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At Alkaline Water Plus every water ionizer we sell is awesome! Scroll down to see all of our water ionizers, below, or get more detailed company information along with narrowing your search by selecting one of these links.  

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Why Buy Your Water Ionization System From Alkaline Water Plus?

You get the best selection of alkaline water ionizers on the market! We make it our job to offer the best water ionizers; to know all of our water ionizers in every way; and to test and compare them with with all of the other water ionizers available in the US [after we've quality-checked them to ensure they're worthy of testing]. Our water ionizers have a high customer satisfaction and low return rate.

Water Ionizers and Related Products We Don't Sell [With Explanations]

We give our customers the best possible care and service. We are open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We are a family owned & family run business and collectively have more experience with ionized water than any other water ionizer dealer in the US! We try to simplify your water ionizer purchase in every way...with honest, factual information, videos, low-price guarantee, free financing, free water analysis, and in every other way we can.

We offer you genuine 60-Day customer satisfaction guarantees. Most of our competitors charge you their re-stocking fees if you return your water ionizer during your 60-day trial period [look at the fine print]. We offer a true free trial period for your water ionization system [no re-stocking fee] if you should not be satisfied.

    Jupiter Water Ionizers

    Jupiter is a true leader in the water ionizer industry. Jupiter Science has more awards and more open-book information about themselves than any other water ionizer company [see below for a full description of the company, the products and proof of their certifications]. We're proud to offer you a full line of Jupiter products. At Alkaline Water Plus you get the best deal possible on every purchase of Jupiter water ionizers.
    Alkaline Water Plus has an abundance of information and great deals for Jupiter water ionizers and filters.

    Jupiter Water Ionizers

    Buy Jupiter Athena Water IonizerThe Jupiter Athena water ionizer has terriffic, state-of-the-art performance, filtration and features which bring water ionizer technology to a new level of quality and value!
    Buy Jupiter Melody Water IonizerThe Jupiter Melody water ionizer is very well-built and has state-of-the-art performance. We offer comparison testing of the Melody water ionizer!
     excellent ionization capabilities and filtration! [Makes music while it pours].
    Buy Jupiter Ultra-Delphi Undersink Water IonizerThe Jupiter Ultra-Delphi water ionizer has advanced plate-design, continuous cleaning, and superior filtration & ionization. Buy now for fast shipping!
    Buy Jupiter Venus Water IonizerBuy the Jupiter Venus Water Ionizer with efficient ionization and excellent filtration. This product rated very highly from our Venus Water Ionizer review.

    Samsung Water Ionizer

    Samsung engineers chose to partner with Emco Tech - the manufacturer which uses the most efficient and powerful, high quality water ionization technology in the world. The result is THE next generation Samsung Vesta GL ionizer. With the most advanced features and technology, and backed up by Emco Tech/Samsung durability and performance, the Vesta GL will provide you with years of the highest quality performance.
    Alkaline Water offers the most amount of information, testing and demonstrations of the Samsung Vesta GL water ionizer. Come browse!

    Samsung Water Ionizers

    Buy Samsung 9-Plate Vesta GL Water IonizerThe Samsung Vesta GL water ionizer has advanced electronics, outstanding filtration, continuous plate-cleaning, fast flow-rate with very high pH/ORP performance.

    Nexus Water Ionizers

    Nexus is LG Electronics' brand of water ionizer. Nexus has partnered with Entech, the oldest and largest water ionizer manufacturer in Korea, to create a new five-large-plate, top-of-the-line water ionizer.
    Huge 40% off SALE going on right now! Come browse our Nexus water ionizers. These are awesome alkaline water machines!

    Nexus Water Ionizers

    Buy Nexus Smart Water IonizerThe new Nexus SMart Water Ionizer has five-large-plates, continuous cleaning, and has the performance of a top-of-the-line water ionizer.
    Buy Nexus U-Blue Undercounter Water IonizerThe new Nexus U-Blue Water Ionizer is a very sharp-looking, top-performing, continuous cleaning, undercounter water ionizer.
    Buy Nexus X-Blue Water IonizerYou can feel sure that you are able to get high ORP and a great pH range, excellent filtration, and superior design with the brand new Nexus X-Blue water ionizer!

    Chanson Water Ionizers

    Chanson Water Ionizers are established in Taiwan and have a US warehouse & repair depot. Chanson, a 30-year-old water/health manufacturing company makes the number one selling ionizers in Taiwan.
    Alkaline Water Plus is authorized to sell Chanson Water Ionizers BELOW factory prices. Come browse!

    Chanson Water Ionizers

    Buy Chanson Miracle MAX. Water IonizerBuy the Chanson Miracle MAX water ionizer at Alkaline Water Plus. You may not need all the features but you’ll WANT them!
    Buy Chanson Miracle Water Ionizer

    Buy the Chanson Miracle water ionizer - the worlds smallest countertop water ionizer - from Alkaline Water Plus. We review & test EVERY product we sell!

    Buy Chanson VS-70 Water IonizerThe Chanson VS-70 Water Ionizer is easy to use and install.

    KYK Water Ionizers

    KYK water ionizers are very popular in Korea. They are high-quality, mid-priced water ionizers. 
    Alkaline Water Plus is an authorized dealer for all KYK water ionizers, filters and accessories. Come browse!

    KYK Water Ionizers

    Buy KYK G2 Genesis Water IonizerBuy the KYK Generation 2 Genesis Water Ionizer from Alkaline Water Plus - home of comprehensive reviews, comparisons & great service!

    Electric Water Ionizers Qualify for Low Price Guarantee At Alkaline Water Plus we have a LOW PRICE GUARANTEE!

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