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How Does John Ellis Water Compare With Ionized Water and Hydrogen Water?

Posted by Alkaline Water Plus on

I just posted a new product on my website, called the John Ellis Living Water Machine. I've also been testing and comparing the John Ellis machine to ionized water and to hydrogen water for about a month now. So, I plan to share what I've learned in this post.

John Ellis Water (Overview)

You should definitely see the actual product page for a full, detailed, account of the John Ellis Living Water Machine. It is a unique machine from top to bottom, and it has attracted a fair amount of attention over the years for being able to produce healing water. At the request of a few customers, I became aware of and got interested in the John Ellis machine. I decided to buy one to see how John Ellis water compared with ionized water and hydrogen water. 

The John Ellis Machine is basically a water distiller. But, unlike any other water distiller it is designed to rapidly heat and cool the water several times per minute. Doing this excites the water and expands the hydrogen bond angles. Normal water has hydrogen bond angles of 104-degrees (which according to John Ellis is 4 degrees smaller than it was prior to the industrial age. Just plain heating the water will expand hydrogen bond angles, but then when it cools it goes back to its original angle. When you use a normal distiller, after the water cools, the hydrogen bond angle is even less than the tap water (101 degrees). But when rapid heating/cooling occurs, as in what the John Ellis machine does, the hydrogen bond angle expands and then stays at the expanded 114-degrees even after it's cooled.

The reason the hydrogen bond angle is significant is that when water has a greater bond angle (between the two hydrogens) it is theorized to be able to give more energy to the body once it's inside the body. It is difficult to know exactly what happens inside the body with these various waters (john ellis water, hydrogen water, ionized water, distilled water, etc.), and I've come across many theories about these waters over the years. I personally feel that the proof of any theory should be in the "pudding". In other words, if there are quite a few testimonial-style results reported, along with other scientific evidence, I will tend to believe there is at least something to it. That's when I will try it, and trying it (for me) is my final answer on whether I feel a theory of something being good for the body, or "healing" to the body, is correct or not.

I haven't actually made up my mind, one way or the other, whether I feel John Ellis water is specifically beneficial to my body or not. I will need more time to try it. But I am impressed with a few of the stories I have heard about the John Ellis water.

  • It has been shown to "cure" soured wells and polluted fields (many of them). Environmentally, I think this is significant. Some of the polution was radio-active, and so that is very impressive.
  • It was invented by John Ellis to specifically cure him of tumors, which it did do.
  • Others have reported having been cured by John Ellis water.
  • The Sloan-Kettering institute has been reported to have purchased and used several John Ellis machines over the years, and some evidence exists that they feel it has been shown to be beneficial to their cancer patients.

Other than the claims of being healing water, and the fact of being H2O (i.e., water) that's about all of the similarities that I have found to ionized water or hydrogen water. For instance, the pH of John Ellis distilled water is the same as the pH of other distilled water: about 4 (very acidic). There is no free-hydrogen or antioxidants of any kind that the John Ellis water contains. Theoretically, John Ellis water will help your body create free-hydrogen antioxidants, but that is strictly theory, and can't be measured. Maybe it does, but I just don't know.

I'm not aware of any machine I can buy that actually measures the hydrogen bond angle of water. John Ellis states that the change in bond angle has been proven.

The John Ellis machine comes with a one-year warranty.

Ionized Water (Overview)

Ionized water has been studied for over 40 years, by many researchers, clinicians, and consumers. 

There are definite properties of the water that can be measured. For instance, the pH of the water is raised at the alkaline pole of a water ionizer and the at the acidic pole one can see there is a lower pH. Also, there is a distinct and measurable ORP (oxidation reduction potential) improvement when you ionize the water. 

Water ionizers split the water into two streams, and in doing so they micro-cluster the water. In other words, the ionized water will have fewer other water molecules that it's bonded to, which is theorized to make it more easily absorbable to the body. Another good benefit of splitting the water into two streams is that fluoride, which is acidic, is then removed from the drinking water. 

Some water ionizers also test quite high in molecular hydrogen (a special form of hydrogen gas which is proven in many clinical trials to be therapeutic and act as a very powerful antioxidant).

Ionized water is also very easy to use. Normally all one does is hook it up to one's water supply (either the faucet or direct plumbed), then turn a knob every time you want ionized water. 

Another thing about water ionizers that makes me like them better than the other "healing-water devices" I'm describing in this post is the fact that they usually come with filters in them (which vary from "good" to "best in the world" levels of filtration).

The water ionizer industry is very competitive and this is super good for the consumer, because the average water ionizer warranty is some form of "limited lifetime". So, into the future a consumer can expect lots of support if anything goes wrong with their water ionizer.

I have been drinking ionized water for over 25 years, and have personal knowledge of the healing benefits of it.

Hydrogen Water (Overview)

Hydrogen water machines are fairly new, and there is no way they are anywhere close to offering warranties like one can get with a water ionizer. They are typically less costly, upfront, than a water ionizer. They don't split or micro-cluster the water, so do not change the pH of the water, however they do increase the Oxidation Reduction Potential (negative-ORP) of the water and produce measurable levels of molecular hydrogen.

There are quite a few different types of hydrogen water machines, and not all hydrogen machines are good and healthy to use. The hydrogen water machines that use DuPont's SPE/PEM membrane are actually the only hydrogen water machines I would recommend.

Hydrogen water machines come with usually a one-year warranty.

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Cathleen Lograsso

Cathleen LoGrasso

Cathleen was a teacher/principal for 24 years and has been drinking ionized water for about 25 years. She created Alkaline Water Plus to educate people about the benefits of ionized water.

"The very best thing I have ever purchased is a WATER IONIZER!" Cathleen LoGrasso, Owner/CEO Alkaline Water Plus

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