other machine, however these generators are not for everyone, and here's why:

  • While hydrogen gas generators are emitting a controlled amount of hydrogen gas into the cannula tube, and they are quite safe when used as directed, one needs to use care to not operate it around open flames because it could cause sparks, especially if it's for excessively long periods and where there wasn't good enough ventilation.
  • One must use strict safety protocols around any equipment that generates gas, and don't leave it running too long. The suggested time-period for breathing at any one time is an hour or less. It's also suggested to leave a half hour of rest in between uses.
  • Hydrogen gas machines should be monitored by a responsible adult who has no mental impairments.

I am happy to be able to use and offer to others this type of molecular hydrogen machine. It is a different way to consume hydrogen antioxidants. I expect it will reach a slightly different set of body organs than drinking ionized water allows, such as: the eyes, ears, nose, facial skin, bronchi and lungs pretty intensely.

Here is video-testing I've done with this equipment. I put this comparison video on both of the product pages. Basically the SPE270 is a little stronger. The two machines are both very high quality and they both use DuPont's SPE-PEM hydrogen pump membranes. [Note: All of the hydrogen gas machines we sell at AlkalineWaterPlus use DuPont's SPE-PEM hydrogen pump.

Caution: Don't Allow the Membrane to Dry Out.

With hydrogen machines the membrane that produces the hydrogen can easily dry out if the machine is stored without using it for several months. This is why we do not stock these machines and make sure that we order newly-made hydrogen machines "on-demand" for our customers. We apologize for the 3-week wait, but I assure you it is worth it. Note: If you ever do allow this Hydrogen machine to dry out, simply follow the instructions for a vinegar wash, below.

How to do a Vinegar Wash With a Hydrogen Gas Machine

If the flow-rate of your hydrogen gas machine goes lower than optimum for that machine, do a vinegar wash as follows:

  1. First, pour out all the water of tank using the drain hose. (If it's clean water, you can store it temporarily and put it back in the machine at step 10 if you want.)
  2. Fill the tank with distilled white vinegar, and then turn on the switch for 30 seconds.
  3. Check the flow-rate. If it's going up, that's good.
  4. Wait about 20 minutes (with the machine off) and then try steps 2 & 3 again.
  5. It should be improving. Repeat the above, until the flow is stabilized at a high level for that machine.
  6. If the flow is not increasing well enough, you should leave the white vinegar in the machine overnight (or for 10 hours).
  7. After the flow is normal, the cleaning is completed.
  8. After cleaning, pour all the white vinegar out of the water tank and rinse the water tank with distilled water as follows: fill up with distilled water wait about 10 minutes; then empty the distilled water out of the tank. (You may save the vinegar for later use if you want.)
  9. Finally fill the tank to the proper level with qualified water (distilled or deionized water, whichever the manufacturer suggests).

Why do we offer only pre-orders for hydrogen gas generators?

All orders for the hydrogen machines from AlkalineWaterPlus are pre-orders, and will be delivered approximately 3 weeks after the date of order. We do this to ensure you are always getting the latest upgrade of the machine, freshly made. We have found that hydrogen gas machines work best when used regularly. If we stock them, even for just a few months, the SPE-PEM membrane dries out it takes a vinegar wash usually to get it moistened up again. For this reason it is far better to have hydrogen machines produced "on-demand". This process usually takes about 3 weeks.

US Shipping Only

Most of our hydrogen gas generators are only available for US shipping. Hydrogen gas machines are the most delicate of the equipment we sell, and so we don't want to risk the harsh treatment of international shipping.