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Naturally Ionizing Water Filters

Naturally Ionizing Water Filters

The term "naturally ionizing water filters" is a coined phrase which simply means there are alkaline minerals or other water reducing minerals (which reduce oxidation and acidification by adding hydrogen antioxidants) within the filters which transform and ionize the water without using electricity. The ionized water they produce is actually not particularly more or less natural than the water produced by an electric water ionizer or hydrogen machine. So, the term "natural alkaline water" could be misconstrued. 

Naturally ionizing water filters are a very good way to consume ionized water, and are often less expensive than electric water ionizers or hydrogen machines, at least in the short term. Naturally ionizing filters lightly ionize and usually produce a lesser amount of hydrogen antioxidants than an electric water ionizer or hydrogen machine. 

There are two types of naturally ionizing water filters: portable and continuous-flow. The best of the portable ionizing filters are the Alkaline Plus PH Ionizing Pitchers

Naturally ionizing filters use time-release minerals, and so are going to get the strongest results in the first liter or two. If one wants to always get the strongest results, it is recommended to pour only a quart (liter) at a time, with about a 20 minute break between pouring. The best flow-rate for these types of ionizing filters is about 1 liter per minute.

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