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Ionpia H2 Hydrogen Water Generator


Product Description

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The Ionpia H2 hydrogen water generator is a special kind of hydrogen water machine. It is not like any other Proton Exchange Membrane and Solid Polymer Electrolyte system (SPE-PEM for short) for producing hydrogen rich water. It is literally the most advanced hydrogen water generator of its class.

  1. Step one is for water from your faucet (or direct-plumbed) is carried through a 1/4 inch hose to the IonPia Hydrogen Water Generator. You can set the flow-rate for greater-lesser strength of hydrogen antioxidants in the water.
  2. Your source water is next put through very fine filters to thoroughly clean it of chlorine, heavy metals, and other contaminants. In this step your water is thoroughly cleaned (filtered).
  3. The third step is for the clean water to travel into the IonPia's large SPE-PEM hydrogen pumping system which infuses powerful H2 antioxidants into every drop of water. 
    • Stage one of Hydrogen Water Generation begins in the Purifier, which removes all minerals from the water. The minerals are not discharged or wasted. They are diverted to an internal tank momentarily for the pure water to more effectively take on the maximum amount (saturation levels) of molecular hydrogen antioxidants.
    • After the pure water is saturated with molecular hydrogen, it is then mixed back in with the mineral-rich water that was momentarily removed in the earlier step.

Hydrogen Water Machines vs Water Ionizers

The Ionpia can function without producing 2 streams of water. The water that comes out has as much healthy calcium in it as the source water (not more or less, just the same). Whereas water ionizers split the water and the alkaline stream (drinking water) has more of the healthy alkaline minerals in it, such as calcium, magnesium and potassium, than the source water.

Hydrogen water machines don't split the water into two streams like  alkaline ionized water ionizer,. Instead, using the latest SPE-PEM technology, the Ionpia hydrogen machine's ionized water comes out of just one spout. Whatever your source water's pH is will most likely not change with the IonPia H2 Hydrogen Water Generator, but the water will be very well filtered and packed with medical-levels of H2 antioxidants.

Typically I can expect between 1.2 and 1.5 ppm of molecular hydrogen antioxidants depending on the flow-rate I set the machine on. This testing is using the Trustlex meter, the most reliable and standard method of measuring H2 Antioxidants in water. For more information on the importance of H2 antioxidants read these articles:

The Ionpia Works With ANY Water Softness or Hardness

The Ionpia Water Machine works with any kind of source water: hard, soft or anything in-between. Because of the special, patented, Stage 1 process (described under Step 3, above) even if you use a whole-house water softener in your home, the Ionpia with work with that water to purify it and pump high levels of Hydrogen into the water.

Easy Installation

Setting up the new Ionpia H2 Hydrogen Water Generator is easy. It comes fully assembled, and just needs to hook in to your water supply. In a few short steps you will be using it to fill your glass with wonderful-tasting, refreshing, antioxidant-packed water. 

Instant, Continuous-Flow of Hydrogen Water Production

The Ionpia H2 produces hydrogen water instantly, without a wait. This is a very special and unique feature of the IonPia. Most comparable Hydrogen Water Generators will create the water in batches, taking from a few minutes up to 30 minutes to make. With the IonPia H2, you simply put your glass under the spout and pour. That's all you do. It's so simple a child can do it, and there is absolutely no reason why this wouldn't be the only water you or your child drinks. It is coming out the same pH as your tap water and is packed with molecular hydrogen antioxidants, which are well documented as safe and which have unlimited potential for their health benefits.

Another huge difference between the IonPia and other molecular hydrogen water generators is the excellence of filtration of the water. Most hydrogen water generators do not filter the water, or only filter it a tiny bit. This technology has been developed specifically for it's capability of producing high levels of molecular Hydrogen and for the purity and safety of output water.

Flow-Control at the Spout

The Ionpia now has flow-control right at the spout. This is an upgrade from the earlier version that had a fixed flow-rate built in. You can choose more or less concentration of molecular hydrogen pumping into the water by slowing down or speeding up the water flow.

In the second video you can see the IonPia get .5 ppm of molecular hydrogen using the blue drops. I've actually gotten up to .7 ppm of molecular hydrogen with the IonPia when I've slowed the flow-rate down to about 1 liter per minute. The IonPia pumps molecular hydrogen into the water, as you can see instantly, on demand.


Power: SMPS Power Supply (can be used with both 110v and 220v inter-changeably)

Dimensions: Length: 14", Width: 5", Height: 13.5"

Weight: 10 pounds

Best Flow-Rate: 1 Liter Per Minute

Filter Life: 700 Gallons [Replacement Filters]

Comes with both a faucet diverter and a Tee (to suite your choice for installation to the water supply).

Warranty: 3 Years Full (100% Parts & Labor) 

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