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DigiFlow 8000T Digital Water Flow Meter (Filter Counter)


Product Description

The DigiFlow 8000T Digital Water Filter Counter and Flow-Meter is a great way to keep track of when to change your water filters. It is a reliable, electronic, digital water filter counter. The DigiFlow 8000T can be set to measure as many gallons that flow through your water filters as you want. At any time during the filter's life-cycle you can push the "display" button to see the digital water filter counter readout and water flow calculator. The digital water filter counter tells you how many gallons of filter-life you have left and notifies you when it's time to change your filters. If ever the batteries in the DigiFlow water filter counter go out, the water meter will alert you with a periodic beep, similar to a smoke detector.

The DigiFlow 8000T Water Flow Meter Filter Counter Will Not Lose It's Memory - Even if Your Batteries Die

Unless you re-set the timer yourself, intentionally, the DigiFlow 8000T will remember how many gallons were used and days have passed. 

Uses for a Digital Water Filter Meter

If you have a water filter system, such as the H3, PureEasy, reverse osmosis or any other water filter system that doesn't come with a water filter counter to tell you when it's time to change the filters, then you need a digital filter meter. There are no better digital water flow meters than the DigiFlow 8000T Digital Water Flow Meter (Filter Counter).

Ease of Use

Alkaline Water Plus has had the DigiFlow 8000T customized to have 1/4 inch quick-connect fittings on each end. This gives you the added convenience of not needing to install these fittings yourself. The water flow meter is ready to use, as it is, with any water ionizer or water filter system that uses 1/4 inch hosing. All you need to do to install this flowmeter is to cut the 1/4 inch hosing at any spot along the line and push the ends of the hosing into the fittings firmly until they're seated. There is an embossed arrow at the top of the meter, showing you that the direction of water flow should be from left to right.

Features of  DigiFlow 8000T Flow Meters

* Monitors a single filter or filter System
* Displays the accumulated volume flowing through
* Displays up to 200,000 gallons (does not display liters)
* Built-in audio/visual alarm alerts user for filter change
* Status is automatically memorized when power is off
* Timing setting range: 30-720 days

Dimension: 2.75 x 2.5 x 2 inches

1/4 inch quick-connect input/output.
Uses 2 AAA batteries [not included]

See our Blog Post about DigiFlow 8000T Flowmeters

How to Use the DigiFlow 8000T Digital Counter for Water Flow

Once you follow the simple directions to set up the DigiFlow 8000T, all you need to do is push "Display" once to show you your remaining gallons left and if you set it up to also measure the time [in days] left on your filters you can push "Display" a second time to see how many days are left. The DigiFlow 8000T also shows the flow-rate of the water flow as you are pouring water through the filters. Before you set the meter up, the display will only show "0 g/m". This is the factory setting. To get the flow-meter personalized to what you want it to measure, follow the directions, below.

How to Set up the DigiFlow 8000T Filter Counter

1. Install the DigiFlow so as to have the water input come in from the right side of the machine. In other words, water will flow from right to left.

2. Push "Display" once; then push/hold "Display" and, while holding the button push the "Reset" button. You'll see the screen flash, which means you are in the set-mode. [Note: You'll need a pointy object such as a paper clip to push the "Reset" button.] Now let go of both buttons. The screen is still flashing, waiting for you to set the gallons. After setting it for the number of gallons you want, it will start counting down as you use it. 

3. To set the Gallons-Counter: While in set mode, you see the number of gallons flashing will say "Off" or some number. When you push "Display" again it will show 100, then pushing "Display" again and again, will increase the gallons by 100 with each push. When you get to the number of gallons you want, then stop pushing "Display" and push the "Reset" button once more. Doing this will automatically bring you to a screen that shows days. This is where you set the time-counter function if you want it. The screen for days will say "Off", and if you don't want the time function, then leave it there and push "Reset" once more. [Note: The number of gallons capacity of the DigiFlow 8000T is 200,000. If you accidentally pass the number of gallons you want, you will need to cycle through all the way past 200,000 and "OFF" and then back to the number of gallons you want. A quick way to cycle through all the numbers is to push/hold "Display" and then let go and do single pushes when you're getting close to the number you want.]

4. To set the Time-Counter: after step 2 you are ready to set the maximum number of days you want for your water filter counter. If you don't want the time-counter function, and the screen says anything other than "Off", then you should continue pushing "Display" until you see the word "Off" appear and leave it there and push "Reset" to end the programming. [Note: The maximum number of days that the DigiFlow 8000T can be set for is 720. Each time you push "Display" it will increase the number of days by 30. You can speed up the ability to cycle through to the number you want by push/holding the Display button. Then do single pushes when you get close to the number of days you want.

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