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H2 Series Water Ionizers & Filters

H2 Series Water Ionizers

At Alkaline Water Plus we have fully tested the H2 Series water ionizers and can say that we haven't found better water ionizers than these anywhere.

For the H2 Series water ionizers, they come with two filters installed. The right-side filter is called the prefilter and the left-side filter is called the secondary filter. The AlkaViva company has developed proprietary, patented UltraWater filters to the H2 Series water ionizers. The reason the UltraWater filters are better than any other one is that they use a special method, borrowed from the NASA space program's filtration technology, which forms the filter media into a block. The result is 99% of contaminant removal vs. about 85%.  

H2 water ionizers have limited lifetime warranties from AlkaViva