Buy Samsung 9-Plate Vesta GL Water Ionizer
Buy Samsung 9-Plate Vesta GL Water Ionizer
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This product is on back order as of 17 July 14. It is expected to ship by the 1st of August.

Looking for POWER and SPEED in water ionization?

Samsung and Emco Tech Together Have Developed the Vesta-GL Water Ionizer

Samsung designer/engineer partnered with Emco Tech and have outdone themselves with their state-of-the wa-art ter ionizer, the Samsung Vesta GL-988! 

Samsung Engineering Company chose to partner with Emco Tech - the manufacturer which uses efficient and powerful, high quality water ionization technology. The Vesta GL will provide you with years of the highest quality performance. Emco Tech values their close relationship with leading Asian electronics companies such as Samsung, LG and Toyo and expects to continue to collaborate with them to provide further products in the future.

After a number of years in the making, the Vesta is the premium model available in which Samsung has participated in the design. The Samsung/EmcoTech Vesta features the latest technology, such as the AutoAdjust Optimier and SmartSwitch. The Vesta water ionizer was designed to be the best looking and most functional water ionizer available. The Samsung/Emco Tech partnership is a great success with this fantastic new water ionizer. The Samsung Vesta GL ionizer has advanced features and technology, and is backed up by Emco Tech durability and performance, the Vesta GL will provide you with years of the highest quality performance.

You can now install the Vesta under the sink with the Undersink Kit!

Industry-first technology!

  • AutoAdjust™ optimizer automatically adjusts the ionizing power giving the best performance and ionization for your particular water source.
  • Smart Switch™ next generation SMPS power supply provides the most stable and efficient power platform.
  • 9 high-efficiency platinum titanium electrodes deliver more power per square inch than larger less sophisticated electrodes requiring large wattage. 62mm x 110mm size of each plate. Think small. Think efficient.
  • Advanced self-diagnostic MICOM circuitry system

Does the Samsung Engineering Company manufacture the Vesta GL?

No. The Samsung Engineering Company, as part of their global growth plans, has decided to partner with innovative, high-quality, other companies, such as Emco Tech. What they do is partner with these companies in the design process. This allows their name to be used without the extra burden of the entire manufacturing and fulfillment process. This very strategic plan  is called "component manufacturing" and enables Samsung to spread their expertise and dollars out more widely and wisely. The Samsung Engineering Company is very particular as to whom they will partner with, and their decision to partner with Emco Tech says a lot about the quality manufacturer that Emco Tech is. You will not find the Samsung/EmcoTech Vesta in the global Samsung products data base, because any products that Samsung doesn't actually manufacture will not be there.

Other Features of the Samsung/EmcoTech Vesta GL Water Ionizer:

  • Patented dual Biostone filtration ensures you peace of mind, knowing your water is not only alkaline and ionized, but cleaned.
  • AutoClean fully automatic post use cleaning – unlike other ionizers, never wait for your alkaline water and protect your investment.
  • Sleek mirror faced elegant design by Samsung
  • Aesthetic touch screen sensors

Each customer has 60 days to validate their warranty by submitting their Warranty Card or registering online. Registering your warranty is very important in order to ensure that if something goes wrong with your ionizer, you know that your investment is protected. You can submit your warranty online by clicking the warranty link below the ordering box.

Please Note: Water is run through every machine at the factory for quality control and testing purposes. There is no water in your filters, but there may be a small amount of moisture in the machine itself, this is normal and will cause no harm to your ionizer.

The Samsung Vesta GL comes with the following accessories, which have 90-day warranties: diverter, user manual, flexible hose [spout], screw anchors, hose clamp, collett tool, tubing, grey hose, reagent drops, fuse. There is an "optional diverter" that can be purchased which may be helpful for some people who have faucets that are not the "standard" sizes. See the "Installation Accessories" JPEG, attached.

All new Samsung/EmcoTech water ionizers will be shipped with an UltraWater Filter installed. UltraWater is the newest technology in water filtration. If you would like to remove the maximum Fluoride from your water, we will also have the UltraWater Fluoride-Arsenic Filter as well. Simply make that selection in the ordering box, below.

The plastics used in the Samsung ionizers are BPA free, PE free, ABS free and food grade.

We are confident you will enjoy many years of great tasting and healthy waterfrom your Vesta GL-988 water ionizer. You can see more information about why the Samsung water ionizer is lightyears ahead of the crowd.

Qualifies for free shipping and 60-day satisfaction guarantee in US and Canada.

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Customer Reviews

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Samsung Vesta GL- Exceptionally Good MachineAfter doing some research for a long time on the internet and doing comparative analysis of various Alkaline Water filters available on the market I found that the Samsung Vesta GL was a cut above the others on all parameters and the alkalinity of the water and ORP values surpassed those of others even at the fast rate of water flow. Above all it is a self cleaning system which requires zero maintenance. The audio messages confirm what you are getting from the filter and that ensures and pre warns if you make a wrong setting. Very well designed machine. Above all, the assistance in purchasing of the unit and converting it 220 volts for use in India and the thoughtful help received at every stage from alkalinewaterplus com. and Cathie were superb and excellent. A very rewarding purchase experience. Written by Shiv Pandit on Fri 27 Sep 2013 3:11:05 AM GMT
Love the Samsung Vesta!I hesitated on buying a water ionizer because of price, but don't regret it at all. Called Cathy and she is so helpful. Love her website with all the info about the products. I feel like she really cares about you getting the right product and not just out for a sale. I will always buy from her and I love the Samsung Vesta! Written by Debbie on Sun 8 Sep 2013 12:06:51 AM GMT
Stephen recently purchased a Samsung 9-Plate Vesta water ionizer and he emailed in this testimonial. It was about a 2-page testimonial. Go to the testimonial page to see more. I've included a few of his raving reviews here since it was the Samsung water ionizer that he bought:
"For some reason, I find myself much more relaxed. More resistant to excitability and upset. Calmer and sleeping more soundly and actually resting, not just lightly sleeping... all of my pain symptoms from severe O-Arthritis disappeared completely... no fatigue, no aches and pains, no knee swelling. (I have an artificial knee) mind is sharper than it has been for 4+ years. Yahoo !!
66 years old
Feeling better than I have in 20 years !!!
Thanks for taking the time to read this. :)
Written by Steve B on Sat 13 Jul 2013 7:12:28 PM GMT
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