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Comparing Jupiter Athena vs the Enagic SD501 for PH, ORP and Fluoride Levels

Comparing Jupiter Athena vs the Enagic SD501 for PH, ORP and Fluoride Levels

Published by Alkaline Water Plus

Comparing Jupiter Athena vs the Enagic SD501 for PH, ORP and Fluoride Levels

Here’s my latest comparison between the  Jupiter Athena water ionizer andthe Enagic SD501 water ionizers. Below the video you can see a chart plus my commentaries and a summary of the most important comparison points.

Enagic SD501

Jupiter Athena

Tap Water [STL]

PH at Level 3




ORP at Level 3



Fluoride Levels




Ionizes Well?



Filters Well?



Continuous Cleaning?



Fluoride Removal?




5 Yr.


Commentaries: Comparing the Jupiter Athena Water Ionizer with the Enagic SD501

I have done many Athena-vs-Enagic comparisons between the Jupiter Athena water ionizer and the Enagic Kangen Water I have usually seen the Enagic and the Athena very close. More often than not the Jupiter Athena is slightly better than the Enagic but even so they are pretty close to being just about the same. This is again the case with this water ionizer comparison testing I did today. Why do I prefer the Athena then? Well, the biggest reason is that the Athena water ionizer has continuous-cleaning. Continuous-cleaning and better filtration are the two most important reasons I prefer the Jupiter Athena water ionizer to the Enagic SD501. Continuous cleaning means that the ionizing plates are not allowed to build up even the slightest film of calcium or anything else for that matter. The plate-polarity is switched back and forth throughout the ionization process, leaving the plates free of any build-up. That is why you don’t have to wait for an acid wash with the Athena but you do with the Enagic. It’s not only for the convenience that I like that feature, but it’s also for the consistency, day-after-day, of great ionization, that I like it so much. It’s just a very good design. 

In addition to design and performance reasons, obviously the price and warranty are far, far better for the Jupiter Athena than the Enagic. With all of the features combined, I would not hesitate to declare the Athena water ionizer the best water ionizer as of yet.

Some good general news about today’s testing is that the fluoride levels were reduced by half [about 50% reduction] with both water ionizers [the Athena did a little better]. I have noticed in the recent fluoride testing that I’ve done that ionizing the water is an even more effective way to remove fluoride than plain filtration. This makes another good reason to drink ionized water. Note: If you want to remove all or most of the fluoride from your water I suggest that you combine a fluoride prefilter or internal filter along with your water ionizer.

See a summary of all of my water ionizer comparisons here: Water Ionizer Comparison Chart

Cathleen Lograsso

Cathleen LoGrasso

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