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Vesta-Tyent-Smart Comparisons

Posted by Alkaline Water Plus on

For the past few weeks I’ve done a huge amount of Vesta-Tyent-Smart comparisons and testing of the new Tyent MMP-11 water ionizer. This post will compare the MMP 11 with the Vesta and the Nexus “Smart” Water Ionizer.

Tyent MMP11 vs Vesta water ionizers

I ran both water ionizers using a fairly fast flow rate. They were both set at level 3 [programmed at their strongest settings]. Because both machines are programmable, you should know that they can be adjusted to your source water and needs. In St. Louis, my source water comes in at around 9.5 pH and it’s considered medium-hard. Here’s the video, followed by a chart showing the results and further commentaries.

Tyent MMP 11 Water Ionizer


Vesta Water  Ionizer


Level 3



Level 4



Acidic Water Byproduct



Commentaries on Tyent MMP 11 vs Vesta Water Ionizers

Both water ionizers performed about equally. They were running at the same flow-rate, and both set to their highest levels. Some differences between the ionizers are that the Vesta design provides a unique, continuous cleaning of the plates, whereas the Tyent uses the traditional, acid-wash every so many liters to clean the plates. The Vesta also has a flow-control knob and can be installed either on the counter or under the sink.

Tyent MMP 11 vs Nexus “Smart”  Water Ionizers

It was a little unfair to test the Nexus “Smart” water ionizer against the MMP-11, tyent-11-plate-water-ionizer, because the Smart water ionizer has 5 plates and up to 150 watts of power and the MMP-11 has 11 plates and gets up to 750 watts of power. However this testing shows that at the drinking levels of alkaline water, both water ionizers are performing about equally. Here’s the video.

Tyent MMP 11 Water Ionizer


Nexus Smart Water Ionizer


Level 3



Acidic Water Byproduct



Commentaries on Tyent MMP 11 vs Nexus Smart  Water Ionizers

Both water ionizers performed about equally. The Smart ionizer got a bit better ORP per unit of pH and the MMP-11 was better at producing low acidic water for disinfection purposes.

The Tyent MMP 11 is a disappointment to me. In all of my testing of the Tyent MMP11 I had high expectancy because of the 11 large plates and 750 watts of power, but it could not get significantly better than the Smart 5-plate water ionizer. I was looking forward to “bigger is better” but as in all of my years of testing and comparing water ionizers I have been consistently shown that the ‘bigger is better” theory just doesn’t pan out.

Demo of all Levels of Testing: Tyent MMP-11

Tyent MMP-11[Fast Flow-Rate]



Level 1



Level 2



Level 3



Level 4


Acid Water


Read more about the  Nexus Smart and Vesta Water Ionizers.

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Cathleen Lograsso

Cathleen LoGrasso

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