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Ionic Hair Brush


The Ionic Hair Brush is a great tool to help keep your hair healthy, shiny, and tangle-free, even in the winter-time! I personally have two of these great ionic hair brushes, because my hair looks so much shinier and smoother when it's brushed with this particular brush. I also use this brush on the skin of my arms and face. It has healing qualities and helps to make skin soft and beautiful. This 40-second video shows the high volume of antioxidants this brush can put out. At one point in the video the antioxidant-levels get so high it goes out of the meter's range to measure! Wonderful brush!

I use this hairbrush exclusively and love it! I'm very happy it still works perfectly after 2 1/2 years!  


  • The Ionic Hair Brush instantly releases tens of millions of negative ions during use.
  • Makes hair smooth and eliminates static electricity
  • Vibration massage improves circulation


  • Uses 2 AAA Batteries (not included). 
  • There is no cord to restrict you in any way while using this brush. Just throw it in your bag and go. 
  • Material: ABS
  • Negative Ions (Antioxidants) + vibrating = Healthy Head and Hair
  • Unit weight: 130g  (4.6 oz.)


  • Position 1: The red indicator light means the negative-ion function is on.
  • Position 2: The green indicator light means you have both ion function and intermittent massage function.
  • Turn the power button off between uses. 

What are ions?

  • Ions are particles formed by oxygen combined with water molecules. Ions are very tiny and not visible, but they are very powerful in promoting healthy cells and hair.

How does the Ionic Hair Brush Work?

  • Usually, hair carries a positive charge. If the hair is exposed to ions with negative charges, not only will the static electricity in the hair be eliminated, but the flexibility of the hair can also be improved. The ions can penetrate into every strand of hair to wrap and protect it, keeping the hair’s moisture, shine and ionic stability.
  • The skin reacts similarly to the hair with this brush. Skin rarely gets enough exposure to negative ions, and what I've noticed with this brush is that when it's used on the skin it has healing and softening qualities.

3-Month Warranty