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Samsung Water Ionizers

Samsung designer/engineer partnered with Emco Tech and have outdone themselves with their new awesome water ionizer, the Samsung Vesta GL Water Ionizer! 
Alkaline Water offers the most amount of information, testing and demonstrations of the Samsung Vesta GL water ionizer. Come browse!

Samsung Water Ionizers

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Buy Samsung 9-Plate Vesta GL Water IonizerThe Samsung Vesta GL water ionizer has advanced electronics, outstanding filtration, continuous plate-cleaning, fast flow-rate with very high pH/ORP performance.

Samsung Vesta Replacement Filters & Accessories

Samsung replacement filters are available at Alkaline Water Plus at lowest prices. Come browse! You can mix and match the standard Samsung Vesta GL replacement filters with the new UltraWater filters. The UltraWater filters are developed using NASA's space filtration technology.
Arsenic/Fluoride/Sediment Shield #1 for Samsung VestaThe UltraWater Arsenic/Fluoride/Sediment Shield  Vesta#1 filter-choice effectively removes chlorine, sediment and fluoride from water before it is ionized.
Ultra Water Filter for Samsung Water IonizersThe UltraWater Filter is the best Samsung Vesta water ionizer filter ever made and fits only the Vesta water ionizer model. It filters chloramine, fluoride, chromium-6, pharmaceuticals and much more!
Under Sink Kit for Samsung Vesta Water IonizerUndersink Conversion Kit converts the Vesta into an under the counter installation. 
Vesta GL Sediment Fitler #1This is the oruginal Vesta filter in position #1.
Vesta GUL Ultra (.01m) FilterThe Internal GUF Ultra Fine Filter is designed for the Vesta ionizer only.
Vesta Standard Fitler #2The EMCO BioStone filter for Vesta is for use in Vesta ionizers only.

Samsung/Emco Tech Certifications



More Information About Samsung Design Innovations

Samsung engineers have designed a water ionizer state-of-the-art innovative system for maximum activation of alkaline ionized water inside the water cell! Using advanced pulse width modulation, AutoAdjust™ delivers the electrical energy in variable short, sharp bursts or punches. AutoAdjust™ varies pulse time or widths based on the mineral content in your water as determined by the on-board computer. No other ionizer can do this. This causes the electrodes to act in a more excited and energetic way creating more active production of oxygen from the electrode, and therefore more activated water. The result is a bigger change in pH and better ORP. With AutoAdjust™ technology, you always get optimal performance and benefit, no matter where you live or what your water quality. Every time. Easy. Automatic.

How AutoAdjust™ works:

The principle of AutoAdjust™ The output signal (blue) is compared with the limits (green). These limits correspond to the reference signal (red) which is the fed back to the Vesta’s advanced circuitry from the conductivity in your water (relative to the minerals) and offset by a given value. Every time the output signal reaches one of these limits, AutoAdjust™ changes the signal or pulse width effectively adjusting the power relative to the minerals in your water and to the setting selected.

The Vesta GL employs the most-advanced Switch Mode Power Supply technology in order to operate it’s unique AutoAdjust™ feature. Current generations of SMPS offered by other ionizer companies cannot automatically adjust voltage on demand to match varying water conditions. The advanced SMPS used in the Vesta GL is able to deliver that functionality. SMPS is known as a power-saving option as it only uses the amount of power necessary.

Patented dual filters consisting of 0.1 micron filters combine with space-fiber technology to efficiently filter almost any tap water. The filter life change indicator lets you know when it’s time to replace your filters. You have the ability with two filters to really make sure your water is filtered properly.

All ionizers have cleaning systems which are crucial to performance and durability, but all cleaning systems are not created equal. One more important advantage of AutoAdjust™, is that calcium and other minerals cannot attach themselves to the electrodes. With the electrodes switching on and off so quickly and pulsing differing widths, minerals don't have the time or stability to form a bond with the surface of the electrode. Other less sophisticated ionizer brands cause you to periodically wait for your alkaline water. The AutoClean reversal mechanism operates in the background of the Vesta GL, always cleaning and never interrupting the flow of alkaline drinking water. You never have to wait or worry. 

Advanced self-diagnostic MICOM circuitry system allows for the advanced technology to function and protects your investment. Smart Sensors signal excessive temperatures either from power surge or water temperatures and shut your ionizer down to protect it.

9-Ultra Efficient Electrodes Made of the highest grade Titanium / Platinum for durability and efficient ionization. EmcoTech plate manufacturing remains state of the art, using proven best-practices - the choice for most ionizers sold worldwide. Samsung chose to stake their reputation on Emco Tech plate performance and durability.

Modern, Sleek Design Small footprint and elegant black and stainless-look design complement any modern kitchen decor. Experience the elegance and efficiency of a Samsung designed ionizer! The Emco Tech range of water ionizers has proven over the last several years that bigger is not necessarily better. What matters is the engineering ... how efficiently the electrical amperage is delivered to the electrode. Samsung ionizers out perform other brands with more or larger electrodes and more wattage, because more amps are delivered per square inch of electrode.

Medical Approval No. : Korea FDA No.: 3277
Product : VESTA GL Alkaline Water Ionizer
Model : GL988 (9 plates)
Dimensions (HxLxD) : 15 (H) x 12 (W) x 6 (D) inches
Weight : 15.5 lbs
Power Supply : AC 120 V (Can Customize...AC 220-240V), 60Hz
Flow Rate : 3 liters per min.
Water Pressure : 0.7-5kgf/cm3
Electroplates : Solid titanium coated with platinum 62x110x.5 (mm)
Electrolysis Process : Continuous flow
Country of Origin :

South Korea

Alkaline Water Plus has done some extensive testing of the new Samsung, 9-plate, Vesta GL Water Ionizer and we share those results with you on our blog. So far we are VERY, VERY impressed. Even though it's powerful and has a fast flow-rate, the Samsung Vesta water ionizer is not intended for commercial use. If you are a health club, restaurant or other semi-commercial outlet, we suggest you contact us if you have a commercial need for a water ionizer.

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