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Life Water Ionizers

Welcome to our LIFETM Alkaline Water Ionizers Page!

You can read a full explanation of why we don't recommend Life Ionizers® here:

LifeTM alkaline water ionizers are no longer carried by us.

The LifeTM  7600, LifeTM 8100, LifeTM 9100, LifeTM 9200 and other Life Ionizer® water ionizers are trademarks belonging to Earthtrade Water. Alkaline Water Plus is no longer associated or affiliated with Earthtrade Water, these trademarks or with LifeTM water ionizers: The LifeTM ionizers are all no longer offered by us. We apologize if you have been inconvenienced. 

At Alkaline Water Plus you get the best deal possible on every water ionizer purchase. Please visit one of our other pages.

Electric Water Ionizers Qualify for Low Price Guarantee At Alkaline Water Plus we have a LOW PRICE GUARANTEE!

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