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Lemonade with Ionized Water [Acidic or Alkaline?] Also, What’s the ORP?

At the request of a customer I made and tested some lemonade today with ionized water from my Athena water ionizer. Lemons are known to be one of those fruits that are acidic, when tested before consumption, but have an alkalizing effect on the body. The reason for this is that the ash of lemons [the residue [...]

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Water Ionizer Remedies

The following “remedies” are solely the opinion of webmaster, Cathie LoGrasso. Cathie is a self-taught nutritional enthusiast with a masters’ degree in education and almost two decades of experience with drinking alkaline ionized water [not to mention a family of seven]. Please write to Cathie at support@alkalinewaterplus.com if you have any questions about this page or website [...]

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Different Types of Plates in Water Ionizers-Which one is the Best?

All water ionizers should have platinum coated titanium plates. This is the basis of sound and safe electrolysis. Never accept any water ionizer that has plates made of anything else. The safety and stability of the water ionizer is dependent on this above all other factors. Do not accept “platinum-titanium alloys”. The word alloy means [...]

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Water Ionizers do not Always Work the Same in Every Location!

A few weeks ago my father, who has a Jupiter Melody water ionizer, sold his house in South Carolina and moved to upstate New York to live with my sister. He, of course brought his water ionizer with him. He had been getting great, high pH, alkaline ionized water, along with the accompanying health benefits, [...]

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Why You Should Get a Shower Filter?

I had a customer say some really great things about our Vitamin C shower filter that we sell. It inspired me to do a little research on shower filters and specifically why Vitamin C is an important factor. Why A Shower Filter?1. We absorb more chlorine from our skin than we do from drinking water.2. While taking [...]

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Installing and Adjusting the Chanson VS-70 Water Ionizer

Testing  the Chanson VS-70’s pH and ORPWhy would I need to test the pH and ORP of the VS 70 water ionizer? The reason is that the VS 70 water ionizer is programmable and in order to get the best results, it should be programmed for the specific source water where it will be used.The first [...]

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Reverse Osmosis- Pros and Cons as Compared to Water Ionizers

Reverse Osmosis is considered one of the best forms of filtration.  A lot of people have RO machines that think that they are drinking really healthy water.  I would like to shed some light on this subject and relate/compare it to alkaline ionized water, which you would get from an alkaline water machine [AKA… water ionizer].What [...]

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Distilled Water vs. Alkaline Ionized Water

I was doing a little research on distilled water verses ionized water, and I found some pretty interesting things.  I have a few friends who insist on drinking distilled water because their rationale is: it does not have any chemicals in it and it is pure water, so it obviously is “good for you”. This [...]

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Question and Answer on the Health Benefits of Calcium in Alkaline Ionized Water

What are the health benefits of calcium in alkaline ionized water?I have gotten this question regarding the health benefits of calcium in alkaline ionized water in one form or another many times.  I’d like to address it here:Question: “I boiled my alkaline ionized water and I saw some white flecks.  What are they?”Answer: The white flecks in your alkaline ionized water [...]

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Demonstrating The City Water Test Kit

I get many questions about water quality and filtration, and where there is uncertainty about a person’s water quality I often recommend using one of my test kits. The main reasons for uncertainty about water quality are: 1) a person has their own well and they don’t regularly test all of the elements of water [...]

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Cathleen Lograsso

Cathleen LoGrasso

Cathleen was a teacher/principal for 24 years and has been drinking ionized water for about 25 years. She created Alkaline Water Plus to educate people about the benefits of ionized water.

"The very best thing I have ever purchased is a WATER IONIZER!" Cathleen LoGrasso, Owner/CEO Alkaline Water Plus

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