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  • Ionpia H2 Hydrogen Water Generator
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Ionpia H2 Hydrogen Water Generator


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The Ionpia H2 hydrogen water generator is a special kind of water ionizer. Inside the machine is a hydrogen pumping system which infuses powerful H2 antioxidants into every drop of water that flows through. It doesn't split the water into two streams like a typical alkaline ionized water ionizer, though. Instead, using the latest pumping technology, the Ionpia hydrogen machine's ionized water comes out of just one spout. Whatever your source water's pH is will most likely not change with the H2 Hydrogen Water Generator, but the water will be packed with medical-levels of H2 antioxidants. For more information on the importance of H2 antioxidants read these articles:

The Ionpia Water Machine works with any kind of source water: hard, soft or anything in-between. The combination of filters will clean the water to high levels of purity. 

Setting up the new Ionpia H2 Hydrogen Water Generator is easy. In a few short steps you will be using it to fill your glass with wonderful-tasting, refreshing, antioxidant-packed water. Watch this 45-second video for a demonstration. 


Power: 12 volts SMPS

Dimensions: Length: 14", Width: 5", Height: 13.5"

Weight: 10 pounds

Best Flow-Rate: 1 Liter Per Minute

Filtration: 2 Filters: Carbon Block and .01 Hollow Membrane. The IonPia's filters are great, but if you want to add UltraWater filtration to that you can select that in the options.

Filter Life: 700 Gallons

Warranty: 3 Years Full (Parts/Labor) & 5 Years Labor


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