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Alkaline Water Plus has been writing blogs about ionized water since 2008, and this is a list of all our blog posts on one page. Almost every possible topic related to ionized water has been thoroughly studied by us and reported on in these hundreds of Alkaline Water Plus blog posts, below.

Comparing the Various Molecular Hydrogen and Water Ionizer Machines

Molecular Hydrogen and Cellular Aging

Why Test Both ORP and Molecular Hydrogen?

The New Athena H2 Water Ionizer Compared With the Enagic, Smart 7P, Vesta and Jupiter

The Power of H2 Antioxidants

Why Test Both ORP and Molecular Hydrogen?

Healthy Ionizing Antioxidant Hair Brush Helps Skin Too

How to Bring the Benefits of Molecular Hydrogen to Your Skin

End-of-Year Sale on Mini Water Ionizers - Hydrogen Machines

Electric Water Ionizers Vs Hydrogen Machines & Pitchers

Molecular Hydrogen: How Important Professor Ohta's Research is to All of Medicine

Special Problems With Filtering New York City, Boston, San Francisco and Certain Other Water Supplies

The Do's and Don'ts of Healthy Weight Loss at any Age

Alkaline Water and Bone Loss

Why You Should Not Buy a 9, 11 or 13-Plate Water Ionizer

The New Athena-H2 Water Ionizer Compared With the Enagic, Tyent, Smart 7P, Vesta and Jupiter Athena

Learn 6 Secrets of Why Alkaline Ionized Water Helps People Lose Weight & Live Healthier

Alkaline Water Plus is Now Recognized as a Google Trusted Store

H2 - Antioxidant Power Over Diabetes and Other Diseases

Lowest Prices Ever on Water Ionizers New Through the End of the Year!

Jupiter Ultra-Delphi Water Ionizer's Outstanding Features

The Science Behind Structured Water and Why Our Bodies Need It

Why You Should NOT Buy a 9, 11 or 13-Plate Water Ionizer

The Value of Exercise & Alkalizing Your Body

Why & How Alkaline Water Works

The Smart 7P Water Ionizer is Better than the Enagic SD501 in Every Way

A Demo of Acidic Water: A Fantastic By-Product of Water Ionization

Top 30 Water Ionizer Uses

How Long Ionized Water Will Stay Ionized

The Many Benefits of Drinking Ionized Water During Pregnancy

Why the Athena is Better than the Enagic

DigiFlow 8000T: Getting the Best Filtered Water

Memory Loss or Dementia: How a Water Ionizer Could Help

Melody Water Ionizer Review & Demo

Nexus Water Ionizers Comparison

Water Ionizer Care: The Easiest & Best Anti-Scale Techniques

How to Transport a Water Ionizer

Alkaline Ionizer Purifier Energizer Instructions

Water Ionizer and Water Filter Installation: Installing a Tee

The Bawell Fountain Water Ionizer

Filter Housings Demo: How to Set Up, Maintain & Even Fix Them

How to Clean Hard Water Calcium Off of Your Glasses, Bottles & Pitchers

How to Program the Vesta Water Ionizer

Many Ways to Alkalize Your Body & Why

Water Ionizers Remove Fluoride!

Installation of Water Ionizers and Comparing Electric vs Filtered

What is Different About Our Water Ionizer Comparisons?

An Evaluation of Alkaline Water Ionizer Filter Devices [Non-Electric]

The Athena Water Ionizer Has Yet to be Surpassed

Nexus Undersink Water Ionizer Installation

One of the Very Best Water Ionizers: Vesta

Expensive, Inexpensive & Cheap Water Ionizers

Ionized Water Bottle for Best Storage: Vacuum Sealed

Installing Water Ionizers: Caution – Quick Connect Fittings

AlkalineWaterPlus Grand Opening of New Website!

The Ayana Vitalizer Water Ionizer

Ionizing Filters vs Electric Water Ionizers

Testing Lifeionizers M7 Water Ionizer

Why YOU are the Best Person to Filter Water to Drink

Comparing Jupiter Athena vs the Enagic SD501 for PH, ORP and Fluoride Levels

How Alkaline Water Can Help Acid Re-flux Disease

Alkaline Ionized Water | A History

Is Baking Soda an Alternative to Alkaline Ionized Water?

Fake Water Ionizer Reviews: Beware!

Alkaline Ionized Water & Immune System for Overall Health

Ionized Water and Electrolytes in the Body

How to Find and Check Your Water Quality Report

Hexagonal Water

Nexus U-Blue Under-Sink Water Ionizer

Whole Story Behind Alkaline Water Plus

How to Make Your Bath PH Just Right

Testing Bottled Water, Ionized Water and Tap Water for Fluoride

Alkaline Water Plus Publishes a Rebuttal to Fake & Biased Water Ionizer Machine Reviews

Bottled Water Testing

Acid-Alkaline Diet Tips

Smart Water Ionizers

Ionized Water Inhibits Cancer Growth

PureEasy Filtered Water: A Great Alternative to Bottled Water!

The Best Water Ionizers of the Year

A Portable Water Purifier …for Your Survival Kit

Vinegar vs Citric Acid Wash: Which is Better to Clean Your Water Ionizer?

Ionized Water Keeps the Stomach Ache Away

Cheap Water Ionizers

Smart-Enagic Comparison

How To Get Your Free Tap Water Quality Report

What are Alkaline Foods and Why Should We Eat Them?

Vesta-Tyent-Smart Comparisons

Tyent MMP11 vs Enagic Water Ionizers

Medical News: Hunza Water and Water Ionizers

Comparing Nexus Water Ionizers

Testing Saliva PH

What’s Wrong With Enagic? What’s Right With Enagic?

Bottled Water Testing PH

The Alkaline Ionizer Pitcher on a Cruise!

Comparison of Athena Plates vs Enagic

AirWaterLife vs Nexus X-Blue Water Ionizers

Ionized Water and Longevity

Why You Should “Like” AlkalineWaterPlus on Facebook

Nexus X-Blue Water Ionizer Review

Venus Water Ionizer Demo and Mini-Review

Good Water; Benefits of Drinking Water Quality; and Ionized Water

PH Balance in Plants: How I Turned My Mother’s Day Present into an Ionized Water Experiment

Freezing & Boiling Ionized Water

Storing Ionized Water: Stainless Vacuum Bottles!

How to Use a Water Ionizer With Reverse Osmosis

Storing Ionized Water: Best Methods

Ionized Water in Nature

Water Ionizer Installation: What to do About Well-Water, Soft Water and Acidic Tap Water

Ionized Water [Electrolyzed vs Filtered with Minerals]: Helping You Sift Through the Hype

Comparing the Three Best Bottles for Storing Ionized Water

Ionized Water: How it Changes When you Boil or Ice It

New Vacuum-Sealed, High-Quality, Double-Walled, Food-Grade Stainless Steel Sport Bottles!

More About Bottled Water

Bottled Water vs Tap Water and Why Everyone Should Buy the WellBlue Pitcher

Amazing New UltraWater Filter Technology!

Who Needs Ionized Water…and Why?

All of These Water Ionizers Did Great! Jupiter, Enagic, Tyent, Nexus, & Well-Blue Pitcher

The Melody Water Ionizer Tests Great-as-Usual in Los Angeles

Water Ionizer Comparisons: Jupiter Melody, Enagic SD501 & Nexus Water Ionizers

Introducing the Alkaline Plus Water Ionizing Pitcher, by WellBlue!

Jupiter Athena vs. Enagic SD501: Latest Comparison Testing

Mini-Reviews of the 10 Most Popular Water Ionizers

How to Use a Quick-Connect Fitting: For New Water Ionizer Owners

The New Nexus Water Ionizer: Demo and Testing at all Levels

Complaints & More Complaints about the LifeIonizer Company

Introducing Nexus, a Leader with Hospitals, and their new X-Blue Water Ionizer!

A Full Description of Plastics, and What Kinds of Plastics are Safe to Store Ionized Water

Jupiter Melody and Enagic Water Ionizers: Literally Neck-in-Neck in Latest Tests

Why Gout Sufferers Should Get a Water Ionizer

Fake Water Ionizer Review Websites Exposed: Part Two

Understanding Antioxidants and Ionized Water

A Sample of a Water Analysis, and Why You Should Get Your Free Water Analysis Before Purchasing a Water Ionizer

Vesta Water Ionizer Review

Why I do not Suggest Chinese Water Ionizers

The Way to Store Ionized Water Makes a Huge Difference!

Vesta Water Ionizer verses Enagic: Which Water Ionizer is Better at the Fastest Flow Rate?

How & Why to Test & Regulate Body PH

The New Vesta Water Ionizer: Compared with Enagic, Jupiter & Tyent

Comparing the Best Water Ionizers

The Very Best Way to Store Ionized Water

A Simple Trick to Make Lower Acidic Water With Your Water Ionizer

Ionized Water Testing: Clean your ORP Meter

Ionized Water, Digestion & a Good, Healthy Colon

Water Ionizers & Blood Pressure

Water Ionizers Should be in any Family’s Healthy Home.

Water Ionizer Comparison Chart- New and Improved!

An Explanation and Comparison of Water Ionizer Plates

Which Ionizer Produces More Stable, Drinkable, Thoroughly Ionized Water?

PH Miracle and Water Ionizers

The Significance of Water in Aging

I used to be a Lot Like Dr. Mercola – but using a Water Ionizer Caused me to Change

How & Why Get Salt and Potassium out of Water?

What Do Air Bubbles in your Ionized Water Mean?

Lemonade with Ionized Water [Acidic or Alkaline?] Also, What’s the ORP?

Water Ionizer Remedies

Different Types of Plates in Water Ionizers-Which one is the Best?

Water Ionizers do not Always Work the Same in Every Location!

Why You Should Get a Shower Filter?

Installing and Adjusting the Chanson VS-70 Water Ionizer

Reverse Osmosis- Pros and Cons as Compared to Water Ionizers

Distilled Water vs. Alkaline Ionized Water

Question and Answer on the Health Benefits of Calcium in Alkaline Ionized Water

Demonstrating The City Water Test Kit

Using a Water Ionizer: Beauty Tips

New Athena Water Ionizer Power Boosting Option

Does Freezing or Boiling Alkaline Ionized Water Decrease its Health Value?

Testing the Accuracy of pH Reagent Drops

Water Ionizer Taste Test

Ionized Water, Flavor Enhancers and Other Additives

KYK Generation II Water Ionizers: Pros and Cons

Using a Water Ionizer: Allergy Tips

Water Ionizer Review and Comparison of the New Chanson Miracle-Max Water Ionizer

Water Ionizers and Education: PH Miracle Book Review

Storing Ionized Water: Which Container is Best?

How to Take Good Care of Your Water Ionizer

My Personal Water Ionizer Testimonial

Why Should your Water Ionizer Have a UL Certification?

Water Ionizers: Tips to Storing Ionized Water [and …Electric vs. Non-Electric …Which One is Best?]

How to Clean an ORP Meter

Water Ionizers and Blood Pressure

Is the New Nine-Plate Water Ionizer an Improvement or Not?

A Summary of My Latest Water Ionizer Comparisons [Jupiter, KYK, Tyent, Enagic & Chanson]

When it Comes to Water Ionizers: Is Buying Cheaper Even Safe?

Comparing the Enagic SD 501 with the Jupiter Melody Water Ionizers and Testing How Long the Ionized Water Will Stay Ionized

Water Ionizer Benefits: Cancer – a Paradigm Shift

Water Ionizer Face-Off #5: KYK Generation II vs. Jupiter Melody Water Ionizers

Water Ionizer Face-Off #4: Enagic SD501 $3800. Water vs. Jupiter Athena Water Ionizers

Water Ionizer Face-Off #3: Tyent Turbo vs. Chanson Miracle Water Ionizers

Water Ionizer Face-Off #2: Enagic $3800. Ionizer vs. Jupiter Melody Water Ionizers

Water Ionizer Flow Control – Tyent & Enagic

Water Ionizer Face-Off #1: Tyent vs. Enagic [Kangen] Water Ionizers

Introduction and Reviews About Alkaline Ionized Water: By Doctors For Doctors

Water Ionizers & Water Quality Issues Around the USA

In the News: Alzheimer’s Hope …is there a Cure or Not?

Comparing the Jupiter Water Ionizers

Comparing the Flow-Rates of Water Ionizers

The Easiest Ever Reverse Osmosis Set-Up Instructions and Video

Silverstate Labs Water Ionizer Comparison Tests

Comparing the Athena and Melody Water Ionizers

Melody, Chanson & Enagic Water Ionizer Comparisons by Ronnie Ruiz

A Review of the Venus Water Ionizer

The Gatorade Deception: Why Gatorade isn’t Healthy

What Does a Water Ionizer Have to do With Poison Ivy, Allergies, Kidney Disease, Fatigue and Lupus?

Comparing Water Ionizers: Orion, Ionquench & Turbo

Are the IonQuench and Genesis Platinum Water Ionizers Really the Same?

Fluoride & Chloramine: Why/How to Get it Out of Our Water

Colon Cancer and Water Ionizers

IonQuench, Athena and Tyent Turbo Water Ionizers Tested & Compared

The Orion vs Athena Water Ionizer Comparison

Announcing: The IonQuench 8080 Water Ionizer!

What to do When You’re Going on Vacation

Water Ionizers & Well Water

How Does a Reverse Osmosis Remineralizer System Work With a Water Ionizer?

Interview: Dr. Robert Young Discusses Chanson Water Ionizers

How Does a Water Ionizer Help You Ward Off Heart Disease?

Getting Sick is Not Normal!

Water Ionizers: Reburbished & Like-New…Best Water Ionizer Deals!

Water Ionizer Filter Changing: KYK, Tyent, Jupiter Compared

How & Why to do a Vinegar Wash

Chanson Water Ionizers vs the Melody Water Ionizer

Water Ionizers: What are the Benefits of Titanium?

Tyent Water Ionizer vs Athena & Reverse-Osmosis-Remineralized Water

Water Ionizers and RO [Reverse Osmosis]

Cancer & Disease: A Water Ionizer’s Preventative Qualities

Tips to Buying Water Ionizers and Not Getting Scammed

Comparing the Enagic, Athena, Melody Water Ionizers for Relative Hydrogen

Comparing the Athena and Melody Water Ionizers at All Levels

Tyent Turbo vs Athena Water Ionizers

The Melody Series: The Melody Water Ionizer vs. Athena, Tyent and KYK

What Does the Freezing Process Do to the Ionized Water?

Will Water Ionizers Overheat after 10 Continuous Minutes of Producing Ionized Water?

Well Water Solutions for Water Ionizer Owners

KYK Genesis and Jupiter Melody Water Ionizers: Comparing Levels 1, 2 & 3

What’s So Bad About Bottled Water?

How Does a Water Ionizer Handle Fluoride, and What’s Wrong With Fluoride?

Comparison of Water Ionizer Plates

Water Ionizer Prefilter Demo

The Melody Water Ionizer Works Great with the Soft Water of Tacoma, WA

Spider Veins & My Melody Water Ionizer

How Can you Tell if a Water Ionizer is Superior?

Water Ionizers Can Help You With Your Workouts!

Mesh Plates [in Water Ionizers]…Is it Good?

Comparing the Water Ionizer Comparison & Review Sites

Testing the Lowest Acid Setting for Melody Water Ionizer

Why are Water Ionizers So Expensive?

How to Extend the Life of Your Water Ionizer

Whole House Softeners: Problem for Water Ionization

Fat is Saving Your Life

Water Ionizers vs Bottled Water

The New Jupiter Venus Water Ionizer

The Jupiter Melody Water Ionizer

Shower & Bath Filters

Alkaline Diet Tips

Scale Build-Up Hurts Your Water Ionizer

The Reversing of Disease with Water Ionizers

How to Use Your New Water Ionizer

Bottled Water & Soda vs. Water Ionizers

Hydrogen Stick vs Water Ionizer

How to Best Store Your Ionized Water

How to Pick the Best Water Ionizer

Water Ionizers vs Bottled Water TESTS

Testing & Comparing Several Water Ionizers

Don’t Buy the Hydrogen Stick

Cancer Prevention & Natural Cures

Introduction to Water Ionizers

Nutrition, Health, Dieting and Alkaline Ionized Water