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Why buy a water ionizer?

Why buy a water ionizer? Your cells are begging you for one! Healthy cells are slightly alkaline. A water ionizer is an alkaline water machine, and so produces a nice, healthy, alkaline pH. It also produces natural antioxidants to fight free radicals. The alkaline pH in ionized water helps you to clean out the acidic toxins in your body and the antioxidants help you to fight free radicals. Take the time to read about water ionizer machines. Alkaline Water Plus gives water ionizer information not equaled anywhere else on the net. 

Webmaster, Cathie LoGrasso, has a masters+ in education and was in the field of education [as teacher and principal] from 1982 to 2007 [almost 25 years]. She and her family have been drinking ionized water for over 20 years. Cathie has blended her passion for education with her passion for water ionizers in this highly user-friendly and informative website. 61st Birthday

Why the pH of your drinking water should be alkaline:

We all know that the pH of swimming pools and fishtanks need to be balanced, but it was never taught in school how important it is to have pH-balance inside our bodies. Our blood, cells, tissues, organs, all need a slightly alkaline pH, yet most of us eat way too much acidic food and drink to accomplish that [so we get allergies, sickness or disease].

Imagine the fish that live in the beautiful pool of water, above. They thrive well because their water is constantly cleaned and refreshed and they would die if the pH of the water got off-balanced. The cells in your body must also be constantly cleaned and refreshed if they are to remain healthy. Obviously people don't die with the wrong pH water, at least not right away. But, the way we see our cells’ reaction to the wrong water is through sickness, allergies, heart disease, wrinkles, arthritis, cancer, osteoporosis, failing organs, and so on. An alkaline machine can help to turn all of this around by giving us a constant supply of pH-buffers all day long. PH balance is a necessity for health just as water is essential for ALL life. Alkaline water is the best water for human consumption, because it helps us achieve that balance!

The cells and organs inside our bodies like alkalinity and the exterior [skin and hair] like acidity. Even the stomach likes a balance of pH and will get distraught with too much acidity. Alkaline ionized water does not interfere with digestion or reduce stomach acids, because it has no calories so doesn't trigger digestion. It absorbs very quickly [i.e. within 1 to 20 minutes]. Read more...

Alkaline ionized water is the perfect water for overall health.

The rich abundance of natural antioxidants in alkaline ionized water, add to the benefits that make ionized water the perfect water for overall health. Our bodies are attacked constantly by free radicals and there is nowhere to be found a better, more natural, simple, easily absorbable antioxidant than those found in alkaline ionized water.

Water ionizers also provide excellent filtration and remove the most important harmful substances from your water.

No other water is better. 

In Japan and Korea, where alkaline ionizers originated, alkaline water machines are a mainstay with most people, including doctors, hospitals, and scientists.

My extended family and I having been happily ionizing water, using an alkaline water machine, for about 20 years. I can tell you, through this experience and the experience of hundreds of customers who have reached out to me with their stories, that alkaline ionized water really is the very best water to help keep you healthy. 

The Importance of Water

Next to air, there is no more important thing for your health than WATER! The kind and quality of water you drink makes a huge difference. Two thirds of your body [being water] is telling you to drink the best water! There is no better way to get the best drinking water than to ionize water using an alkaline water ionizer!!!

Getting Sick is Not Normal!

Before I bought my first alkaline machine, I used to think allergies were a "normal" condition, explained by things like genetics or environment, and that colds were caused by viruses. Since our first alkaline water machine, about 20 years ago, the science of water ionization has helped me gain a complete new understanding of what "normal" is: being healthy and full of energy all the time, and not ever getting sick [even with viruses spreading all around]. Alkaline Water Plus really started way back when I was busy being a teacher, principal and mother of five. The amazing benefits of our first ionized water machine changed my family's lives so much that after finally "retiring" in 2007, I decided to start Alkaline Water Plus. My hope was to sell the one product I knew without a doubt would help people. Since that time I've been thrilled almost every day to hear wonderful testimonials of people whom I've helped to learn about alkaline water ionizers too.

Allergies and illness can be looked upon as a sign that change is needed.

Ionized alkaline water has preventative benefits. So many people wait till they get cancer and other really serious diseases before they take the time and energy to make a change! Take any illness [even a little allergy or being a little over-weight] as a sign [that change is needed]. You won’t rid yourself of disease if you don't also change the pH of your cells, if that’s what is giving you allergies, colds, acid-reflux, obesity, acne, or other symptoms of an overly acidic body. Water ionizer machines can help you do just that. Drinking ionized water has been the single most positive change that my family and I have ever made for our health. As a matter of fact in the year before buying my first water ionizer I think I spent more in doctor bills [trying to cure things the doctor ended up telling me were allergy-related] than I did on my first alkaline water machine. I am quite sure that since I started drinking ionized water I have saved thousands of dollars in medical bills! 

Plus there is a happiness factor that can't be measured in dollars that comes with being healthy. Who wants to be sick? It's miserable. 

Don’t let your cells deteriorate into a serious illness... water ionization machines can fit into every budget. If you have allergies or other signs of an acidic body [illness, heartburn, acid-reflux, arthritis, etc.], or if you just want to stay healthy into your senior years, get an alkaline water ionizer. I am literally healthier and more energized now at 61 than I was when I was 40 [before I bought my first ionizer]! Note: The picture of me, above, was taken on my 61st birthday!

Results of Using Ionized Anti-Oxidant Water

I have personally known many people who have used water ionizers to help fight cancer and other diseases. Ionizers are not advertised to be curative devices, however they are tools to help bring pH balance where it is needed in your body...and balancing the body's pH with healthy water can certainly help to facilitate both cure and prevention for all kinds of ailments.

Alkaline Ionized Water Gives us Buffers!  

Alkaline ionized water buffers the acids and allows safe removal of acids, fats and toxins from your body. "Safety" is the key word here. Buffering is a must! Your body is not going to allow any fats or toxins to be eliminated if it perceives it as a threat. For the overall health of your body you need buffers. You need ionized alkaline water for its alkalinity, antioxidants and hydration. Without sufficient pH buffers, antioxidants and hydration you will get sick. With these you will be likely to be a lot healthier in every way. 

Why Buy Your Water Ionization System From Alkaline Water Plus?

We try to simplify your water ionizer purchase in every way...with honest, factual information, videos, low-price guarantee, payment plans, free water analysis, and in every other way we can.
  • You get the best selection of alkaline water ionizers on the market!   We do hundreds of tests on the ionizers we sell to ensure that we are offering you the best.
  • We give our customers the best possible care and service.   We know your ionized water machine has the capability of lasting 20 or so years if it's cared for well, so we help you do that.
  • We offer you genuine 60-Day customer satisfaction guarantees on all of our electric water ionization machines.   Most companies charge a re-stocking fee [look at their fine-print]. We don't.  
  • We also give you a free 80-piece pH test kit for saliva, urine or water just for asking! Then with every order you place with Alkaline Water Plus you can get an additional free kit, again just for asking!
  • We help you with your source-water issues if you need it!  We are very experienced in water all over the US.
At Alkaline Water Plus, we are interested in giving you the best deal possible on your water ionizer purchase. Guaranteed! Call 1-888-MY-ALKALINE [692-5525] for a free consultation. Let us help you find just the right water ionizer for you. Call today.  
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