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Water Ionizer Face-Off #5: KYK Generation II vs. Jupiter Melody Water Ionizers

Posted by Alkaline Water Plus on

Today I compared two middle-priced water ionizers, the KYK water ionizer vs Jupiter Melody water ionizer. The KYK  water ionizer is programmable, so I set it to the highest possible settings. Even so, the KYK water ionizer still did not compare as well as the Jupiter Melody water ionizer, but they were close.

You can see the videos, followed by the charts and commentaries here. The first two videos are when I compared the two water ionizers prior to customizing the programmable settings. The results were poor for the KYK, so I reprogrammed it to be set at the highest possible settings for each level. Then the last two videos show the reprogramming followed by the 2nd set of tests.

KYK at default settings

11/4/ KYK/Melody-1 KYK Melody
Level 1


9.0/-330 Better

Level 2


9.8/-745 Better

Level  3


10.4/-783 Better

Level 4


10.9 Better [for emulsifying oils]



2.3 Better [for killing germs]

KYK at highest settings

11/4/ KYK/Melody-1a KYK Melody
Level 1


10.0/-745 Far Better

Level 2


10.3/-766 Far Better

Level  3

10.5/-778 Better [because the pH is more drinkable]


Level 4

11.1 Tiny bit better [for emulsifying oils]




2.3 Better [for killing germs faster]

Here are my comments about today’s water ionizer comparisons:

  • I’m ignoring the first set of results, because the programming of the KYK Generation II was not at the highest settings. But with the 2nd set of tests, the Melody still did better.
  • The Melody’s results for levels 1 and 2 were far better than the KYK and they had almost perfect ionized water results.
  • At Level 3 the KYK did a little better than the Melody at level 3, because the pH was at a more drinkable level. However, if you compared the Level 3 of the KYK with Level 2 of the Melody, you can see the ORP is almost identical with the Melody’s pH even more drinkable.
  • At Level 4 the difference of 1/10th of a pH point is negligible, and both water ionizes’ high alkaline results were plenty high enough to emulsify oils.
  • The Melody had a slightly better low acidic pH, but both water ionizers’ low acid pH results were plenty low enough to kill germs.

This was part 5 of a series of water ionizer comparison tests that I have called Water Ionizer Face-Off. So far I have compared…

#1 The Tyent vs. the Enagic …got a near tie between the two water ionizers but Tyent won. 


#2 The Melody vs the Enagic …got a near tie [Enagic only a little better] between the two water ionizers.https://alkalinewaterplus.com/blog/water-ionizer-face-off-2-enagic-3800-ionizer-vs-jupiter-melody-water-ionizers/

#3 The Tyent Turbo vs the Chanson Miracle …Tyent was the winner. https://alkalinewaterplus.com/blog/water-ionizer-face-off-3-tyent-turbo-vs-chanson-miracle-water-ionizers/

#4 The Enagic Kangen Water Ionizer [SD501] vs the Jupiter Athena …got a near tie [Athena a bit better]…https://alkalinewaterplus.com/blog/water-ionizer-face-off-4-enagic-sd501-3800-water-vs-jupiter-athena-water-ionizers/

#5 KYK Generation II vs. Jupiter Melody Water Ionizers …The Jupiter Melody was the winner [today’s post]

For now this is the last round of Alkaline Water Plus’s Water Ionizer Face-Off Competitions. I have gathered a lot of good information so far and that will have to do until I continue these Face-Off Competitions at some point after the holidays [or sooner if there seems to be a real need].

My overall rankings for the water ionizers compared based on the results in this 5-part Water Ionizer Face-Off Competition are:

Category #1:  Best Water Ionizers [Jupiter Athena Water Ionizer, Tyent Turbo Water Ionizer, and Enagic LeveLuk SD 501 Kangen Water Ionizer]

Category #2:  Better Water Ionizer [Jupiter Melody Water Ionizer]

Category #3:  Good Water Ionizers [Chanson Miracle Water Ionizer and KYK Generation II Water Ionizer]

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