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MiZ Hydrogen Test Kit


The MiZ H2 Test reagent can be used to measure dissolved hydrogen in water. About 500 drops per bottle.



Collect a water sample in the vial provided. Add one drop at a time of MiZ H2 Test reagent drops to the water sample. If the water turns clear, add another drop. Count the drops until the water will no longer turn clear. This is the parts per billion of molecular hydrogen in that water sample.



See video for a Sample H2 Test reagent demo.

Note: No matter what type of ORP or molecular hydrogen tester or solution you buy, there is no guarantee as to what results customers will get when they test. There are too many variables with ORP and Molecular Hydrogen testing to guarantee these results. Make sure to fill the sample up to the "6 ml" mark. The blue drops are not a reliable method of determining H2 levels by themselves. One should always check the results with another method (Hydrogen or ORP meter) to get further validation of the results you think you got. Both the age of the drops and size of the drops affect the results. How much stirring affects the results. Using these drops for H2 testing requires the highest level of care and expertise to be even remotely accurate. The application of drops has to be such that you get the smallest drop possible (which is hard to do). Turning the bottle completely, 180-degrees, upside-down is best, but even then the drop sizes vary. So, be aware of this. You also have to do the least amount of stirring possible. I always use several testers and test-methods in order to know if my results with the drops are reliable or not. 

When we do any testing we use years of laboratory testing experience and brand new, and/or newly prepped, verified products to test with. We give advice as to how to care for your ORP/Molecular Hydrogen testing meters, but that is the best we can do.