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Cost of Shipping - Free 80-Piece PH Strips Kit

To get our free 80-Piece PH Kit added to your order, you need to request it in the comment box of your order. There will be no extra charge. (We are not able to send this product separately right now

Maximum Purchase:
1 unit

This Free 80-Piece PH Kit is not available by itself right now. Until further notice. The post office has not been reliable enough with their first class mail.

However, the free kit is still available to add to any order. If you're ordering something else from us and want to add the free kit, just put "free 80-piece pH testing kit" in the comment box of your order so you don't have to pay anything for it.

80-Piece PH Test Kits are normally $3.95 each. However, one free kit is available per customer, per order. 

  • Shipping of the Free PH Test Kits is for USA customers only (unless you are adding it to an order).
  • Just use the comment box in the order form to ask for it to be included in your order.
  • You can also email us. Read More.