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Under Sink Kit for All H2 Ionizers


Undersink Conversion Kit converts any of the three H2 water ionizers (Athena H2, Melody II, and Vesta H2)  into an under the counter installation.

It comes in chrome or brushed nickel finishes.

The unit can be either:
1. Attached to the cold line of a dishwasher
2. Attached to the cold water pipe [with a "T" connector hooked between your cold water shut-off and supply line.]

Included are:
1. Vented faucet that ensures a one way flow of water upwards
2. Attachments for dishwasher or cold line.

Attaching to cold water pipe:

Decide on position of your ionizer. The closer to the door the better, with easy access to controls. It is good to mount it on the side wall with the screws supplied as high as possible, so there is less climb for the output water to make.

Install faucet by cutting a 1 3/8 to 1.5" hole in bench or sink and fastening it in place.
Faucet Height Above Counter: 9"
Turn off mains supply.

Follow instructions as provided with your kit and also check out the Undersink Kit Installation: Article and Video link, below.

Turn on the mains and test for leaks.
Plug in the ionizer and turn it on. Select the pH setting you require. Turn on the faucet above sink and test the flow.

We suggest you use a "handy" person familiar with basic plumbing to install this product.

Supplied with:

Faucet with 3 high-pressure hoses
Attachment for cold water dishwasher inlet hose
Tee and nipple with John Guest adaptor for plastic hose
2 x John Guest Quick-Connectt Joiners to join faucet tube to Ionizer tube.
1/4" food-grade tube

Note: Install Ionizer as high as possible, with user access to controls. Mounting holes are on rear, for off-floor mounting...screws provided.


Height 9"
Max width 9" (when both outlets are pointed opposite to each other)
hose length 34".

Manual & Instructions: 

Installation Instructions for Undersink Conversion Kit

Video Demo 


All sales of undersink kits are Final. They are not refundable in the event of a return of a water ionizer during the 60-day trial period.