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SURVIVE! Portable Water Purifier

Now: $21.95

The SURVIVE! Portable Water Purifier - Removes Bacteria 99.99% and Heavy Metals!

Everyone should have a SURVIVE! Portable Water Purifier! This Portable water purifier removes bacteria, heavy-metals and all pathogens! Because you never know when disaster will strike, and leave you without potable water. You can take it camping and hiking too. If you come to a river it will remove all bacteria from the water and make it drinkable. It is an easy-to-use sport bottle too, and is great for:

  • Camping
  • Traveling
  • Biking
  • To put in your family's survival kit

The Survive Portable Water Purifier is fast & easy to use! I should note that lake and river water are usually around 6-7 pH. The Survive Portable Water Purifier will not raise the pH, but it will give you potable (drinkable) water. What I do to raise the pH of water when I'm traveling is: after filtering it I run it through the pH filter in the Travel Kit

Effective C-1 Ceramic Filter

The C-1 ceramic filter in the Portable .01M Water Purifier will completely clean even lake and river water and make it drinkable immediately! There is no boiling necessary with the PureEasy Water Purifier Filter to remove 99.99% of all pathogens! [See lab reports, attached.] The dual-ceramic filter membrane cartridge will remove virtually all bacteria, E-Coli, viruses, algae, fungus, cysts, worms, dusts, or biological particals of any size! The GAC carbon and patented, nano-cluster-media inside the filter will remove heavy metals, odors, cloudiness, tastes, and some chemicals.

Comparing the SURVIVE Portable Water Purifier With the Straw Filter

The SURVIVE! Portable Water Purifier is much easier to use than a "straw filter". With a straw filter it's only sanitary for one person to use it and that person has to suck up the water through the straw. That can be very tiring. With the Survive Portable Water Purifier you pump the water out by squeezing on the rubber bulb. It is easy and can pump a lot of water (enough for your entire family) before getting tired. This filter lets air pressure do half the work for you. Plus, it's much more sanitary.

Features of the SURVIVE! Portable Water Purifier

  • Assembly and use is easy
  • Convenient Storage Bag
  • Cleaning is Fast and Simple

SURVIVE! Portable Water Purifier Assembly:

  1. The black activated carbon filter already comes screwed into the lid. This filter can be replaced every so often if you want (suggested 500 gallons).
  2. The C-1 ceramic filter comes packaged up for security. It is breakable, so use care when it's not in the protection of its packaging or the bottle. To install it, just push it into the black filter until it seats and is snug. The two filters are now both connected to the lid.
  3. Give everything a gentle rinse.
  4. Replace the lid (with 2 filters connected) into the bottle. The ceramic filter is protected in there.
  5. Now you are ready to go!

Directions for Use:

  1. Pour any water into the bottle [even untreated river or lake water].
  2. Screw the lid on.
  3. Close the air valve [clockwise] near the rubber bulb.
  4. Squeeze the bulb until water starts to flow out of the spout hose.
  5. Continue to squeeze if needed to keep the water-flow going.
  6. Adjust the air valve to regulate the water flow.
  7. Drink clean, purified water!

Cleaning the Ceramic Filter

If it starts to become difficult to pump the water through, then it's time to clean the C-1 ceramic filter. Remove the C-1 ceramic filter and lightly scrub with your fingers or with the abrasive paper that is supplied. Don't over-do it, just a light once-over should work. Once the outer layer of scale is off the water will pump through the filter freely again. If needed, repeat the process. Eventually after years of use, the C-1 ceramic filter may wear thin from repeated scrubbing or accidental breakage. That would be the time to replace it. 


Portable Water Filter Bottle [On the Inside]

Output flow-rate: About 1/2 liter per minute.
Weight: 230 grams
Dimensions: 7.3 x 26.5 cm
Material: Stainless steel, ABS plastic, Ceramic, Nano-metal clusters filter media, Activated carbon.

Check out the demo of this below: