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Smart-Enagic Comparison

The Smart Water Ionizer Has Amazingly Good Results! This Smart-Enagic comparison testing had surprising results! The Enagic, which refers to themselves as Kangen Water, is almost four times the price, but for drinking-levels of ionized water is not better. I think it’s impressive that the Nexus Smart at 10.5 pH had an ORP [antioxidant levels] of -828 [...]

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How To Get Your Free Tap Water Quality Report

Our current US drinking standards were set, back in 2001, and municipalities of course try to comply with these. For the most part water companies, nationwide, are doing a pretty good job of meeting the US standards of water filtration. However the EWG [Environmental Working Group] has criticized these US standards, set in 2001, as being [...]

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What are Alkaline Foods and Why Should We Eat Them?

An Acidic Body Creates Illness!Acidic foods, such as fast-food, meats, refined flours, sugars, agricultural chemicals [such as pesticides], and soft drinks are dominating our culture and diets. Because of this we over-produce acid wastes within our bodies [tissues, cells, joints, and organs], and they get trapped there. An overly acidic body is known to produce a long [...]

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Vesta-Tyent-Smart Comparisons

For the past few weeks I’ve done a huge amount of Vesta-Tyent-Smart comparisons and testing of the new Tyent MMP-11 water ionizer. This post will compare the MMP 11 with the Vesta and the Nexus “Smart” Water Ionizer. Tyent MMP11 vs Vesta water ionizers I ran both water ionizers using a fairly fast flow rate. They were both [...]

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Tyent MMP11 vs Enagic Water Ionizers

Tyent’s New MMP11 Water Ionizer is About Equal to the Enagic The new Tyent 11-plate water ionizer performs about the same as the Tyent 9090 water ionizer. In this particular test I’m comparing it with the Enagic SD-501 water ionizer [both pouring at a fast flow-rate]. Both water ionizers are performing about equally. Here’s the video. Water Ionizer [...]

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Medical News: Hunza Water and Water Ionizers

What do Hunza Water and Water Ionizers have in Common With a Healthy Life?For hundreds of years people have been looking for the “fountain of youth”, and literally have found it with ionized water. There have been studies conducted on curative water sources [i.e., places where people regularly live far longer/healthier than the world’s averages.], such [...]

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Comparing Nexus Water Ionizers

Nexus Water Ionizers The Nexus X-Blue water ionizer and the new Nexus Smart water ionizer are both produced by outstanding Korean manufacturer, Entech. They are very reliable, and made of high-quality parts. So other than price, what’s the difference? Here is a video of both Nexus Water Ionizers compared with one another: At Level 3, the Nexus Smart [...]

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Testing Saliva PH

Testing Saliva PH is Easy!PH Test Strips – Good for Saliva, Urine and Water Testing! Alkaline Water Plus Offers them Free! These pH test strips work great for all kinds of testing.: testing saliva pH, urine pH and water pH.  It is as easy as can be to use these strips. The kits should last a [...]

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What’s Wrong With Enagic? What’s Right With Enagic?

The Enagic Company grew out of a specialty trade company (branch of Sony) and began making water ionizers in 1988. They used to go by the name Ange water ionizers. [Note: The Ange is the first water ionizer I ever owned.] The first use of the Enagic trademark was in June of 2003. I would [...]

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Bottled Water Testing PH

PH Tests Show Most Bottled Water Testing PH to be Too Acidic This video shows testing of 20 brands of bottled water testing pH and the Alkaline Plus PH Pitcher by WellBlue. For this series I focused on testing the pH-levels of the most popular bottled water brands I could find and then the Alkaline Plus Pitcher because [...]

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Cathleen Lograsso

Cathleen LoGrasso

Cathleen was a teacher/principal for 24 years and has been drinking ionized water for about 25 years. She created Alkaline Water Plus to educate people about the benefits of ionized water.

"The very best thing I have ever purchased is a WATER IONIZER!" Cathleen LoGrasso, Owner/CEO Alkaline Water Plus

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