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How Does a Water Ionizer Handle Fluoride, and What’s Wrong With Fluoride?

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The concept of fluoridation (adding fluoride to foods and water) has been with us for decades. Some clever scientists noticed that organic fluorine is required with calcium for healthy teeth and bones. Extrapolating this, the scientists decided that more fluorine may mean more healthy teeth, (although they couldn’t prove this) and suggested that water supplies be “enhanced” with ionic fluoride, which is not the same compound and has different health effects. Coincidentally, the scientists worked for large paper and aluminum manufacturers, whose industrial processes produce large amounts of fluoride! Ionic fluoride does not contribute to this process and instead causes the over stimulation of the parathyroid glands, resulting in abnormal bone growth, calcification of tendons and ligaments and interrupts the process which generates energy in cells. Wide variations in fluoride intake among children make estimating fluoride intake difficult and much controversy surrounding fluoridation and youth.

Today, cities all over the US purchase hundreds of thousands of gallons of fresh pollution concentrate from Florida – fluorosilicic acid (H2SiF6) – to fluoridate water.

Phosphate fertilizer suppliers have more than $10 billion invested in production and mining facilities in Florida. Phosphate fertilizer production accounts for $800 million in wages per year. Florida’s mines produce 30% of the world supply and 75% of the US supply of phosphate fertilizers. Much of the country’s supply of fluorosilicic acid for water fluoridation is also produced in Florida.

Phosphate fertilizer manufacturing and mining are not environment friendly operations. Fluorides and radionuclides are the primary toxic pollutants from the manufacture of phosphate fertilizer in Central Florida. People living near the fertilizer plants and mines, experience lung cancer and leukemia rates that are double the state average. Much of West Central Florida has become a toxic waste dump for phosphate fertilizer manufacturers. Federal and state pollution regulations have been modified to accommodate phosphate fertilizer production and use: These regulations have included using recovered pollution for water fluoridation.

Fluoride is considered harmful by many health professionals and helpful to others. We should be concerned about fluoridation of our drinking water. The fact that our drinking water is fluoridated means that we all should know more about fluoride. Fluorides are important industrial chemicals with a number of uses but the largest uses are for aluminum production, drinking-water fluoridation and the manufacture of fluoridated dental preparations. It’s interesting that the scientists claiming that fluoridation is beneficial are connected with the aluminum and other manufacturers (who have an abundance of surplus fluoride byproducts to get rid of. Fluoride is a byproduct! It’s harmful to the environment and must be disposed of properly! Municipalities around the country are paying the aluminum and pesticide manufacturers to take their fluoride off their hands. Here’s an incredible video [the video is 28 min. long — split into 3 parts — and I’ve only included part 3 here]. Literally everyone in the USA should watch this! I’m so thankful to Christopher Bryson for his investigative reporting on this. Will his story get squashed and swept under the carpet? Probably.

There are many more reports coming in about fluoride all over the internet. I’m personally concerned, because my mom had Alzheimer’s disease and whereas there’s probably a genetic link, it’s also as likely that there’s an environmental link to this terrible disease. I wonder what the graphs would show if someone did a correlation study showing the introduction of fluoridation to our drinking water and the increase per-capita of Alzheimer’s disease. There are now 5.3 million people who have this disease, and it’s the 6th leading cause of death!

Here’s another thing that I can relate to: as a former teacher and administrator in elementary school, I was continually astonished by the year-by-year increases in students being diagnosed with learning disabilities and ADHD. I always linked the rise in per-capita diagnoses to the drug companies who sell ritalin and other cocain-type drugs, but now I’m thinking that fluoride may be an additional link (not to understate the drug companies’ role in the increasing statistics).

Is Fluoridated water necessary for good dental health?

No! Watch this video by a dentist who knows.

This article is not intended to drive you away from drinking water! You need water for life! You also don’t need dead water (reverse osmosis water) and that kind of water is connected with many more illnesses than fluoridated water. [As a side-note: If you do use RO water, you should remineralize your water at the very least to prevent the negative health effects of drinking water void of all minerals. RO water can leach minerals right out of your cells if you don’t remineralize it before drinking it!] You also definitely don’t need bottled water (because most bottled water is acidic). Also, bottled water is expensive and the bottles are not being recycled in many cases. The best solution for right now is to use alkaline ionized water and to prefilter it for fluoride removal.

It should be noted that water ionization eliminates 85% of the fluoride in the alkaline ionized drinking water. That’s great news. Usually the FDA tries to ensure the ranges of fluoride in the water supply is within healthy limits, but for my money I wouldn’t totally trust what they’re considering safe. Taking a good 85% of it out I think is a good idea. Water ionizers can be purchased at my Alkaline Water Ionizer Store. I suggest at least get a water ionizer, then for greater protection against fluoride just hook up the fluoride prefilter into the line that feeds your water to the water ionizer and voila! You’re 99% protected!

Filters can be purchased which will remove 99% of the fluoride in the water as well. It seems logical to at least do something to reduce the amount of fluoride we consume (especially the non-organic kind of fluoride).

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Cathleen Lograsso

Cathleen LoGrasso

Cathleen was a teacher/principal for 24 years and has been drinking ionized water for about 25 years. She created Alkaline Water Plus to educate people about the benefits of ionized water.

"The very best thing I have ever purchased is a WATER IONIZER!" Cathleen LoGrasso, Owner/CEO Alkaline Water Plus

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