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Life Water Ionizers

LIFE Water Ionizers [Lifeionizers]

Lifeionizers are sub-standard water ionizers made by a small and unknown manufacturer. The number of engineers on the R & D team is very low compared to the larger, more well-established and experienced, water ionizer development companies. The principles employed by Lifeionizers, of continuing to add more plates and more watts to their alkaline water machines [similar to what Tyent does]  is not a sound or safe principle, electronically. 

Here is an easier way of looking at the electronics and plates issue with water ionizers: If you put five 100-watt light bulbs into a single lamp, it's fine as long as you've engineered it with a safe number of watts, but if you keep adding 100w light bulbs to a 110v piece of equipment you will soon come to a point that with each added light bulb it's becoming more unsafe. It's more efficient and safer to re-design the light bulb to put out more light using less watts. More bulbs does not mean a better lamp and more plates does not mean a better water ionizer. Just as a side-note, every time you add more plates or increase the the mass of the plates you have to add more watts, just to get the same output. After testing many water ionizers over the years, I can tell you that I am right about this The large R & D teams who have re-designed the water ionizer cells to more efficiently use the electricity and continuously-clean the plates have spent their R & D money wisely and gone the right direction toward modernizing the electronics within their water ionizers. 

Alkaline Water Plus used to carry Life Water Ionizers, but after we got serious about testing all of the water ionizers, it led up to conflict with Lifeionizers. The Lifeionizer company continuously boasted about how they were better because they used more plates, watts, etc., but they thwarted our repeated attempts to test the Life water ionizers or to even just go and visit them. The only testing I had seen for Life water ionizers at the time was testing done by a PHD scientist and his team at Silver State Laboratory in Nevada. The scientist was commissioned to perform several independent tests of several water ionizers and was no way influenced by any bias. The only water ionizer brand that did poorly in that testing was Life water ionizers. The Lifeionizers company, EarthTrade Water, did not want that video shown! So, I thought, "Okay...well I'll do my own testing then," but Lifeionizers would have none of that. There was constant conflict with Lifeionizers, and our leaving the Life water ionizer company was a mutual decision at the point that we did.  We eventually did test Lifeionizers ourselves and found them to be only fair.

You can read more about why we don't recommend Life Ionizers here:


More Reasons Why Life alkaline water ionizers are no longer carried by us.

The older Life water ionizers, which go by the names Life 7600, Life 8100, Life 9100, Life 9200, were shown to be poor by SilverState labs, but now there is a new-generation series of Life water ionizers, called the Life M7, M9, M11 and M13. We've extensively tested the Life M7 [at great wasted expense] only to find out that it was also a poor water ionizer.

Life Water Ionizers are trademarks belonging to Earthtrade Water. Alkaline Water Plus is no longer associated or affiliated with Earthtrade Water, these trademarks or with Life water ionizers: The Life water ionizers are all no longer offered by us. 

Customers of Lifeionizers [Earthtrade Water] have published numerous complaints. So, for that and the above several reasons, I just won't deal with the Lifeionizer Company.